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Ways To Make Money By Unemployed Persons

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Money Without Job
Ways to make money by unemployed persons, Tips to make use of free time, how to use our spare time to make money, how astrology helps in making money, how to keep our self engage, astrologer views for money making tips.

Don't wait for the opportunities, Just take step to create opportunities.

This article i am specially writing for the persons who are unemployed and even after seeking for long time not getting the jobs. I understand that when any one is not in job then what goes in his or her mind. A jobless life is just like a kite without thread. 

If you are unemployed and you think that you are going in depression, if you are unemployed and think that you don't have the qualities, If you think that your time is bad, if you think that you are becoming weaker, if you are going towards negative direction, if you are hearing 'NO' from all the direction.


Be alert, be active, be calm and see what is going on within your body and mind. 

May be this is the time when destiny wants you to become an entrepreneur, may be this will be the greatest turning point of your life, may be you are going to take the very big decision of your life. 

This is the time to make yourself more active, more creative. 

If we are free and we are just passing time in watching TV, Movies, playing games, eating and wandering that means we don't have any ambition, we don't have any goal, we don't have the passion to do something special in life.

It is not enough to contact placement agencies and wait for the call. In-spite of this if we try to start any work as per our capacity, knowledge then not only this will make our self more creative but also increase our knowledge and confidence level. 

Some Questions Which Must Be Asked From Our Self:

  • If we are able to make sales for a company then why not we can sell our own product.
  • If we are able to convince people to buy product of other then why can't we convince to buy our product.
  • If we are able to give ideas to other in different times then why can't we implement those ideas and prove people that we are right.
  • Why we always try to find shoulders of others to fire?
  • Why we find excuses of not getting the desired jobs?
  • Why we don't create opportunities of our own?

Remember the thought that - "No work is good or bad, it is the human only which makes a work good or bad"

Now Let's Move Towards Some Practical Ideas To Make Money From Home:

There are so many works which a person can start from home or by using PC And Internet connections in today's era. But before choosing any work it must be clear in mind that every work needs devotion. 

If you feed the work then work will feed you.

Believe that this is the right time to be an Entrepreneur, this is the right time to think for our own identity.

A Very Big Misconception:
When ever we talk about starting our own work then a very big question strike our mind and we take the step back and i.e. every work needs investment.

But let me clear that there are very smart ways of working which if you think you can get and i assure that you can start your own work with the assets you have with you.

Here i am providing some ideas of starting work from home:

1. If you have a PC or laptop and a internet connection then you can start your own work like data entry, ad posting, content writing, accounting, affiliate marketing, ad making etc.
2. If you have any small space or room then you can start your own coaching class.
3. If you have space then you can also start work as a broker in your area and provide rooms, houses, flats and get commissions.
4. If you have the knowledge of blogging then you can start your own blog and earn by making blogs.
5. If you have good contacts then being an Insurance agent you can also earn a huge income.
6. If you know cooking then start your tiffin centre in your area.
7. You can also start a mobile restaurant in a very low budget.
8. If you know any professional qualities then you can start working by contacting with the shops and agencies of that field.
9. You can also advertise of your products and services by distributing pamplates or posters or banners.
10. Provide home service so that you don't need to buy any shop or premises.
11. You can also start matching centre, pico centre.
12. If you know recepies then you can start your own cooking class.
13. If you have good hand in arts then by teaching drawing, painting, dancing, mehandi making etc you can earn good.
14. If you know how to make pickles then you can also start taking orders of making pickles. 
15. You can also start on-line coaching through your PC and using Skype etc.

So ther are so many ways in which we can engage our self to earn but there is no need to sit free. Do something in-spite of nothing. Search, learn and earn. 

How Astrology Helps In Earning?
Sometimes due to weak planetary power person is unable to decide what is good for him or her. Sometimes due to malefic impacts of planets it is not possible to take right decision to start any work. In all these circumstances astrology helps a lot. Astrologer through minute analysis can tell you what pooja to perform, what gems stone to wear and what to do so that to take good and hard decision. 
Astrologer also tells you the right time to start any work.
Astrologer also clears about the power planets in horoscope.
Astrologer also clear the crucial time period of life.
So astrology can help a person a lot. 

If you think you want any type of astrology services then do feel free to take my paid services.


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Ways to make money by unemployed persons, Tips to make use of free time, how to use our spare time to make money, how astrology helps in making money, how to keep our self engage, astrologer views for money making tips.


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