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Why To Believe In Vedic Culture?

Why to believe in Vedic culture, power points of vedic culture, benefits and advantages which we can get from vedic astrology.

Vedic culture is the soul of The great India, Vedic rituals are very scientific and always ready to open the way of success in life. India is known for it's spiritual power and therefore people around the world seek guidance from the Indian sages, spiritual masters and other scholars.

The rituals which are given in Vedas i.e. in the holy books/scriptures are very rich and if any one follow them then no doubt success comes from all direction in his or her life. This is not just a gossip but there are proper reasons to believe and to follow vedic culture. Here in this article I am providing you some best points which will clear every one's mind.
vedic culture importance as per astrology
significance of vedic culture

Read this article to know the reasons of benefits of eating meal in banana leaf, benefit of doing spiritual practice under banyan tree, peepal tree, advantage of performing saadhna in bank of river, advantage of waking up early in the morning, what are the benefits of vedic astrology, why to put dot in forehead, why to meditate, why to offer water to sun etc. Know the secrets of happy life through this article.

Various practices which are followed by Hindus are secret of successful life and are very scientific.

Let's know some powerful success mantras of Vedic culture.

1. Why To Get Up Early In The Morning?

Every one said that get up early in the morning, It is also said that "Early to bed and early to rise is a formula to be healthy, wealthy and wise". But the question is why we should wake up early in the morning, So the answer is simple and scientific.

In the morning time if anyone wakeup then fresh environment is ready to welcome us and not only this in the morning time "Pran-Shakti" is present very much which is the basis of healthy life. And that's why not only waking up is enough but to perform pranayam, prayer and exercise is also necessary so that we can take as much positive energy as we can and this will make us healthy and we are also able to do our work better daily.

It is a fact that people who are doing proper exercises, morning walk, pranayam in the morning are living a healthy and wealthy life.

When a person store praan shakti at best level then body organs work efficiently, mind works at its best level and thus person is able to attract wealth too in a good way.

2. Advantages of taking meal in banana leaf.

In ancient time people used to eat meal in banana leaf and there is a very good healthy reason of doing this, when we put food on banana leaf then the nutrients from leaf also mix with the food and our body get good amount of energy. So in vedic tradition brahmins use to eat food in banana leaf.

3. Why in scriptures it is said that it is good to perform spiritual practices under Peepal or banyan tree or in the bank of river?

These trees are very sacred and are source of positive energies and at the time of spiritual practice we need too much energy and sacred environment so when we perform spiritual practices under these sacred trees then probability of getting success in saadhna increases.

4. Why vedic astrology is best?

It is because the vedic astrology is totally bases on the 9 planets and there impacts on person, place or things. The panchang which we use to take out auspicious time is totally based on mathematics and therefore people are getting benefits for the decades.

This is the vedic astrology through which we predict when the eclipses will happen, when rain will come, how will be the weather in next year etc. So we can't underestimate the power of vedic astrology in any case.

It is the best way to predict future and the problems which we will face due to malefic planets, stars etc. Vedic astrology is also able to solve problems of life in different ways.

5. Why to put dot in forehead?

It is also said that it is good to put dot of astgandh, kesar etc at the third eye position, it is because it controls the energy of third eye and if we meditate on this point then divine experiences can be felt by people.

Dot also helps to cool the mind and give peace and power.

6. Why to meditate daily ?

This is because meditation increases our power at optimum level, it is the best way to enhance our memory, our third eye power, our sensation power will power etc. So it is advised to meditate daily for sometime without any gap.

Not only these if we see the temples made by using vedic principles then we can also feel the science behind that, Everywhere there is science, every where there is logic.

So do use vedic ways to enter in the world of success.

Above are some important points which will help you to understand the science behind any activities.

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Why to believe in Vedic culture, power points of vedic culture, benefits and advantages which we can get from vedic astrology.


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