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Mahatma Gandhi Powers For Success

Mahatma Gandhi for success, What to learn from Mahatma Gandhi, Bapuji Astrology, Birth chart/kundli of Mahatma Gandhi, What yogas make him so popular politician and a spiritual person. a tribute to Father of the nation. 

reasons to believe on mahatma gandhi
teachings of mahatma gandhi
A man who has played an important role in changing the nation, a man who has proved the power of non-violence, a man who has proved the power of purity, sacredness self-respect, passion, commitment etc. The person whom we also known as BAPUJI. Yes I am talking non other than the great leader, politician, saint of the Great India "Mohandas karan Chand Gandhi(Mahatma Gandhi)".
No body might have been expected that a boy who was born in porbandar, Gujarat on 2nd October 1869 will Make Revolution. A boy who has taken his education from the university of London and samaldas college of Bhavnagar, Gujarat has shown a true way of living life with trueness and simplicity.
Mahatma gandhi is known for his satyagrah/Non-violence, his power of fast, his limitless efforts to change the nation. He is not getting honor in India but world wide his principles are followed by the scholars. His lessons are taught in schools, colleges.

He has left a indelible image in the mind of people, his works are incredible, his thought was true and therefore after decades he is residing in our hearts. His thoughts has not only changed his life but also millions of people are motivated to live a simple and true life. 
He was shot dead on 30th January 1948 in New Delhi and at Raj Ghat his shrine is blessing to all regularly. 

Astrology Of Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi:

kundli of mahatma gandhi
lagn kundli of bapuji
This is again a question present in our mind that how would be the planets of gandhiji, which planets has made him such famous leader, politician and a memorable person. 
So know let me clear you the power of planets present in the kundli of Mahatma Gandhiji.
We all know that Bapuji life was very struggling from beginning to end and may be he has chosen this life by own. But astrology reveals the secret that why a person has taken such type of decision, which planets has compelled him to live such life. So let's see the kundli of Gandhiji. 
The planetary positions are clearly showing the struggling life. Because there is a chandra grahan yoga forming in 10th house and his gan is also Rakshas due to which person is nt able to perform his job smoothly and so Gandhiji has also faced the same problem. He was a barrister but was not able to make carrier in this field. 
Moon of his own zodiac is present in 10th house which has made him a wondering person. 
Mangal in lagna is making him a very courageous person, a great leader, a great politician, this has given him the power to face any type of challenges boldly. With this good jupiter is present in his marriage place due to which he has got a very supportive and good life partner who never left him in the problematic days.
His personality was also very impressive and this has been due to the presence of Venus in lagna of own zodiac/raashi. 
So we can't ignore the role of planets in our life. So Vedic astrology is a super subject which reveals many things before us and shows us the way to live life happily and without any fear.
Take the help of astrology to make your life successful.

What Are The Principles Which Can Help Us To Make Our Life Beautiful:

Since the life of Mahatma Gandhiji was a struggling life but he has never complaint about it but he has shown a great way to live a happy life easily. Let's see what we can learn from his life.

  1. He was against cast discrimination and due to which he used to clean his toilets and also motivated others to do so. He never hesitated to sit and eat with the lower cast people. He was never partial and so there was love for all and also he became the beloved of every one. 
  2. His principle of non-violence was creditable. Violence will never end any violence so always be cool and calm and protest with non-violence. 
  3. He lived a simple life and also motivated others to just keep away the false face in life. Live as whatever we are. Don't be pompous. 
  4. Wear simple cloths which are healthy too. 
  5. If your principles are ok then never give up in any case. Since he has also never gave up his rules in spite of facing too much problems in life. 
  6. He used to perform introspection regularly which is a great way to reform our life. So we can also adopt this to make our life smooth.
  7. He also used to eat only simple food which are healthy and so we can also live a healthy life by following this rule. 
The best way to give tribute to Gandhiji is to follow the rules which he has followed whole the life. Let's make ourselves strong, let's make our nation clean and let's live a successful life. 
Jay Hind, Jay Bharat
Mahatma Gandhi for success, What to learn from Mahatma Gandhi, Bapuji Astrology, Birth chart/kundli of Mahatma Gandhi, What yogas make him so popular politician and a spiritual person. a tribute to Father of the nation. 


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