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How To Use Itr Perfume For Luck?

How To Use Itr Perfume For Luck, Ittar importance in life, how to worship god with Ittar, solutions of problems through itr or ittar perfume, astrologer for kundli reading and solutions of problems through astrology, totkay of ittar perfume.
best tips to use perfume as per astrology
How To Use Itr Perfume For Luck?

What is Ittar or Itr Perfume?

We are generally aware with the name itr or ittar perfume because it is used to offer to god. It it is also used to rub in clothes so that it may smell good. But do you know what is ittar perfume. 
Ittar or itr is a natural oil perfume which is derived from flowers, woods etc and therefore are best to use. You can also read details in one of the famous encyclopaedia on line Wikipedia.

How To Use Ittar To Solve The Problems Of Daily Life?

Now here in this article I am going to reveal the secret of ittar perfume. Here you will know that how we can use it to over come from the problems of life. In worship every one generally use this natural perfume. Hindu use it to offer god, Muslims sprinkle it in "DARGAH". Others use it in cloths for fragrance. It makes a decent atmosphere and therefore liked by every one. 
Now let's see how to use it in a nice way to attract luck, to please god and goddess, to bring success in life.
  1. If there is a debt problem then do use the Kewda ittar in rose garland and then offer it to Hanumanji on Tuesday. Do this regularly for 9 month. It will help you a lot to over come from karja or debt.
  2. If any one is facing too much problems in life due to malefic moon then for peace it is good to perform the abhishek of lord shiva with itr on Monday and read the Rudra Sukt.
  3. If Venus is malefic and giving problem in life then on Friday it is good to offer Itr to goddess Durga and pray for peace, with this if any one distribute ittar to females child then it will also minimize the Venus problems in life. 
  4. If you are suffering from rahu problems then do rub itr on cloths after wearing it. Always wear clean and fresh cloths and then use natural perfume.
  5. If you are facing too much obstacles in life then the following totka will give you relief. On Wednesday take 108 durwa and rose flowers, now sprinkle ittar on them and then by chanting ganesh mantra offer it to lord ganesha one by one. 
  6. If any one perform abhishek of lord shiva with water containing ittar and kusha on Monday then it protects from many dangerous diseases.
  7. In legal problems saffron with rose natural perfume if any one offer to sun then it is good.
  8. In case of problems from Moon do offer Chameli ittar on Monday to Moon in the night. 
  9. In case to avoid problems from Mars planet it is good to worship lord shiva with red sandalwood perfume.
  10. On Wednesday if anyone offer cardamom(ilaychi) with champa ittar to lord ganesha then it is good.
  11. Kewda ittar, yellow flower, saffron or kesar if any one offer on Thursday then it makes Jupiter good.
  12. On Friday if any one offer white flowers, sandalwood ittar and kapoor then it makes the Venus good.
So ittar is a very good source of positive energies and it is a tool to attract the blessings of divine energies too if used properly. So worship your dearest god with ittar and attract the blessings, make your life successful and fruitful.

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When To Avoid Perfume or Ittar?

Although natural attar is good but some persons gets irritated from this, they don't like any type of smell of ittar or perfume, some has allergy problem. So for them it is suggested to not use it in any way. And if you think that any one don't like perfume then in that case don't use it in your clothes. It will be better for further relationships, dealing etc.

Also don't ever used very hard perfume as it leads to headache and other types of health problems.

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