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What Should I do?

What Should I Do?, What to do in spare time, what to do time to time, Mai Kya Karu, List of works to do, How to increase productivity, how to increase power, Some works For personal satisfaction, how to come out of boredom?.

A very common question in mind is what should I do. This is the question which arises in minds of every one whether one is employed, unemployed, businessmen, student, house wife etc.Although there are lots of work to do but we don't remember when we need because we don't have any list of that works. So here in this article I am trying to provide the list of different types of works which any one can do in different types of time.
list of works to do in spare time
What Should I do?

Some Important Things To keep In Mind Before Moving Further:

  1. Every work has it's own benefits which can be felt only by doing that one so don't think anything just by reading about that, first of all do and feel what exact benefit we are getting from that.
  2. Although no work is tough but we can choose work as per the time, capacity, availability of things and environment.
  3. Take every thing easily, don't generate stress to enjoy any work.
  4. Life will become easy if we change our views so be dynamic for yourself.
  5. Don't show maturity everywhere, sometimes child mind is needed to enjoy something.
  6. Keep your sense-organs active always to enjoy every moments of life.
  7. Be positive always and try to make other positive.

Now let's see the list of some works which can be done for self satisfaction, growth, leisure.

Works For Students:

If you are studying and find yourself stagnate sometimes then change your mood by doing one of the following things -
  • Play out door games like as cricket, hockey, base ball, basket ball, skating.
  • Play indoor games like as carom, chess, video games, business/vyapaar, ludo etc.
  • You can play mind games which can develop your mind too.
  • If you have time then plan for any adventurous activities like as tracking, picnic, amusement park.
  • Go for swimming if you know otherwise learn it in spare time.
  • Watch motivational movies and comedy to energized your self.
  • Go for cycling.

2) Works For Youth:

  • Read motivational books.
  • Go for picnic, outdoor games, indoor games.
  • Go for long drive in bike or 4 wheeler.
  • Visit library and read general knowledge books.
  • Learn vedic maths to increase work power.
  • Plan for movie.
  • Plan a tour to visit any other place to change environment.
  • Search internet to know about different types of online works, entertainment, knowledge etc. 
  • Think about your dream of life and plan to achieve it. 
  • Go for social work like as blood donation, clothes donation, toys donation, knowledge donation etc. 

Works For Businessmen:

  • Plan to attend any seminar to increase knowledge.
  • Search for new ideas to increase productivity.
  • Contact with old friends, relatives to share views, spend time.
  • Do some social work for self satisfaction.
  • Reactivate your old contacts.
  • Check your old accounts and destroy unusual books, things. 
  • Clean your business place.

Works For Everyone:

  • Plan to visit any amusement park and picnic.
  • Plan to visit any sea shore, river bank, hill station to enjoy nature.
  • Plan for small party at home or out side.
  • Engage in some social work.
  • Do experiment in cooking.
  • Do motivate someone.
  • Do plan do visit old friends, relatives.
  • You can go for photography, videography.
  • Do go for group movie party.
  • Enjoy gardening to renovate your garden.
  • Check out your music collection.
  • If you are interested in painting then do that and show your creativity to others.
  • Do change your interior and give a new look.
  • If you know writing then do write blog, articles and let the others know your feelings.
  • You can also do teaching to earn and to spend time.
  • Do introspection and find about your strength, weaknesses and try to find out the ways to over come from limit.
  • Go for general health check up.
  • You can also take the help of astrologer to know about the planetary positions in horoscope and what to do for better life.
consult ASTROLOGER to know about lucky stone, lucky yantra, lucky puja, rituals etc.

So there are many things to do, don't say that there is nothing to do, look around and you will definitely get something to do which can make you satisfy, energetic and positive.

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