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Secret Of Awantika City -Ujjain

Secret Of Awantika City -Ujjain, The great importance of Awantika Region- Ujjaini, How to live in Awantika area, How to perform mahakal yatra for best results, Secret of Mahakaleshwar and Ujjain, A place for getting divine powers, city of shiva, Simhastha City. 

Skand puran is one of the divine epic which has the information related to lord shiva mainly. In this puran the 5th part is related with Awantika Area which is one of the divine and magical region to perform spiritual practices.
know about awantika city and astrologer in awantika
awantika city

This awantika area is now a days Ujjaini or Ujjain. One of the great and spiritual places and the foremost thing about this city is the presence of world famous Mahakal Temple. The god who has control over time, who has the ability to change the death time of a person too, who has the ability to provide any thing in life, and that is the god Mahakaal.

As per the awantika puran lord shiva is describing that Ujjain is such a sacred place that a person can over come from any type of sin like brahm hatya in this place. This place fulfil any wish of person and in mahapralay also this place not get demoslished. So this is a rare region and divine region. This is the place where lord shiva lives and saints feel the presence divine powers. This region is also called cremation region(shamshaan shetra) and Mahakal van region also.

In this world the importance of Awantika region is 10 times more than Kaashi region. 

This is the Area where Ushar area(Where no rebirth happens if person died), Peeth(where the Matrikaaye installed), shamshaan every important area are present in one region and so it is a rare region and divine too. No other place is as powerful as Awantika region. 
Mahakal is the immortal power which was, which is and which will be there.

How To Live In Awantika Region?

Mahakal van region is a very powerful area, very sacred area and a place to get free from any type of sin. But it is not easy to achieve the best level of human life in this region until follow some rules as per the epic.

It is clearly written in the puran that if any one lives in mahakal region without any attachment, without ego, without expecting any donation from any one, balance in every situation then definitely the person will get the blessings of shiva and become free from every thing. It is good to perform spiritual practices and this type of people achieve the ultimate goal with the blessings of lord shiva. No obstacle can stop the growth of such person who lives in Mahakal region by following all the rules cleared in puran.

If a family man lives in this sacred area by following all the rules and regulation then after leaving the body that person gets the place in heaven and enjoy all the luxuries.

After taking rebirth this type of persons take birth in a good family and gain the knowledge of different subjects. They get honor from both dev and danav. They get place in the Kailash Parvat i.e. the residence of lord shiva.

How To Perform Mahakal Yatra For Best Result?

Secret Of Awantika City -Ujjain,The great importance of Awantika Region- Ujjaini, How to live in Awantika area, How to perform mahakal yatra for best results, Secret of Mahakaleshwar and Ujjain, A place for getting divine powers, city of shiva, Simhastha City

The great saints Sanatkumar has told the way to Vyas rishi about how to perform Journey of Mahakal. First of all start the yatra by taking bath in 'Rudra Sarovar' then do visit the Koteshwar Mahadev and then by praying to Mahakal start the yatra. Move to the Trideshwar Mahadev and offer flowers, perfume, Deep, etc. this is the place where lord shiva has put the Kapaal and at once a shivling came out which is known as 'kapaalmochan'. It is good to offer ghee here in shivling to get the world of shiva after death. After worshiping here move to 'Kapileshwar Tirth'. If any one worship here then the person getrid of 'BrahmHatya dosha'. After this worship at 'Hanumatkeshwar Tirth'.

Person is able to get honor in life by the blessing of Hanumetkeshwar. After this worship at 'pepleshwar Tirth'. It is said that only by seeing pepleshwar mahadev, person get salvation. Now it is good to visit "Swapneshwar Mahadev" who helps to over come from frightening dreams. After this visit 'Ishaneshwar Mahadev' who has face towards all directions. It is said that person can rule over the world by the blessings of Ishaneshwar mahadev. After this with peaceful mind visit the 'Someshwar Mahadev' who saves from Leprosy.

Now the way to Vaishwanreshwar shiva is opened, By worshipping at this place progeny problems gets away. After that worship at lakumish mahadev and offer Bijora there to get the blessings of Rudra deva. After this go to Gananeshwar Mahadev who can give success in every work.

Now visit to old Mahakal who can save from various diseases and problems of life then go to vighnnaash deva. It is said that if any one offer 100 Pitcher(ghade) then person get many types of divine powers.

Now go to 'Dandpani' who can save from any type of death fear. After that visit to Pushpdant who saves from sins. Now the way to 'Guhya Mahadev' , worship at this place helps to over come from secret sins. After this go to Durwaseshwar mahadev and Mahadurga Gauri and then it is good to visit the god of time or kaal "Mahakaleshwar".

After completion of this pilgrim journey of Mahakal recite your name with gotra and pray to god to give you the fruit of this journey. It is said that if any one perform yatra as per the instructions then get the virtue of donating 1 Lakh Cows to Brahmin.

Now come to home with peace and happy mind and then feed 26 Brahmin and remember only lord shiva. Also feed the relatives, beggars, needed persons, neighbors etc and take blessings of all. 
By this devotee can live in Shiv loka happily for decades.

Ujjain is also one of the holy city where SIMHASTHA held once in 12 year and during this time saints, Naga sadhus, spiritual practitioners from world wide come to Ujjain, India to perform there Practices and to bless devotees.

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Secret Of Awantika City -Ujjain, The great importance of Awantika Region- Ujjaini, How to live in Awantika area, How to perform mahakal yatra for best results, Secret of Mahakaleshwar and Ujjain, A place for getting divine powers, city of shiva, Simhastha City


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