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Devi Mantras For Success

Devi mantra for success, prayer for beauty, prayer for power, prayer for prosperity, prayer for over all success, how to worship goddess for a successful life, astrologer for predictions and solutions of problems.
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Devi Spells For Fulfilling Wishes

The mother of whole universe,  the  power without which lord shiva is nothing, the power which is present everywhere in universe is Goddess Shakti. 

It is a fact that nothing is impossible for the devotees of goddess durga who is also known as shakti. Goddess Durga is worshipped in different form and there are various mantras/spell available in our scriptures to please shakti. 
There are various spells present which are used by devotees to fulfil different wishes. Here in this article I am going to clear about different types of spells of Maha shakti by which one can attain success in life. 
If anyone want to become beautiful then there is a prayer, if anyone want to become intelligent then there is a prayer, if anyone want to become prosperous, healthy then also there is a prayer.  
It is felt by devotees that Universal Mother fulfils wishes of everyone but only thing which she needs is devotion. 
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Things To Remember While Starting Spiritual Practices:
1. Keep full faith in mantra/spell,  god or goddess and in yourself.
2. Maintain sacredness of mind, body and place where you are performing process.
3. Don’t break continuity of practice in any case. 
4. Don’t perform any saadhna without Asan.
5. During the period of saadhna or spiritual practice don’t misbehave with family members, out siders, animals etc. 
6. Keep in mind that intensity of your rays is responsible for your success in any mantra saadhna. 

Prayer  Of  Devi To Bring Success In Life:

1. Prayer To Get Beauty, Name and Fame-
Om namaschandikaaye
Vidyavantam yashaswantam  laxmivantam janam kuru |
Rupam Dehi Jayam Dehi yasho Dehi Dwisho Jahi ||

Meaning of Prayer: 
Mother I greet you, Make your devotees Intelligent, Successful and financially powerful and bless me with Beauty, Fame and Success. 
Process Of Doing This Prayer:
If you are very much interested in getting beauty, fame , name then do worship goddess and pray with this mantra. Gradually you will find that your confidence is increasing and success is knocking your door. 

2. Prayer To Get Good Health and Good Luck:
Om namaschandikaaye
Dehi Saubhagyamaarogyam Dehi mai paramam sukham |
Rupam Dehi Jayam Dehi yasho Dehi Dwisho Jahi ||

Meaning of Prayer:
Mother give me good luck, give me good luck, give me comfort, happiness, bless me with Beauty, Fame and Success.

3. For Developing Intelligence and memory power:
Ya devi sarwabhuteshu budhirupen sansthitha |
Namastasye namastasye namastasye namo namah.

Goddess is intelligence and therefore greeting to her salutation to her, greeting to her.

4.To Get Answers of Questions In Dreams From Goddess:
Durge devi namastubhyam sarwakamarth saadhike |
mum siddhimsiddhim wa swapne sarwam pradarshay ||

If someone chant this strotram regularly for somedays before sleeping then it is possible to get answers in dreams.

5. Prayer To root out poverty and sorrows from life:

Durge smrita harasi bheetimasheshjantoh
Swasthaih smrita matimateeva shubhaam dadasi |
Daridrayaduhkhbhayaharini ka twadanya 
Sarvopkaarakarnaay sadaardrchitta ||

 O Devi Durga(universal Mother), you remove the fear if any one remember you with devotion. You always give good to every one.
You destroy poverty, sorrows and makes the life happier. You are full of compassion.

6. Prayer For The Well being Of All:
Sarwamangalmangalye shive sarvarthsaadhike |
sharanye tryambike gauri naarayani namostute ||

If any one is going for any auspicious work, any important work andy spiritual work then it is good to recite this strot and go for work. By the goddess blessing success will come.

So universal mother is very kind, she is ready to fulfil the wishes of every one but it is necessary to remember her with full devotion and sacredness. No doubt life will become successful. 

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