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Secrets Of Dhan Prapti

Secrets of dhan prapti, Dhan parpti ke upaay, lakshmi prapti ke upaay, obstacles in dhan prapti, What are the obstacles in getting money power, how to over come from the money problem, how to please goddess lakshmi, best and easy ways to get the blessings of goddess laxmi to live a comfortable life, Astrologer For Dhan Prapti Remedies. 
Secrets of dhan prapti, Dhan parpti ke upaay, lakshmi prapti ke upaay, obstacles in dhan prapti, What are the obstacles in getting money power, how to over come from the money problem, how to please goddess lakshmi, best and easy ways to get the blessings of goddess laxmi to live a comfortable life, Astrologer For Dhan Prapti Remedies.
secrets of dhan prapti
We can't ignore the importance of money in this kalyug. Money is the basis of every luxuries in life. If any one has monetary power then he or she can arrange any thing in life with ease. It is a dream of every one to live a luxurious life in this world but very few of us are able to live the desired life. So here in this article I am going to reveal about the ways to obtain money. Here you will know the problems in dhan prapti, the ways to over come from the problems of dhan prapti. Only a real astrologer can guide you to fulfill your wishes. So before adopting any ways just consult once to get the real ways of success only for you.

People are engage in doing rituals whole the life to get money. People use sri yantra for prosperity, people uses kuber yantra, laxmi prapti yantra, some also perform totkay for dhan prapti, some also perform hawan daily to please mahalaxmi but in spite of all these things some people are not able to come out of the debt problems, money problem, poorness etc

Now the question arises in mind that is all these yantras are fake, do the laxmi prapti mantras are fake, Is there no existence of occult sciences. Here I just want to say only one thing that all the ways of occult sciences are right, there is no doubt that spells to get dhan or money works but some times it takes time, some times our way to chant that mantra is not ok, some times we don't do the exact ways to chant the mantras. Some times people just leave the practice just before the very success. 
So I have a suggestion for every practitioner that before starting any saadhna just make your mind completely positive and then contact the right person and then start the dhan prapti saadhna. I am fully confident that no body can stop you to attain the real success.

Be sure to not use any wrong spell or mantra to get money.
Be sure to not show your carelessness in chanting mantra.
Be sure to do the practice at a specific time.
Be sure to keep your mind fully positive.
Follow all the rules of practising mantra as instructed.
Don't keep a bit of fear of unsuccess.
Be in touch with your guider, motivator, astrologer, scholar etc so that to achieve the desired success without any failure.

Some Important Things To Know About YOur Kundli Which Creates Obstacles In Dhan Prapti:

  1. If the lagna is weak then definitely the person will face financial problems in life. 
  2. If there is chandal yoga in the kundli then also this yoga will atonce make the person financially finished. 
  3. If the profit place is affected by negative planet then also the person faces a lots of struggle in life. 
  4. If the working place and income place is powerless then also the person faces problems in dhan prapti.
  5. If the destiny place and happiness place is not powerful then also the person faces obstacles in generating money.
  6. If the center houses are empty then also person faces debt problems, financial losses, money problems in life. 

Some Other Reasons in Dhan Prapti except Astrology:

  • Sometimes due to the black magic impct also person faces problems in earning a satisfactory income.
  • Due to evil eye effects also person faces lots of obstacles in dhan parpti.
  • Due to lack of will power also person is unable to use the skill to please mahalaxmi.
  • Due to specific type of fear also person is unable to see the right ways to earn.
  • Too much dreaming is also makes a person lazy. So it is good to be in work.
  • Not giving respect to the family members, brahmins, females, scholars also creates obstacles in life. 
  • Negative thinking to harm others always makes our own life bad. 

Secrets Of Dhan Prapti:

  1. Always keep your house and business place clean.
  2. Keep a siddha shree yantra in your safe on an auspicious day and muhurth for dhan prapti.
  3. Once in a week go to a mahalaxmi temple and pray for prosperity.
  4. Mix turmeric powder and rice flour and make SWASTIK daily on the both side of house entrance and shop entrance. 
  5. Always sprinkly camphor or kapoor where you keep money.
  6. Don't borrow on Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday.
  7. On amavasya pray for the peace and upliftment of the souls which are in touch with you.
  8. Always take the blessings of elders, brahmins, guru, saints.
  9. Meditate daily with the feeling that sources of money is opening for you.
So dhan prapti is not as easy and on the other hand not very hard too. If you really want to become a millionaire then no doubt you will become. But you must have the power to work hard and smartly. 
There is no problem if your planets are not supporting, there is no problem if you have weak planets, there is no problem if you have no raj yoga. By following the right ways of occult sciences you can achieve the desired success but you must have the patience and devotion for the spiritual science.

If you want to know what exactly is stopping you from dhan prapti then do consult ASTROSHREE ASTROLOGER for minute analysis of your kundli and then get the best ways of dhan prapti. 
Get the easy ways of dhan prapti, get the best ways of dhan prapti, get the powerful ways of dhan prapti.

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Secrets of dhan prapti, Dhan parpti ke upaay, lakshmi prapti ke upaay, obstacles in dhan prapti, What are the obstacles in getting money power, how to over come from the money problem, how to please goddess lakshmi, best and easy ways to get the blessings of goddess laxmi to live a comfortable life, Astrologer For Dhan Prapti Remedies. 


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