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Kali Haldi Secrets For Success

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Haridra tantra is very popular in India. Turmeric is one of the important thing to please the goddess of money "Mahalaxmi". It is one of the important thing which is used in tokay to attract money.

Black turmeric or kali haldi is not used for eating but in worship it is used. It is a belief that wherever siddha kali haldi is present prosperity comes there. So in siddha muhurth it is placed in safe, in home temple in business places with a specific process.
kali haldi totkay by astrologer
how to use kali haldi to attract success

Here I am going to provide some important Totkay related with Kali haldi which will definitely help you to open the way of success.

Special Kali Haldi Totkays For Success:

  1. It is a belief that by putting the tilak of black haldi in the third eye position, person is able to develop a hypnotic power.
  2. If the flow of money is not as per the expectation in that case do this prayog in the holika dahan night. Take 9 cloves with ghee and take a paan.1 coconut. Now put all these things in the holika dahan with the following Spell/Mantra "Om Namo Dhandaay Swaha". In the early morning take 11 pinch of holika ash, take 11 dhandayak kaudiya and a silver coin. tie them in a yellow cloth and put it in your safe or home temple. Show dhoop and deepak daily with the mantra. It will open the sources of income by attracting the blessings of mahalaxmi.
  3. If you want to attract the blessings of mahalaxmi then do this. Take 1 black turmeric or kali haldi, naag kesar in a silver box then sprinkle sindoor on them and keep it in your cash box or safe. Chant the mantra given above. And Do this process on Friday of Navratri for best result.
  4. If you are not getting success from any way then do this. Take 11 siddha gomti chakra, 11 dhandayak kaudis, 11 chutki of holika dahan ash, kaali haldi. Now put all the things in a silver box and keep it in your safe, cash box or home temple.
  5. Make paste of kesar or saffron, Black turmeric and ganga jal and make swastik above the main door of your business place. It will protect your place from negative energies.
  6. It is also good to give the dhoop of loban and gugal on kali haldi before using it for any special purpose.
Be sure to use the original kali haldi. It is not a common thing so there are duplicates available in the market. So do confirm with some reliable sources before using it.
Make your life smooth with astrology ways, make your life hurdle free, make your life obstacle free, live a successful life.

Kali haldi benefits, Black turmeric benefits,काली हल्दी के टोटके और प्रयोग हिंदी ज्योतिष में,Secret of kali haldi, kaali haldi totkay for health, welath and prosperity, haridra tantra.


  1. Sir can I a small piece of kal hadi in a silver locket and wear it in the neck

  2. If you have original then you can wear it in auspicious day and mahurat,

  3. Sir how do I activate the kali haldi for money purpose. At the moment I put the kali haldi on a red cloth and kept it in the pooja room. Everyday I show doop.

    1. Activation is not very easy but You should also recite any laxmi mantra daily for good results.

  4. is kaali haldi and aamba haldi same?

    1. no kali haldi and amba haldi are different things, amba haldi is used for medicinal purpose but kali haldi is used for tantra prayog etc.

  5. Sir , i am very bad in study and my 12th exams are coming . Plz tell me what i can do

    1. Do chant the beej mantra of goddess saraswati and be study properly, give exam with positive mind, you will get good results.


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