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Kaalbhairav Ujjain Journey Secret

Who is kaalbhairav?, Kaalbhairav Of Ujjain Journey, why to visit kalbhairav?, Secret of kalbhairav pilgrim, important day to worship.
"जय काल भैरव"
Kaalbhairav is the master of ghosts and other gan of lord shiva and is very kind to devotees. He is destroyer of negative energies. It is said that Bhairav pleases easily in kalyug.

astrologer in ujjain kalbhairav
secret of kaal bhairav ujjain 

When Vyas rishi asked from respected Sanatkumarji about Kaalbhairav Pilgrim/ tirth then Sanatkumarji has revealed the secret of Kaalbhairav place and cleared that it is one of the active, sacred and powerful places for fulfilling wishes. This temple of kaalbhairav is situated in the bank of Holy river Shipra in Ujjain.

A person can get rid of griefs only by visiting this place and see the god Kaalbhairav.

This miraculous temple is situated in the North direction of river Shipra and is able to provide every worldly things to the devotees. It is place to get the blessings of lord Kaalbhairav. 

Special Time To Worship:

In the month of Ashad as per hindu Panchang and on shukla paksh and on astmi, navmi and chaturdashi tithi special worship of god is done. It is also good to perform kaalbhairav pooja before any marriage ceremony, child birth, any auspicious work. In pooja do offer flowers, bhog, perfumes, etc to please baba bhairav. After proper worship of kaalbhairav it is also good to feed Brahamins, and perform homa and tarpan process. If any devotee do the kalbhairav pooja properly then no doubts every wish gets fulfilled.

After Pooja it is also well to read the "Kaalbhairav Ashtak" to please god in which details of bhairav is given. If any one wants to know about the powers of kaalbhairav then he or she must read this 'kaalbhairav ashtak'.

The chanting of ashtak daily in the morning destroy the frightening dreams, devotee gets the fruits of prayers. Nothing is impossible to get in life for the person who daily chant bhairavasthak with devotion.

The Bhairav place is a very sacred place and devotees should take holy bath here and should also perform daan. It saves from the re-birth and gives all the things to live a good life. So as per the capacity and budget do perform rituals heartily here.

The important thing about this place is that the statue of kaalbhairav accept wine from devotees which shows the presence of kalbhairav here and it always pleases devotees.

People from world wide come to visit this magical place also tantrik from different places comes here to perform there spiritual practices, this is an active place, sacred place, powerful place and fulfil the worldly wishes easily of devotees.

Secret of Baba Kaalbhairav:

Who is kaalbhairav?, Kaalbhairav Of Ujjain Journey, why to visit kalbhairav?, Secret of kalbhairav pilgrim, important day to worship.

Always seems in pleasing mood, having eyes like lotus, decorated with jewelries of different kind and is the master of ghosts who are the gan of lord shiva. He has the power to destroy the protesters and wear the Yagyopavit of snakes. He destroy the fear of dakini, shakini, ghosts and wear the garland of 'munds'. He has 4 hands and wears yellow cloth and has a powerful personality and also works as a protector of lord shiva.

Person who daily remember kaalbhairav can get every worldly things easily in life. Protection from the evil eye is also possible by worshiping bhairav.

Don't worry if any problem is not leaving you, don't worry if any type of black energy or negativity is harassing your life. Worship kaalbhairav and get the blessings.

If you want to see a god accepting wine from devotees live then do visit kaalbhairav, if you want blessings of kalbhairav then do visit Ujjain and don't forget to visit this miraculous place.

On Kaalbhairav Ashtmi special Pooja is done in Kaalbhairav Mandir Ujjain.

Ujjain is also one of the holy city where SIMHASTHA held once in 12 year and during this time saints, Naga sadhus, spiritual practitioners from world wide come to Ujjain, India to perform there Practices and to bless devotees.

During SIMHASTHA/KUMBH MELA time we can see many TANTRIKS of different cultures in KALBHAIRAV TEMPLE in Ujjain. They perform special practices here for more powers and upliftment.

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Who is kaalbhairav?, Kaalbhairav Of Ujjain Journey, why to visit kalbhairav?, Secret of kalbhairav pilgrim, important day to worship.


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