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How To Remove Snake Curse From Horoscope?

How to remove snake curse from life, how to find that there is snake curse in kundli, way to over come from sarp shraap, astrologer for analysis of kundli dosha and remedies. 

Snake curse is one of the dangerous thing which affect the life very much due to this it is not possible to uplift in life, every where, problems arises and create obstacles. Person gets nervous, depressed due to financial problems, debt problems, social status problems, love life problems etc. So it is necessary to recognized the snake curse in horoscope and then to take steps to minimize the impacts of it.
snake curse in horoscope , solutions of sarp dosha in kundli by astrologer
snake curse in astrology

Horoscope and Snake Curse/sarp shraap:

In kundli Rahu and Ketu are very closely associated with snake and therefore to know the curse of snake we analyse these 2 planets. These are shadow planet/chaya grah and also known as dragon head and dragon tail. Positive Rahu and ketu makes the life divine and magical where as negative rahu and ketu makes the life full of problems and failure.

Let's Understand Some Benefits Of Rahu and Ketu:

  • Due to positive and powerful rahu and ketu person is able to get indepth knowledge of mysterious subjects like astrology, tantra, mantra and yantra.
  • It also makes the person proficient and excellent in the related field.
  • Sudden benefits always makes the life happy.
  • Person gets honor from anywhere.
  • Person is able to experience the divine inner world and other world which are generally unseen by common people.
  • It also makes the person obstinate which become one of the reason of success in life
  • It also gives a logical mind and which makes the person scientist in normal life too.

Now Let's See Some Problems which arises due to Snake Curse or Malefic Rahu and Ketu:

How to remove snake curse from life, how to find that there is snake curse in kundli, way to over come from sarp shraap, astrologer for analysis of kundli dosha and remedies.
  1. Due to Malefic impacts of rahu and ketu person is unable to en-cash the growth opportunities.
  2. Evil eye problems becomes one of the greatest hurdle in life.
  3. Person faces frightening dreams mostly.
  4. Due to jealousy problems many types of unwanted problems comes in life.
  5. Lovers faces hurdles in making good relationship.
  6. Marital life also suffers due to snake curse.
  7. Financial Loss incurs suddenly and no reasons detected.
  8. Sudden accidents and death occurs without any logical reasons.
  9. Diseases not leave the person or family due to snake curse.
  10. Person also fear from snake too much.

So it is good to consult astrologer and take advise to minimize the impacts of snake curse/sarp shraap. Here I am providing some easy remedies which are also helpful to make life hurdle free.
How To Reduce The Impact of Snake Curse?
  1. Naagpanchmi is one of the best day to attract the blessings of snake god and by this person is able to over come from every type of snake curse. If naag devta i.e. god of snake pleased then life become fruitful, life become smooth, life become obstacle free, life become healthy and wealthy. So it is good to worship the god of snake on this auspicious day.
  2. Regular worship of lord shiva also saves from the curse of snake.
  3. Offer sandal perfume, milk and panchamrit on every Panchmi tithi of month and pray for blessings to lord shiva and naag devta.
  4. There is a special ring of snake which is also used to get the blessings of snake god, you can get it from us.
  5. Navnaag strotram is also a good Strot to get the blessings of snake god/sarp devta.
  6. Also there are special anusthaans of rahu and ketu which also protects person from the dangerous impacts of snake curse/ sarp shraap.
Don't forget to en-cash the naag panchmi to get the blessings of Snakes God.

Contact Astrologer now for proper analysis of your kundli/horoscope/birth chart and to get the best remedies to make life beautiful, obstacle free and successful. Get the trusted astrology services on line now. Secure your life from malefic planetary impacts.

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