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Reality Of Match Making

Reality of match making in astrology, secrets of match making, Is it possible to marry even after not having good match making points, is it good to marry with our beloved without having no good match making points as per astrology.
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Match Making Realities
Marriage is an important part of life, it is a great decision to live life with each other, it is a decision to live life with the desired person for ever and in this regard match making is also done as per astrology.

But it is a bitter truth that due to not having proper knowledge many true lovers are not able to tie in this beautiful relation, many people are suffering due to improper match even after having true love with the beloved.

This is very unfortunate that we just use the software to match kundli and if the score is less then we just make our mind that the marriage is not good but there are secrets of astrology through which we can also know that in which extent the marriage is possible and how to minimize the doshas.

There are solutions of problems but there is need to go in depth of every thing. I receive many calls from different parts of countries and mostly from lovers who are sufferings from separation due to not having proper match making points as per astkoot milaan in astrology.

But it is my advice to always consult an experienced astrologer who is able to guide you better to live life happily. You can get remedies of problems from an experienced astrologer and also know the right guidance to live a comfortable life with beloved.

We find people often says that the girl is very good but match making points are not proper, in the same way parents of females says that due to improper match we have left a very good boy for our girl and so on.

Reality of Match Making:

Let Me Reveal My Blog Readers Some Facts-
There are many couples who have not very good match making scores but still they are living properly and there are many couples who have very-very good match making score but they have reached to the divorce.
It does not mean that match making doesn't work but here I want to clear that minute study of horoscope is necessary before reaching at any conclusion.
Don't leave a good relation just because there is not perfect match making point. Don't leave your beloved just because improper knowledge, don't break heart of any one.
Scholars have made great research in ancient time and written the solutions of every problems in our epics so pray to the god and goddess and master to guide you better to live a better life.

Points To Keep In Mind At The Time Of Match Making:

  1. It is good to check the astkoot milan before marriage but personal detailed analysis is also necessary before final decision.
  2. Check out the position of Venus which is responsible for personal life. 
  3. If the kundli is manglik then also check the degree to know the power of mangal, sometimes even after having manglik dosha the mangal is powerless so not give that malefic impacts in life.
  4. Check the progeny place and related planets powers properly.
  5. Check out the marriage house and related planets powers and state.
  6. Also check out the positive yoga in kundlis which supports the life.
  7. Also check the malefic planets and yoga so as to find the related remedies.
  8. Power of ascendant plays great role , it must be studies properly in both horoscope.
  9. With this study of Navmansh kundli, chandra kundli, etc. is also important. 
So it is a request that don't take any decision just by seeing the match making score, don't leave a good relation, don't loose your hope, don't leave your beloved without knowing the proper solutions of problems.
If you are having doubt in match making, if you want to marry with the desired person and not having proper match then don't loose hope consult Astrologer here and get the minute analysis and guidance to fulfil your wishes.

Remember "where there is a will there is a way"

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Reality of match making in astrology, secrets of match making, Is it possible to marry even after not having good match making points, is it good to marry with our beloved without having no good match making points as per astrology.


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