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Which Planet Gives Stability To Job And How To Cure Them?

Which planet gives stability to job and how to cure them through astrology, What astrology ways empower the career, how to make money life long by entering in a good job, job astrology, Totkay to make life career better and successful.

Job is important for the people who are service oriented and don't want to enter in business line for livelihood but in these days due to increase of competition and politics it is not possible for every one to get a stable career or stable job. But the problem is not with the job but the main thing is that income source must not be blocked life long so as to live a comfortable life. 
power planets for job stability in astrology
job astrology

Many times questions related to getting stable job is asked but here I want to say that it is not possible to do the same job life long until you are in government department. 
In private sector companies are demanding versatile persons in these days so as to hand over any type of job in needed time. 
So it is good to prepare ourselves for every situations. How ever here we are going to see that which planet gives stability to job and how to cure them as per astrology. If you are thinking that -
  • I am unstable and not getting a permanent job.
  • What should I do to make planets strong so as to get good income source. 
  • How do I make positive impression before seniors?
  • What should I do to get attraction of colleagues or boss?
  • Why I am underestimated always in spite of doing hard work in company or organization?
It is possible that many ones' are living a fearful life , thinking of loosing job makes a person weak and fearful. So it is very necessary to know the exact reasons of this problems as per astrology because here we came to know the exact reasons of instability in life and job.

Which Planet Is Responsible For A Stable Job and Inflow of Money in Life?

This is the important question which is going on in our mind so I want to reveal a fact that we can't give responsibility to any one planet only because in our horoscope/kundli/birth chart there are some houses which are responsible for the type of job we are doing and the success which we get in job. So here let's know about that houses and relations between those houses.
  1. First of all it is necessary to understand that lagna is very important and if lagna of anyone is weak then it become difficult for a person to make stability in career or in personal life. So it is important to know about the power of lagna. 
  2. Next is the second house which is known as the profit place, what type of profit will come in life and how much benefit we will get from job or business is predicted by this house so reading of this house is also necessary while reaching to any conclusion. 
  3. Next is the 10th house of horoscope which is most important while studying the job or career to final. The planet which is present here or the master of 10th house shows that what type of job is good for us and whether we will get stable job or wandering job or anything else. So it is good to study this place minutely.
  4. Next is 11th house which is income place and if we are not getting sound income then definitely this house is weak or generating malefic impacts. 
  5. And this is not the end. The 10 D chart which shows the power of job in our life is very very important. We can't leave this chart while analysing the career. 
So now I think is somehow clear in your mind that making predictions is not as easy as it is seen from outside. Too much focus is needed, very minute study is needed so only experience astrologer can guide you properly in this matter. 
Important Thing For Every One is that Don't wear any gems stone for sake only or just by seeing lagna or job place or zodiac/raashi. Because in case if you wear any wrong gem stone then it may be possible that it will disturb the career.

Remedies To Cure The Job Problems/What to do to get stable job?

This answer of this question again depend upon the analysis of kundli/horoscope/birth chart. But here some simple solutions I am providing which will help you to make your life smooth.

  • First of all keep in mind that Our kul devi/family goddess, Ancestors are very important for us. So if failure is not leaving our life then by anyhow it is good to please them and for that do worship them properly and pray to make your life fruitful. If you are really in need and if you pray from heart then definitely prayers will be heard and way of success will open by there grace. This is a fact that invisible powers always help us but we must trust on them. 
  • Another Important totka is that on every Saturday do offer a lamp under a peepal tree and some bhog too and then do take 108 round of that tree and keep praying to provide you a stable job. Here it is also important that peepal tree near cremation ground is very important for this process.
  • If you are thinking that some negative energy is disturbing your life and there is no other way to over come then Do make 4 facing lamp with cow dung and then put mustard oil in it and then move it 8 times from head to feet and then light it up by keeping it on any chouraha, also put some bhog there. While putting the lamp and burning it do say that "I am leaving my all problems here now prosperity will come in my life". Do this on Amavasya Night and poornima night too. 
  • Do burn a deepak in the name of your kuldevi daily and offer gugal dhoop and pray for a stable job. 
So here I have cleared about the astrology related to stable job and some easy ways to attract blessing of energies to make life successful. If you are interested for minute analysis of your horoscope to know about the problems coming in your life related to job and career then you are welcome in the world of astrology.

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