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Katyayani Pooja To Remove Obstacles In Marriage

Katyayni pooja to remove obstacles in marriage, how to over come from delay in marriage, what to do for early marriage, easy way for a successful marriage, astrologer for marriage problems analysis and easy remedies.
One of the powerful incarnation of goddess durga is goddess Katyayni, It is a belief that Gopis also worshipped maa katyaayni to get krishna as there husband. And so for decades girls are worshiping Katyaayni to get desired husband and for timely marriage.

To do the katyaayni puja it is said that month of MARGSHIRSHA is good but it is also a fact that god is present everywhere and at every time so everyday is good and after starting this puja it is good to continue it till one get a good life partner. Problems/Doshas In Girls Horoscopes: Some girls have mangal problem, some have malefic 7th house, some has vish yoga, some has angarak yoga, some has grahn yoga and so on and there are various types of pujas available to minimize the impacts of different types of doshas in k…

108 Names Of Goddess Durga

108 names of goddess durga, power of durga maa, blessings of goddess durga, Recite the names of maa durga with meanings.

Durga is the main power of shiva, Every activity in this universe is going on due to the power of goddess durga. Here i am providing the 108 names of goddess durga which will help to understand the power of durga in a better way.
Durga means The Inaccessible Devi means The Diety Tribhuvaneshwari means Goddess of The Three Worlds Yashodagarba Sambhootameans Emerging From Yashoda's Womb Narayanavarapriya meansFond of Narayana's Boons Nandagopakulajata meansDaughter Of The Nandagopa Race Mangalya meansAuspicious Kulavardhini means Developer Of The Race Kamsavidravanakari means Threatened Kamsa Asurakshayamkari means Reducer Of The Number Of Demons Shilathata Vinikshibdameans At Birth,Slammed By Kamsa Akashagaminimeans Fly In The Sky Vasudevabhaginimeans Sister Of Vasudeva Divamalya Vibhooshita means Adorned With Beautiful Garlands Divyambaradharameans Beautiful…

Tantrokt Devi Suktam

Tantrokt devi suktam, Hindi meaning of devi suktam, Success through tantrokt devi suktam, On line free tantrokt devi suktam.

If you want to please Maa durga, if you want to get the blessings of goddess shakti, if you are in search of anything which can help you to get the blessings of goddess then here is the end of your search. Here you will get the sanskrit tantrokt devisuktam with its meaning. 

Now if you want to know about hindi meanings of the above shlok then below you will get the best details total free. Make your life beautiful, smooth and powerful by devi aradhna.

Reasons of Delay In Progeny As Per Astrology

Reasons of delay in progeny, why delay in having baby takes place as per astrology, what to do to have a healthy baby? Having a cute and healthy baby is the wish of every couple but due to some reasons some couples faces problems in life to have child in time, every efforts gets lost and there are some couples who face this problem in spite of having all the capabilities. Doctors are not able to give the proper reasons of this but in astrology and occult sciences we can get the reasons of every problems.

Read about Santan prapti yoga in jyotish In case of delay in progeny we may find the following reasons :If there is no proper match making points in Ashtkoot milan specially if bhakut is not matching then couple may face delay in progeny. If the progeny place in horoscope is generating malefic impacts then also delay in baby takes place. Sometimes due to kokh bandh prayog of black magic some women faces this problems and in this case women are unable to conceive in spite of having all…