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Chandra Shanti Pooja

Chandra Shanti pooja, Remedies for better life, How to worship moon, chandra in astrology, Astrologer for analysis of chandra problems in horoscope or kundli.

Chandra is another important planet in zodiac. In English we call it Moon. It's nature is cool and it rules on mind and senses, peace. It is 2nd easily visible planet from earth. On full moon day we can see the power of moon in sea. High tides shows the attraction power of moon.
all about Chandra Shanti pooja, Remedies of moon by astrologer
Chandra Shanti Pooja
  • The day of moon or chandra is Monday.
  • Direction Associated With Chandra or Moon is North-West.
  • Color Associated With It is White.
  • Food is curd and rice.
  • Gem stone of Moon is Pearl.
  • Zodiac of Moon is Kark or Cancer.
  • Metal represented by Moon is Silver.
Moon or Chandra is exalted if it is sitting with Taurus zodiac and If chandra is sitting with scorpio then it is debilitated.
Moon represent mother, females, general issues, happiness, beauty, eyes power, memory, mind power, stability, senses.

Due to Malefic chandra many types of problems related to health and relations arises like as-
  • Health of mother is affected due to negative moon.
  • Problems related to nerves arises due to malefic moon or chandra.
  • Chances of jaundice also increases due to polluted chandra.
  • Mental problems arises due to powerless moon.
  • Malefic moon also affect the beauty of person.
  • Instability in career and relations arises due to this etc. Read about Impacts of Moon in Life as per 12 houses of Kundli

Chandra Shanti Pooja:

Shanti pooja of moon is very important and necessary if in mahadasha or antardasha malefic moon is going on, Chandra shanti pooja is also beneficial if the moon is retrograde or debilitated in kundli or horoscope. By consulting astrologer you can get the right details about this moon state in your horoscope or kundli.

Chandra Shanti Pooja will give you the following benefits:

  1. It will give mental peace and power.
  2. It helps in getting the blessings of goddess and mother.
  3. Chandra pooja will help to increase the power of moon in life.
  4. You can get good health from chandra pooja.
  5. It can give you the solutions of love problems.
  6. It can increase the happiness in family.
  7. Spiritual person can get the divine powers from chandra shanti pooja.
  8. It is also helpful if native has chandra grahan dosha in kundli.
So chandra shanti pooja is a very good if you want to over come from the problems of malefic moon. It is also helpful if you want stability in life, chandra pooja is also beneficial if you want social status and good relations.

Consult astrologer if you want to know the power of moon or chandra in your horoscope.
Take adviser now if you want perfect remedies of chandra problems.
Consult astrologer to make your life successful and hurdle free.

Chandra Shanti pooja, Remedies for better life, How to worship moon, chandra in astrology, best astrologer of india for analysis of chandra problems in horoscope or kundli.

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