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Social Media Astrology Tips

Social media and astrology, what points to keep in mind while using social networking sites, what to do , what not to do, best tips to enhance luck by using social networking sites.

Actually this is a fact that now a days people are spending too much time on social networking sites like face book, linked-in, twitter. Some also use dating sites, forums etc for different purposes. Corporate world are using these sites to promote there products and services while youth uses these sites for entertainment. Sharing photos, videos, thoughts are common activities found in social networking sites.
how to enhance luck in social media as per astrology
best ways to use social media

But it is very necessary to keep in mind some important points while using social media. As per astrology our activities are responsible for the planetary positive and negative impacts. So if we perform clear activities in social media then it will also make our life strong and hurdle free.
  1. Always publish your clear photo in social media so as to avoid any type of misconception. And showing photo shows your confidence too.
  2. Use your lucky colors in profile page or while designing your banner.
  3. Don't harass anyone because this will attract curse of that person which will affect your life.
  4. Don't be inactive in social media if you have created your profile, it is not good. So do something daily so as to spread positive thoughts everywhere.
  5. Take part in discussion positively, this will enhance your power of thinking and sharing your ideas.
  6. Don't miss to like any article if you are getting benefit from it.
  7. Wishing birth day, anniversary etc is also good and will attract best wishes.
  8. Don't try to frighten anyone , it will attract bad-luck in life.
  9. Do make your profile page clear i.e. do clear everything about you so that people of your interest may come in touch with you.

Some Tips For Security:

It is also a fact that with positive people, some negative minded persons also are active in social media so it is necessary to keep some important points in mind while using social networking sites, dating sites, marriage sites, forum etc.
  • Don't share your personal details publicly.
  • Don't chat with personal friends publicly, I have seen that many people don't use chat window for personal talk, they just share there views via comment, which is not at all good.
  • Don't share your password, bank details publicly in any case to avoid loss of any kind.
  • Always protect your account through mobile number. Keep the notification on so as to know what is happening in your network.
  • Change the password timely for security reasons.
  • Keep your mobile number hidden if it is not necessary.
  • Don't use too many social networking sites because you may not get proper time to manage all of them. So choose network as per your need only.
  • Spread positivity and get positivity. 
  • Before using any social networking site do clear your intention then start using them, no doubt you will get success. 
It is not bad that we are getting active in social networking sites but it is good to secure ourselves while using them.

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Social media and astrology, what points to keep in mind while using social networking sites, what to do , what not to do, best tips to enhance luck by using social networking sites. 

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