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Are You Applying For Job

Are you applying for job?,are you facing problems in getting desired job, are your efforts going waste, Is job seeking become a problem for you, astrology tips to get a good job.

Now a days due to competitive environment it is becoming very difficult to get the desired job easily, Millions of freshers are there in world who are struggling hard to get job but some are due to bad luck not able to get an ordinary job too.
what to as per astrology to get job
astro tips for job applicants

This article I am writing for those who are in search of job and not able to get any positive results, here you will come to know the house in horoscope responsible for giving job, importance of planets in finding jobs, puja for success, totkay for success etc.

Do you know the horoscope is the mirror of our life and shows the astrology reasons of any problems which is actually the base of our life. If we take decisions in life by seeing the planetary positions then no doubt success will become easy.

Any experienced Astrologer is able to reveal the reasons and remedies of problems by reading the horoscope minutely. And so for the decades scholars are taking the help of astrology. to over come from problems and to make the life easy.

Let's know about house affecting the Job:

There are 12 houses in horoscope as per vedic astrology but the most important house to know about job is 10th house. If this house is strong, positive then no doubt the person will definitely get a good job and a deserving job but in case of weak planets in 10th house, malefic planets in 10th house , the person will face problems in getting deserving job. read about Government job and Astrology

But wait don't conclude just by seeing this house because impact of 11th house, 2nd house and no doubt the luck house and happiness house also keep importance in providing job.
For Example if any powerful planet is sitting in 4th house then it will view the 10th house directly and so make the job house strong so it is also good for that and on the other hand if any malefic or debilitated planet is present in happiness house then it will generate malefic impacts on 10th house of horoscope/kundli.

In the same way the luck also work in back end and so study of destiny house reveals that when our luck will support us.

By in-depth analysis of horoscope we can know about the lucky day to apply for job, lucky stone to get job, puja to get job etc. So it is good to consult astrologer to know all about these things to make life easier. Read about Losing Job!What to do?

But Suppose if you are not interested in analysis of your horoscope reading then do follow some easy tips which I am giving below:

  1. First of all analyse your dreams and find if any bad dreams are there coming regularly then do pray to your "Kul devi/home goddess" or "Kul devta/home god" and pray to protect you from evils.
  2. Whenever you go to apply for job just do offer a deepak in the home temple and also in a ganesha temple and pray for success. 
  3. Also do offer a coconut and a lamp in temple of Shani deva and pray to remove the hurdles of life. read more about How to secure job through astrology?
  4. Make a regular visit in any temple and pray for success. 
  5. Keep your senses active always to know the market trend and don't miss any opportunity.
  6. Job is important in life for livelihood and to make our own name in this world. So take every best step to get best job. Be in touch with the market, be in touch with professionals, be in touch with the news papers and job portals and get the best.
Want to show your horoscope, want to know about the best period of growth, want to know the lucky stone get growth in job then don't hesitate to consult astrologer now.

Are you applying for job?, are you facing problems in getting desired job, are your efforts going waste, Is job seeking become a problem for you, astrology tips to get a good job.


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