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How To Find True Love To Make Life Happier?

How To Find True Love To Make Life Happier, Reasons of not getting success in finding a good partner for whole life, astrologer secrets of weak love life, 12 Ways to bring success in love life by astrologer.

Are you worrying about not getting good partner in life, are you in search of ways which will help you to attract a supportive partner in your life, do you want to know the logics which makes our life happier and smooth then here in this article you will get many things related to this. We are going to study about when a person get success as per astrology rule and if the planets are not very supportive then what to do.
true love through astrology by astrologer astroshree
How To Find True Love To Make Life Happier?

Reasons of not getting desired partner/Love In Life:

If you want to know the reasons of dis satisfactory love life then here are some astrology reasons of that-
  • It is possible that due to weak lagna you are not having the confidence level to make other confident about you and due to this you are depriving of having a good lover.
  • Next is having a weak 4th house or malefic 4th house in birth chart/kundli/horoscope. Actually 4th house is closely related to the happiness of life and in case if any malefic planet or debilitated planet is present here or if this house is not generating proper power then also you will be unable to find a proper love in life.
  • Not having powerful Venus in birth chart. Shukra represent personal life of a person and thus makes a life luxurious but powerless Venus or malefic Shukra makes a person deprive of good love life.
  • If 7th house of kundli/birth chart/horoscope is not good then also person faces too much problems with partner, in this case lots of misunderstanding makes the life hell.
  • Not having good power in Fate place. It means if the 9th house is weak or powerless or malefic then also due to bad luck person has to suffer a lot in life.
  • Sometimes it has also seen that if Venus is good 4th house is also good 7th house is also good but if Venus is sitting with any bad planet like rahu or mangal then also the person fails to get good or true love in life.
Now above I have given the reasons which generally ruins the love life or personal life of a person so which is the yoga in the kundli can be got by consulting a best astrologer.

Ways To Make Love Life Strong and Healthy:

The next very important question is that how to ove come from this problem, What to do to make our love life good, hurdle free and smooth. For this first of all we have to believe that it is necessary to gain power of planets to make our life better.
Next is suppose if there is problems in planets then by doing proper worship and prayers it is possible to attract the blessings of god or goddess by which we can make our life successful.
  1. If you are finding blockage in love life then do worship devotedly your ISHT and pray daily to send a true loving person in your life.
  2. Consult astrologer and know he best gems stones to increase the power of planets so that you may make your life wonderful.
  3. If you are having dosha in your lagna, 4th house, 7th house then do proceed for shanti pooja to minimize the doshas.
  4. If you are lacking at confidence level then do start meditation daily in the morning and evening and make your aura positive. With this also make positive minded friends who can motivate and boost your confidence level.
  5. If you are able to chant certain mantra/spell to bring success in life then it is better to get it from astrologer or scholar.
  6. Females can perform Katyaayni pooja, Mata durga Pooja to get a good life partner.
So there are many ways to make the life better and wonderful but the only thing is to take step positively. First of all BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and then WORLD WILL BELIEVE YOU. Read about Astrology For Lovers.

If you want to know the secret of your horoscope/kundli/birth chart then do contact ASTROLOGER Astroshree and get the real minute analysis with logical reasons and remedies of your love problems.

Above I have cleared the astrology factors to find true love in life but now I am providing some practical tips which can help you to enjoy life with interested partner.
Finding true  love is one of the most important part of life because no one want to live life alone and without love. A good partner gives a reason to live life happily.  So here in this article love seekers will find the real tips to make life full of love.
1 decision will change your whole life so it is not good to take any step in hurry. Do keep various important points and then decide about whom to love and with whom you want to live whole life.

As an astrologer I get calls from various people daily and by talking to them and by my own experience I am sharing some tips to find true love and happiness in life.
This is a fact that real happiness comes from within but external factors are also cannot be ignored to live life. If you have broad mind, open heart and free to learn and accept the life then no doubt you can enjoy the life.

Let’s Begin with useful tips to make life full of love:

  1. Ist of all try to examine yourself and understand your own feeling which is the foremost step to move further in finding a true partner. Many people says that they fall in love in first meeting but this is not the reality. Many one’s ruined their life by taking wrong decision as per there feeling at first meeting. So don’t do this while the subject is related with whole life. Know what do you want in real, what is your own nature and which type of person is really good for you and take care your feelings. read about 9 Simple Ways To Bring Real and True Love In Life.
  2. Try to know the difference between fascination, attraction and true love. So don’t be hurry, if you are meeting with different persons then give time to yourself and others too to understand each other properly. It is good to move very slowly while deciding about true life partner. In these days we can see breakup cases are increasing regularly, this is because of not understanding our own need properly and taking decision in hurry.
  3. This is a fact that if you want to live a successful life then you need a partner who is emotionally healthy, physically healthy and financially healthy.So don’t take any serious decision just by the force of your any temporary feeling.
  4. Spend sometimes with person whom you want to be your true life partner and in different situations. You can know that is that the right person for you or not. Take your time before finalizing the partner.
  5. There is one another important problems which is seen in teenagers that they are unable to decide about best friend and life partner. So do keep in mind that best friends may not be a good life partner. So when time comes to decide about true love then don’t choose the partner just because he or she is your good friend.Do test several times that how much he or she is giving attention to you, how much he or she understands your feeling, is the partner is capable to handle responsibility of family, do you really spend peaceful time with him or her etc.
  6. Do consider the following factors too while choosing right partner for you and these are education, family background, income way, interpersonal skills, how much respect he or she is giving to you while interacting in different situations.
  7. There are some traits which are hidden and a good astrologer can reveal this by reading the horoscope so always take guidance from best astrologer before finalizing the life partner.
  8. Some people think that marriage is a gambling and lucky people won this but I am sorry to say that no this is not so. Our own nature and unawareness take us in dark zone. So be alert and take every step to make your life wonderful, successful and full of love.
  9. Sexual pleasure is not only the aim of life so do think above this. Check the supporting nature, attitude, emotional feeling, way to handle different situations, way of thinking before choosing anyone for whole life.
  10. In present time breakup is a part of life and so do prepare your mind and make your heart broad to accept the truth. Do ask openly about any past relationship and don’t stretch this topic further.
  11. Don’t be scared to ask questions from a person with whom you are going to spend whole life. Spend some time, analyze each other properly and then you will find that true love will enter in your life.
  12. Use the experiences of others, take help of astrology and then see how your life becomes wonderful, successful and full of love.
Hope you have learnt a lot about How to Find True Love and Happiness in life, how to find true love in life, how to find true love and happiness, how to find true happiness within yourself. Do share your views about this article in comment section.

How To Find True Love To Make Life Happier, Reasons of not getting success in finding a good partner for whole life, astrologer secrets of weak love life, Ways to bring success in love life by astrologer.


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