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Career Counselling Through Astrology On Line

Career counselling through astrology on line, guidance by astrologer to choose career, horoscope reading for livelihood.
A very important part of life is to choose the best subject and to enter in appropriate field to make best career, While a child pass out high school then the very first question which arise in mind is which subject to choose next Science, Maths or commerce or biology or arts. 
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Online career counselling

One right decision can make life but here if a decision gets wrong then the child suffers whole the life. The general rule to choose subject is those who want to become a doctor choose BIOLOGY, those who want to become engineer choose MATHS, those who want to become politicians or social worker etc choose ARTS and those who want to enter in business choose commerce. 

Besides above there are many other subjects also for girls and boys like home science, maths with computer science etc. So many subjects are available, many fields are available, decide and move. 

Use Of Astrology In Choosing Career:

There are some important questions which arise in mind while thinking to use astrology to choose career like as "Is it good to take help of astrologer to choose career?", "how can astrology be helpful in deciding career?", "what is the best time consult astrologer to know about career?" etc.

Here as an astrologer I want to say that there is no need to doubt on astrology because it is the science of stars and planets and it is proved that every things are under the effects of planets, right from birth our life is affected by planets.

The powers, the qualities which we have right from birth is because of planets. Astrology is the science of studying the effects of stars and planets on persons life. So when issue arises to choose career then also we can't ignore the astrology.
In horoscope/birth chart/kundli there are houses known as bhav and represent different segments of life so when any one ask questions then related house is studied with the others houses and related planets to know the exact positions and reasons of problems.

Astrologer don't need to use aptitude test or brain test, here analysis is done by seeing the birth chart only. So no need to hesitate , just consult astrologer to know that which field is best. 
Know your abilities through astrology, know your planetary powers through astrology, know your potentials, know your weaknesses through astrology and then choose the right field. 

Do An Astrologer Reveal The Exact Career?

No, it is very difficult to choose the exact career but an astrologer can tell that which stream is good for you as per the planetary positions in kundli. An astrologer can tell you which subject is best for you, which field is better for you, is business good for you or job. Will you become entrepreneur etc. 
The fact is that one subject is related with different types of works for e.g. a commerce graduate can become accountant in companies, can run own business, can work as a freelancer etc. So it is difficult to choose exact career but through astrology we can predict that whether commerce is good for a person or not. But through minute analysis we can reach very close about our career.

An experienced career counselor and astrologer can help a lot in deciding the livelihood so do take help of best astrologer while choosing subject.

What is Best Time To Consult Astrologer Regarding Career?

This question is very important for every one and so here I want to say that it totally depends upon the thinking of parents and the person. Although if you want to ask regarding choosing subjects then after 10th it is good to ask astrologer and suppose if you want to ask about the career after higher secondary then after passing 12th class you can consult astrologer.
But suppose if any one is totally confused about career after completing the studies then also it is not too late, consult astrologer and clear your doubts, get the right direction and solutions to make your life better through astrology.

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Career counselling through astrology on line, guidance by astrologer to choose career, horoscope reading for livelihood.


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