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Eyes And Astrology Tips For Healthy Eyes

Eyes and astrology, tips to keep eyes fit and fine, how to keep our eyes healthy through natural ways?.
Eyes are very important part of our body and are very necessary. It works continuously and for long time whole life, due to this we are able to see this wonderful world. Eyes help us to enjoy this wonderful world. It is eyes through which we see the creations of god.

But due to engage in our fast life for livelihood we don't care for it and so finds problems related to eyes in long run. It is very important to keep our eyes healthy life long and for that it is necessary to adopt different ways.
Eyes And Astrology Tips For Healthy Eyes
tips to keep eyes fit

In this article I am going to tell my blog readers about the planets related to eyes, the reasons of weak eye sight, tips to keep our eyes healthy.

Eyes and Astrology:

As per astrology Second and Twelfth House of our horoscope are responsible for our eyes and any type of problems in these houses lead to eye problem. Also Sun and moon are also very closely related to eyes. 
  1. If the above 2 houses are affected by any malefic planets then it is possible that the person will face eye sight problem.
  2. If the master of 2nd or 12th house are weak then also the eye sight will be affected.
  3. In case any grahan yoga or any other malefic yoga forms in two houses may give arise to any eye sight problem.
  4. I have also find during my analysis that if Sun or Moon are generating malefic effects in kundli then also the person faces eyes problems in life. 

Astrology Remedies Of Eyes Problems:

  1. If the sun is not supporting in horoscope then it is good to perform surya shanti puja, It is also good to donate things of sun.
  2. There is a special strot name is "Chaakshushi vidya", it is said that if any one recite this strotram regularly then eye sight become strong.
  3. Do offer water to god Sun in the early morning and pray to make your eye sight strong. 
  4. It is also good to consult astrologer to know about the position of Sun and Moon and then install right siddha yantra to worship.
  5. In many case the gems stone ruby is also very helpful to increase eye sight but do consult an experienced astrologer.

Now let's See Some Exercises Related To Eyes To Keep Them Fit:

  1. It is good to wash eyes directly with cold water in regular interval. Take water in hand and then put it on open eyes directly , do it at-least 25 times, you will feel coolness. 
  2. Do move your eyes round and round for sometime and then close them and sit calmly for sometime. 
  3. Time to time do blink your eyes, it is good exercise.
  4. Maintain the light of room or office to avoid eyes from any problem.
  5. Do drink plenty of water and avoid soda drinks.
  6. Do use good quality Sunglasses while travelling.

If you want to know about the astrology reasons of your eyes problems and solutions then do contact astrologer astroshree, Trusted on line astrology services.

Eyes and astrology, tips to keep eyes fit and fine, how to keep our eyes healthy through natural ways?.

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