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Ketu Shanti Pooja

Ketu Shanti pooja and solution of malefic ketu in horoscope by astrologer of india.

A very mysterious planet is ketu which is related with maternal grand parents, obstacles, spiritual powers, speculation powers.salvation, asceticism, esoteric knowledge, sudden success, negative energies effects, conspiracy etc. It is also called dragon's tail.
Ketu Shanti pooja and solution of malefic ketu by astrologer
Ketu Shanti Pooja

A good ketu is able to provide health, wealth, parananormal powers where as a negative ketu can ruin the complete life. so if anyone's life is affected by malefic ketu then it is suggested to enter in the world of ketu shanti pooja and follow the rules told by scholars to calm down the ketu.

Ketu is 2nd shadow planet i.e. chhaya grah. It is also responsible for the illusions in life, hidden enemies or obstacles,evil eye effects, drishti dosha, inferiority complex, over confidence etc.

  • Direction of Ketu is North-West.
  • Gems stone of Ketu is Cat's Eye.
  • Metal is Iron.

Allergy problem, Mental problems, psychological problems, black magic problems can easily come in life if ketu becomes malefic in kundli or horoscope.

Ketu Shanti Pooja:

It is very essential to perform ketu shanti pooja if the life is getting disturbed due to ketu negativity. Ketu shanti pooja is done in many ways-
  1. Through Vedic mantra and procedure we can over come from the ketu problems.
  2. Through tantrik mantras and procedure also we can make our life smooth.
  3. By worshiping lord ganesha properly we can minimize the ketu problems in life.
  4. Weak ketu can also be made strong by wearing gems stone of specific weight and ketu pooja.
  5. Donating the things of ketu will also help you to minimize the ketu problems in life.
If you want to make your spiritual life better do consult astrologer, if you want to make your personal life better then do do consult astrologer, if you want to make your professional life better then do consult astrologer, if you want to make your love life better then do contact astrologer for proper analysis and remedies of your problems.

Know the real position of ketu in your horoscope, know the ways to get the benefits of ketu in life.

Ketu Shanti pooja and solution of malefic ketu in horoscope by astrologer of india.

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