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Bird Feeding In Astrology To Enhance Luck

What is bird feeding means as per astrology, Free encyclopedia on birds feeding astrology, importance of giving food to birds, how to over come from planetary problems by feeding birds, what to give to birds to minimize the bad effects of planets?, Is bird feeding good, astrologer for analysis and solutions of problems.

There are many people all over the world who like to feed birds daily and definitely it is a good way to make the other species familiar to us.

There is a difference between normal bird feeding and astrology bird feeding. In normal bird feeding we can give any thing to birds but when we provide special things or food to different types of birds on specific days then it can enhance luck and minimizes the impacts of malefic planets from your kundli/horoscope/birth chart.
why to feed birds as per astrology by astrologer
Bird Feeding In Astrology To Enhance Luck

There are 7 days and all the days are ruled by different planets and there are different food related to different planets so whenever any planet creates problems then it is good to feed the food related to that planets to birds.
Generally it is seen in Shraddha time that we feed crows daily to please our ancestors and it is a culture of India for the decades. Some daily feeds pigeons, sparrows, parrots etc.
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Now let's see some food which can help you to minimize the planetary problems:

  1. If Mercury is not supporting any one, if any one is suffering from debilitated Mercury/Budh then it is good to feed parrots daily and make them happy. It will help to reduce the impact of malefic budh.
  2. If Pitra dosha is creating problems in life, if shani is creating problems in life then it is a good thing to feed crows daily and take there blessings. Feed them chapatis having mustard oil over it.
  3. If Moon is debilitated and creating problems in life then don't forget to make arrangement for drinking waters for birds on the roof and wherever possible. It will give you tremendous benefits in life.
  4. If you are manglik or if Mars is not generating good impacts in life then do feed sweet chapatis or sweet breads to birds on Tuesday, it will help you a lot.
  5. Feeding green lentils on Wednesday also helps to reduce the malefic Mercury effects from life.
  6. You can also feed Jau and Baajra to birds if you are facing unwanted sudden problems in life.

So birds feeding is a good habit and it is our duty too to help the species which are also a part of this world. Actually we are not helping them, we are helping our self by feeding them. Love birds, feed birds, please birds, protect birds for a beautiful world around us. 
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Do You Know That?

1. Bird Feeding can Change Your luck.

पक्षियों को खिलने से भाग्योदय, पढ़िए हिंदी में

What is bird feeding means as per astrology, Free encyclopaedia on birds feeding astrology, importance of giving food to birds, how to over come from planetary problems by feeding birds, what to give to birds to minimize the bad effects of planets?, Is bird feeding good, astrologer for analysis and solutions of problems.


  1. Can we put Bird feed on the terrace of our house, it is said if you put bird feed on your terrace the birds take away all your luck along with the feed. The bird feed should always be put in open fields , gardens or open spaces away from one;s house. Please can someone clarify

  2. yes of course we can feed birds on terrace, It helps in taking away the negativity not the positivity.

    1. Even I have been told not to put a bird feeder in the balcony but feed them away from home..why is that Om Prakash Ji?

    2. Om Prakash Ji, even I have been told by many people that birds are not supposed to be fed through ones home. If one needs to feed the bird they need to go to a place where birds are given food. Putting a bird feeder in the balcony is not a good idea. Is it true?

    3. A very good question pujaji, but let me clear you that It is told only because birds make the place dirty and we have to clean it again and again due to which some says that negativity arises. So this concept is adopted by some-ones.
      But if you like and able to maintain your place then you can do it, Offering food to anyone is a DEED OF VIRTUE. Believe your own INSTINCT.
      Rules and regulations changes as per TIME, PLACE AND CIRCUMSTANCES.

  3. Namaste, a few months back I began feeding crows, and few other birds, my parents would say they are our ancestors! My Lagna is makar and I have my rahu in first house with exalted mars! Does this benefit in any way? I actually like feeding them!

    1. It is a good thing that you feed birds and when this feeling comes from within then no doubt , it is good for you. Keep doing it , you are getting benefits of it.

    2. Thank you so much for the reply,
      Much appreciated,

  4. i feed fishes and crows on a daily basis at the place of my work. I got to hear that crows should not be fed . Is it tru?

    1. It is good to feed fishes and crows, no need of fear or doubt, you are doing good , keep it up....

  5. I am feeding sparrows and pigeons from the last 3years os it helps in making money

  6. I request to everyone that Provide food and water to birds as much as you can to reduce ill effects of bad yogas in your kundali.

    1. definitely, it's a very good idea, Thanks atulji for sharing your views.

  7. i have been feeding crows with cheese since 6 months on friday as it takes away bad luck and good for your health also.

  8. Hello Sir , I have listened , Its benficial to feed birds only for businessman. i am feeding to pigeon (Wheat ) almost 4 years and i am a software enginner in a private company .Is it good? I feel good after this on daily basiis.

  9. Feeding anyone is not bad, so be confident and enjoy the blessings of divine energies by feeding pigeon. continue your habit without any doubt.

  10. sir,
    they say we should not feed crows on the terrace because it may bring bad luck. we have been feeding the birds on the terrace with curd rice ... crows, mynahs, sparrows,squirrels and even monkeys come to eat them. we also have a shallow vessel for water .. kindly advise if we can continue. we have not stopped feeding the birds but would like to know your opinion. thanks in advance


    1. Crows represent our ancestors and so during shradh paksha we are eager to feed them, if you are feeding them daily then it is a good thing, if they are eating on your terrace then they are also giving blessings to you which is a good thing, they are taking away your bad luck not good luck, so keep continue, our own feeling related to any process is important, if you are positively feeding them then it will not bring bad luck in any case.

  11. Peacock is a very sacred bird and favourite of lord krishna. Feeding peacock will definitely take away all negativity from life.

  12. Sir do feeding Squirrels do any good ? There is a Ramayana Story. I have heard some people say they are inauspicious.

  13. feeding anyone never bring bad luck, so do this with free mind and you will definitely get good results. I personally feed squirrels and they enjoy my closeness, i also feel happy with them.


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