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Mangal Shanti Pooja

Benefits of Mangal Shanti Puja According to astrology, how to remove the ill-effects of Mars, know how Mars affects life?

Mars is a powerful planet which represents power, passion, creativity, anger, war, energy, desires, adventurous nature, aggression etc. Mars is also related to  brother and sister, job in army, security work, surgery, accident, violence etc.

Mangal Shanti pooja, Remedies of Mangal or Mars, Mangal grah shanti, Mangal yagya
Mangal Shanti Pooja

Let us know some special things related to Mars according to Vedic astrology:

  1. Among the metals, copper is related to Mars.
  2. In Vedic astrology, the gem of Mars is coral.
  3. According to numerology, the number related to Mars is 9.
  4. The direction of Mars is South and the day is Tuesday.
  5. Mars is the lord of Aries and Scorpio.
  6. In the birth chart, Mars sitting with Capricorn is exalted and if it is sitting with Cancer, then it is debilitated.
  7. If Mars sits with Rahu in any house then Angarak Yoga is formed which is a dangerous yoga.

Let us know about Manglik Dosh in vedic astrology:

Manglik dosha is seen by studying the presence of Mars in different houses in the horoscope. Generally, if Mars is in the first house, fourth house, seventh, eighth and twelfth house, then the horoscope is considered to be Manglik and such a person is asked to marry a Manglik person to avoid the troubles in life.
Marriage is delayed due to Mangal Dosha or Manglik  yoga,  there is conflict between partners, sometimes chronic health problems also occur due to Mangal Dosha. Hence Mangal Shanti Puja is very helpful in reducing the inauspicious effects of Mars.
Some people also know Manglik Dosha as Kuj Dosha.
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Let us know what problems are seen due to inauspicious and weak Mars?

When Mars is afflicted in the horoscope, it creates many types of serious problems like-
  • Relations with siblings deteriorate.
  • The person becomes aggressive and sometimes engages in illegal activities due to inauspicious Mars.
  • Delay and dissatisfaction in marriage is also seen in those people whose Mars is inauspicious in their horoscope.
  • Some are not even able to have a close relationship with the life partner.
  • Lack of passion and ambition is also seen in a person with weak Mars.
  • A person's life becomes inactive due to weak Mars.
  • Due to the inauspicious effect of Mars, the problem of debt arises as well as the person has trouble in land related work.

Let us know when should we do Mangal Shanti Puja?

  1. If Mahadasha or Antardasha of inauspicious Mars is going on, then Mangal Shanti Puja is very beneficial.
  2. If Mars becomes inauspicious in the transiting horoscope or if it becomes debilitated, then in such a situation, those people who have Mars in an inauspicious state in their horoscope face problems in life, then also Mangal Shanti Puja is very beneficial.
  3. If the person is suffering from any serious disease due to inauspicious Mars, then Shanti Puja is also beneficial in such a situation.
  4. Shanti Puja helps to avoid debt related problems, land related problems, blood related problems etc.
  5. If the tension in married life has increased a lot, the sourness in love relations is increasing, then it is good to show horoscope to an experienced astrologer and adopt proper remedies.

Let us know what can be the benefits of Mangal Shanti Puja according to Vedic astrology?

  1. It helps in protecting the person from diseases.
  2. Prevents the native from taking wrong decisions.
  3. Provides land related benefits to the person.
  4. Removes problems from love life and married life.
  5. Prevents any serious accident from happening.

Let us know how we can do Mangal Shanti?

  • Chanting the Mantras of Mars and donating the related items on Tuesday, then it will be beneficial.
  • By hiring an experienced pundit or astrologer, one can perform Mangal Shanti puja properly.
  • Even if the Shivling is regularly anointed with sweet water, there is a lot of benefit.
  • If the debt has become too much, then reciting the Rinmochan Mangal Stotra is very beneficial.
  • By setting up a Siddha Yantra of Mars, seeing it daily, worshiping it also gives benefits, as well as fasting on Tuesday also gives benefit in such a situation.

If Mars is auspicious but weak in the horoscope, then wearing coral gemstone is beneficial.

  • If you are also troubled in life and want to know the reason for it, then you can contact astrologer.
  • Know what is the position of the planets in your horoscope.
  • Which worship can remove problems?
  • Which gem will awaken luck?
  • You can also contact for getting Mangal chanting done.
  • You can also show your horoscope to remove marriage problems.

Benefits of Mangal Shanti Puja According to astrology, मंगल शांति पूजा के फायदे ज्योतिष अनुसार, how to remove the ill-effects of Mars, know how Mars affects life?.


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