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15 Tips For Peaceful Living

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Tips To Live a Better Life
15 Tips For Peaceful Living, Tips for peaceful living, how to make our life happier, Tricks to live a smooth life, best ways to live a peaceful life, astrologer for horoscope analysis and solutions of problems.

If you want to live a peaceful life then this article will help you, if you want a hurdle free life then you will get guidance here, if you want to enjoy your life then you will get tips here.
Life is a very wonderful gift of god and it is our right to live it completely. But it is not happen with every one. We just waste our life in trifles and after sometime we realize that we have lost some very important moments of life. Geeta teaches us to live in present, Siddhas tells us to live us in present, every real motivator and guider shows us the path of living life freely in present. 
It is said that if you have made your present good then obviously your future will be better. But actually in future thinking we make our life problematic. In involving other matters we ruin our life, to solve the problems of others we generally make our own life hell. To show light to others we generally make our own life dark. 
So we have to change our way of thinking, we have to make our adopt the real path, we have to follow the instructions given in our holy books. There is no need to wait for the right time to think better. This is the right time if you want to make your life good, this is the right time if you want to make your life bright. There is no need to enter in any rituals, there is no need to enter in any karma-kanda, there is no need to bound our self in any principles. But the main thing is that we have to follow some very simple tricks showed by our ancestors, and sages. 

Here I am not revealing but just reminding those ways which are easy to follow in daily life to make our life better-

  1. Give up your ego if you want good relations in this world. As ego is the root cause of many disputes. I have seen many relations gone away just because of ego problem.
  2. Give up Your habit of blaming others. This is very important because we generally find great by dominating others but we forget that we are full of mistakes and there is a great opportunity in our self to reform. So it is good to make our self right and every thing will be ok automatically. Leg pulling is not a good habit.
  3. Don't try to change the world. Change your self. Be an ideal for others. The easiest way to change is to start from home.
  4. Give up the habit of complaining, in fact try to solve it peacefully.
  5. Give up the habit of putting excuses. This will make your life hell. In fact try to be a good manager. It is said that 'A good manager has time for every thing'.
  6. Give up your fear. Fear is the main cause of failure in life. So be strong, make your self expert in your subject and face the world boldly. And always remember that failure comes only on the way of success.
  7. Forget the past because it will not make your future. Try to make your present good for a better life.
  8. Give up the habit to prove your self right always. It also breaks relations.
  9. Don't be over stick with your principles. 
  10. Try to enjoy the small moments of life. 
  11. Don't expect miracles but believe in action. Use your brain, body parts to make your dream fulfilled.
  12. Be in touch with scholars, spiritual people, motivators who have the power to make you positive.
  13. Learn motivating books and avoid vulgar talks and movies.
  14. Don't be unsocial. Be in touch with people from whom you can learn many thing easily and share your feelings easily also. 
  15. Spread happiness with your activities and in return you will also get the happiness.
So enjoy life, fulfil your dreams, make best out of your time.

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15 Tips For Peaceful Living, Tips for peaceful living, how to make our life happier, Tricks to live a smooth life, best ways to live a peaceful life, astrologer for horoscope analysis and solutions of problems.


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