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Secret of shree saadhna

Secret of shree saadhna, Understand goddess laxmi, best ways to open sources of income by worship.

Money in abundance is the dream of generally every one. Because it is the basis of every luxuries in life. And it is not bad to become a rich person but the money should not be attain by harming any one. That's why a devotee pray to mahalaxmi to open the sources of income. 
It is said that if the goddess laxmi is pleased then money will flow smoothly without any hurdle. So here I writing this article to reveal some secrets of laxmi saadhna. Here you will come to know about the ways to attract money in life. Hope this article will help you to choose which way is best for you to get money as per occult sciences.
know about shree sadhna
Secret of shree saadhna
Any spiritual practice is not so easy as it seems. Only reciting mantra or spell is not enough, there are many other things which are related with chanting and it is very necessary to do those processes too. But now a days I got several calls and people are complaining about spells are not working. Some says I am chanting mantra for the last 5 years but nothing is changed, some says that for the last 10 years I am chanting and nothing is happened. So if any one is not getting success, it doesn't mean that the spell is wrong. But it is possible that some thing is missing in practising the spell or any practice. So we have to find the mistake and then do it in correct way. 
Just in chanting once no one is able to activate the mantra. So practice is must to feel the power of occult sciences. 

Introduction To Mahalaxmi:

Before proceeding further it is necessary to understand the concept of goddess laxmi. Lord vishnu is the Nourisher of this universe and goddess laxmi is the wife of lord vishnu as per scriptures of India. In nourishing the human whatever thing is needed physically is possible only because of the blessings of laxmiji. Money is the basis of every thing. Without money it is not possible to fulfil any wish. If we need food, money is needed. If we need clothes and shelter then also money is needed.

If we need vehicle for journey then also money is needed, if we want to gift then also money is needed. Even to worship properly also money is needed to buy the required things for pooja or hawan etc. So money is money, no other thing can be replaced with money. It has its own sweetness, it has its own power, it has its own satisfaction.

A person deprived of money is a beggar and a person with good monetary power is able to perform any thing in this life. So Money is the basis of this human life. So it is necessary to perform some practices to please the goddess of money. Otherwise live the life as per destiny.

Another important thing about laxmiji is that goddess laxmi is very fickle means it is not possible for every one to digest the power of money. We often find people complaining about not able to save money. This is only because it is not possible to keep the money easily. It is very fickle and very soon go away from the hand of a common person. 

Occult Science Ways To Get Money or Blessings of Mahalaxmi:

In this article I am going to reveal the secret of occult sciences which are used to open the sources of money. For the decades these ways are being used by people for generating money. So there is no need of doubts on these ways but the only thing which is needed is trust. If any one has trust on occult sciences then by practising the ways one is able to get the desired monetary power.

At once change is not possible but by practising the spell or other method it is possible to develop such power to digest the power of money and the person is able to live a successful life.

So here are the powerful ways of occult sciences-
  1. By using spells in a specific way it is possible to please the goddess of money. 
  2. By using the special siddha yantras in house and business place also it is possible to attract money in life.
  3. By using the special meditation process to attract money only also brings money in life. 
  4. There are tantrik ways to attract money in life. 
  5. Some specific totkays of tantra are also used to attract money in life. 
  6. By using gems stones as per horoscope is also used to attract money in life. 
So there are various ways to please laxmiji, the goddess of money. As per the interest and need devotees use the ways but one thing is necessary and that is the guidance of a competent master. Only a competent master can tell you what to do and when for success.

Only hit at a particular time on iron can bend it. So time is very important. Only having the spell of tool is not important in spiritual practice but other hidden things are also very necessary.

  • Tithi is also very important to start any laxmi prapti saadhna.
  • Days are also considered to start any practice to get money.
  • Month are also important.
  • Nakshatra are also important to start any money attracting spiritual practice forexample Pushya. Nakshatra is best to start any laxmi saadhna. 
  • Direction is also considered for e.g. WEST direction is good to perform laxmi saadhna.
  • Asan is also important.
  • Mala is also important.

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Some Important Habits Which Destroys Money:

  • Keeping the house and working place polluted attract poorness so always keep your business and house clean. 
  • Never conflict at the time of sun rise and sun set as it attract poverty.
  • Sleeping at the time of sun rise and sun set is also not considered good.
  • Don't humiliate any beggar or a weak person.
  • Don't use broken utensils and unusable cloths.
  • Don't throw the broom stick as it also attract poverty. 
  • Don't humiliate any brahmin, female, parents. 

Special Things To Know About Mantra or Spells:

In spell practice it is very difficult to choose a good mantra for a person because there are so many mantras like as one can choose laxmi mantra as per zodiac or raashi, one can choose mantra as per planets, one can choose vedic mantra, one can choose tantrik mantra, One can choose mantra of specific god or goddess to attract money. 
So the world of occult science is very mysterious and it is not possible to move in a right direction in the absence of competent scholar or competent astrologer or competent master.

Some Spells To Attract Money:

'Om shreem shriye namah'.
'Om shreem hreem kleem shreem siddha lakshmaye namah'.
'Om hreem shreem namah'.
'Om hreem shreem kleem mahalaxmaye namah'.
'Om shree sukhdataaye namah'.
'Om shree vighnhartaaye namah'.

Hope this article has provided you many things about the shree saadhna and also my respected readers has got the knowledge of secret of laxmi saadhna. So take step to please mahalaxmi, think positive and attract the blessings of goddess of money. 
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