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Rudraksh Science

Rudraksh Science, elements present in it, rudraksh for different zodiac signs, importance of spells for activation.

The favorite thing of lord shiva is rudraksh, the pleasing thing for lord shiva is rudraksh. It is not only used to worship god but it is also used to generate spiritual powers by scholars. Because of its miraculous power it is accepted by the people of whole world. There is a great demand of rudraksh of Nepal and Indonesia.

rudraksh research
Scientific Importance of Rudraksh

Rudraksha is now a days is known by every one. It is used in jewellery making too. Rudraksha has both its spiritual as well as scientific importance. As per the mythology Rudraksha came into existence by the tears of Lord shiva. In now a days Rudraksha become the attraction of scientists. Research on Rudraksh is taking place in different countries of the world. Rudraksha is also known as Blue Marble and is available in india as well as in Nepal, Indonesia, Jakarta, Jawa etc.In Vanaspati shashtra this is called 'Iliocarpus ganits'. This is a seed which has magical power in it as per our epics. As per the ancient rudraksh is beneficial in various diseases like as heart problem, Blood pressure, Bewilderment etc. Rudraksha has Di electric property due to which it absorb the energy and generate the magnetic qualities. It has characteristic of electromagnetic and magnetic and i has miraculous dynamic polarity property.

In astrology, astrologers also advise to wear rudraksha of different kind for success in life, As an astrologer I also suggest people to wear rudraksha because it is the natural source of power and energy and is very sacred.
  • Rudraksh has healing and spiritual power.
  • It is used for protection from black magic.
  • Rudraksh is used to stop the energy loss from body.
  • It is used to control blood pressure.
  • It is used in healing many types of skin diseases.
  • Rudraksh is used to cure digestion problems.
  • It is used by spiritual practitioners to chant spell or mantra.
  • It is believed to be the best tool to please god and goddess.
  • Rudraksh generate the positive environment.
  • It is has a magnetic power.
  • It has very powerful resistance power.
In 1975 Indian Scientist Dr. S.K. Bhattacharya has reveal a truth of Rudraksh that due to its kimofarmacolojikal specialties it is beneficial in heart problem, Blood pressure control, Cholesterol control. It has also good effects in nervous system.
Bio chemcial research of Rudraksh reveals a truth that it has cobalt, jasta, manganese, iron, nickle, phosphorous, aluminium, calcium, sodium, potassium, silica etc.Due to these elements it gains weight and sink in water. 
Researches also cleared that Rudraksha has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal property. In China Research cleared that it has the property of keeping balance in yin and yang energy. 
In whole the world rudrakasha has proved its importance due to this it is gaining popularity all over the world. 

Elements Present In Rudraksh:

As per the research it is found that following elements are present in Rudraksh-
  • Hydrogen - 17.798 % 
  •  Nitrogen - 0.9461 % 
  •  oxygen - 30.4531 % 
  •  It also contains Aluminium, calcium, chlorine, copper, cobalt, Nickle, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium, Silicon oxide, Zinc etc.
Do you want to buy real rudraksha then do contact astrologer, do you want to wear original charged rudraksh pendants then do contact one of the best vedic astrologer On line, do you want to wear charged bracelet for luck then also you can take consultancy, you can also contact for proper horoscope analysis and astrology guidance to make your life successful. read about Rudraksh Therapy Solutions of All Problems.

12 Zodiac Signs And Rudraksh:

Here i am providing the list of rudraksh which can be used by the person of different zodiac signs. Before using it if rudraksh are charged with proper spell then it shows miraculous impacts in life.

Sno. Zodiacs Related Rudraksh
1 Aries Having 3 lines
2 Taurus 6 lines or 13 lines rudraksh is good.
3 Gemini Having 4 lines
4 Cancer Having 2 lines
5 Leo 1 or 12 lines rudraksh is good.
6 Virgo Having 4 lines
7 Libra Rudraksha having 6 or 13 lines is good.
8 Scorpio Having 3 lines is good.
9 Sagittarius 5 line rudraksha is good for dhanu rashi people.
10 Capricorn Rudraksh with 7 or 14 lines is good.
11 Aquarius Rudraksh with 7 or 14 lines is good.
12 Pisces 5 line rudraks is good.

Rudraksh has proved its importance by showing its healing powers in mental diseases like insomnia, depression etc. In our body bio electric signals are flowing continuously. Rudraksh when block the flowing of the signals then special current starts flowing in body which control the heart beat and blood pressure.

Precaution While Using Siddha Rudraksh:

If you are using rudraksh then it is good to follow the following rules in mind for better result-
  • Keep it clean by washing it at-least once in a week.
  • Rudrabhishek on rudraksh is very good method to gain the blessings of lord shiva.
  • Don't touch it with dirty hands.
  • Shravan month is very good to worship rudraksh and to wear it.
  • Use the auspicious day and time to wear rudraksh.
use rudraksh for the betterment of life, use rudraksh for a successful life, use rudraksh for a healthy and wealthy life. If you want a rudraksh kawach or any other powerful remedy then do contact the Astrologer for proper guidance.

Do you want to buy real rudraksh then do contact astrologer, do you want to wear original charged rudraksh pendants then do contact one of the best vedic astrologer On line, do you want to wear charged bracelet for luck then also you can take consultancy, you can also contact for proper horoscope analysis and astrology guidance to make your life successful.

Rudraksh Science, elements present in it, rudraksh for different zodiac signs, importance of spells for activation.


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