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Swastika Mystery For Success

Swastika mystery for success, benefit of swastika in english, advantages of swastika, how to use swastika for success in different case. 
best swastik encyclopaedia for success by astrologer
Swastik For success in english

Let's Understand Swastika:
India is very rich in spiritual practices and the rishi munis of ancient India has discovered such ways through which any one can attain the culmination of success. 

One of the divine product which is a boon for this world is 'SWASTIKA'. There are some signs which are very helpful for every one and increase positive energies wherever they are made. One of the powerful sign which is being used world wide is Swastika. 

It is the source of positive energy and is very auspicious, sacred and thus people use to make it before any auspicious puja, rituals, auspicious events, celebration etc. 

Swastika is a sign of purity, sacredness, positivity, energy and so it is used in various ways world wide. 

Some scholars worship swastik as lord ganesha, some taken this swastik as the universal power. some says it is the source of positive energies.

In Amarkosh the meaning of swastik are blessing, auspicious, virtue etc. It does good with every one. 

The basic formation of swastik starts with the Plus Sign(+) and when we add 1 more flat line on all the sides then swastika forms. 

Not only Hindu rreligionbut Jain, Bodh, Isaai people also give respect to this sign. 

Size of Swastik:
It is a belief that If it is made of 9 inch height and width or if it is made exactly as per our 9 finger size height and width then it is good. 
Different types of Ink are used to make swastik to fulfil different wishes. 

How To Use Swastika For Success:
Swastika mystery for success, benefit of swastika in english, advantages of swastika, how to use swastika for success in different case. 

Now let's see some use of swastik, some totka of swastik, some prayog of swastik which can bring success in life. 
1. If any one make panch dhatu swastik and install it on the door then it brings good results for whole family. 

2. If swastika is made with 9 gems and silver and install in East direction then it remove the vastu dosha and attract prosperity.

3. To remove vastu dosha swastik of sindoor is also made. 

4. In religious work it is made of turmeric, sindoor, roli etc.

5. If swastik is made in guru pusy or ravi pushya then it bring peace and harmony in family. 

7. If business is not showing good income then it is good to make swastik on both side of door daily and then worship it properly, also offer gram and molasses on it. If any one do this 6 month regulary then very good results will come. 

8. If we worship any god or goddess by keeping them on swastik yantra then it will soon give success.

9. If charged beesa or pandrah yantra made in swastik is made and worn then very good results are seen.

10. At the time of pitra paksh girls made swastik with cow dung to please ancestors. 

So swastik is beneficial from many point of view, it is easy to make, easy to install and not at all expensive. So remedies of swastika can be used by any one any time, anywhere. 

Do use swastika for prosperity, power and smooth life. 

Hope my blog readers will definitely take the benefit of this powerful way. Have a great successful life.

Swastika mystery for success, benefit of swastika in English advantages of swastika, how to use swastika for success in different case. 

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Swastika mystery for success, benefit of swastika in english, advantages of swastika, how to use swastika for success in different case. 


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