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Free Vashikaran Encyclopedia

Free vashikaran encyclopaediaHarmful Impacts Of Black Magic Ways Of Vashikaran, use of astrology in Vashikaran practice.

When we talk about a very mysterious science of ancient India, when we talk about a very powerful way to develop our personality, when we talk about the ways to control any one, when we talk about to make positive vibrations in others' mind, when we talk about to enhance love in life then there is one topic which attract us very much and that topic is Vashikaran science, We also called this sammohan or hypnotism.
Free Vashikaran Encyclopedia
know about sammohan sadhna

But the reality of this science is that it is not as easy as it sounds during talking, reading or discussion. As there are various ways of vashikaran there are various spells or mantra of vashikaran and beyond this hard core practice is needed to perform this sadhna.

In this article I am going to reveal many important things on this topic which will definitely increase the knowledge of "" blog readers. Vashikaran science is discovered by the great saints of India who were really great scientists. They already knew that there are some problems which are not at all possible to solve very easily so for that it is necessary to perform some special practices and so they revealed this science of Vashikaran.

In ancient days people used to perform only necessary things with this powerful science but now people are misusing this science to fulfill there materialistic desires only.

Actually there are some sacred spells or mantra which are used to attract the divine energies and the scholars in ancient times used to increase there knowledge by calling

those energies by using vashikaran spells. No harm was done to any one and no destruction were done by any one.

But negative minded people started this subject to fulfil there any wish without knowing the side effects and end results. So let's see some important points related to Vashikaran, This article will work as an EYE OPENER for every one.

Let's Understand Vashikaran:

In previous articles I have already given knowledge on this topic is given but if anyone has not read it then here again some matter is given.

Vashikaran is a special way to increase the hypnotic power at such level that everyone who are interacting with us feel positive about us.

In spite of above some use this subject  to get back there love, some use to enhance love, some use to control there beloved, etc but in actual there are much more use of this esoteric science. like as -

  • One can increase own power by practicing any spell of vashikaran.
  • One can enter in positive zone by chanting the special mantra.
  • One can get blessings of god and goddesses to make there life successful.
  • One can enhance business by praying through vashikaran spells/mantra.
  • It is also recommended to consult any vashikaran specialist to start any practice to increase hypnotic power.
Free vashikaran encyclopaediaHarmful Impacts Of Black Magic Ways Of Vashikaran, use of astrology in Vashikaran practice.

Now let's see some ways which are used to perform Vashikaran:

There are many types of occult sciences practices performed by different types of practitioners all over the world here I am providing the ways which are generally used to perform vashikaran/sammohan.
  • Vashikaran through yoga in which meditation is used specially and in a specific way.
  • Vashikaran through spell/mantra of specific god or goddesses.
  • Vashikaran through tantra totkays.
  • Vashikaran through Shabar mantras.
  • Vashikaran through yantra, Amulet/tabiz or any special things.

Now let's understand how people used this esoteric science for different purposes:

  1. Some used to attract any particular persons in his or her life.
  2. Some used to increase business to earn more and more.
  3. Some used to reform relationships with partner.
  4. Some lovers perform this practice to increase love in there love life.
The above are positive use of this practice but some negative minded persons try to use this subject to fulfil wrong wishes like as-
To compel any one to do something which is not good and against his or her wish.
To harm any one to take revenge.
To misguide any one.

Different Types of Vashikaran Prayog are available in scriptures like as-

  1. Lavang/clove Vashikaran Prayog.
  2. Pushp/flower vashikaran Prayog.
  3. Cloth Vashikaran Prayog.
  4. Soil Vashikaran Prayog.
  5. Wife vashikaran Prayog.
  6. Husband Vashikaran Prayog.
  7. Enemy Vashikaran Prayog.
  8. Specific person sammohan prayog.
With this, Mantra also available of different god and goddesses like as-
  • Ganpati Vashikaran Mantra.
  • Chamundaa Vashikaran Mantra.
  • Bhairav vashikaran Mantra.
  • Yakshini vashikaran Mantra.
  • Kam Dev Vashikaran Mantra.
  • Mohini vashikaran mantra.

Important Points Who Want To Use Vashikaran:

  1. Don't ever misuse otherwise it may be possible that in long run some major problems may disturb life.
  2. Don't try to perform this practice by the use of black magic spells otherwise many problems may ruin your life.
  3. Always use the mantra of god or goddess in which by the blessings of that power your wish will be fulfilled.
  4. Don't try to break any genuine relations otherwise you may pay for that.
  5. Don't worship to harm any one otherwise it will make your life hell.
  6. While doing this process do keep faith in your self and the power whom you are worshipping.
  7. Keep patience otherwise misshapen may arise.

Harmful Impacts Of Black Magic Ways Of Vashikaran:

As I have cleared many times that don't use kalajadu spells or negative energies power to fulfil your wishes otherwise it shows great harmful impacts in life. By talking with
many one and after listening many ones' I have found the following ill effects of kala jadu sammohan process-
  1. Some suffers from dangerous types of chronic diseases.
  2. After sometime when the impacts of spell become down then conflicts arises in relations.
  3. Some relations gets end after some years.
  4. Some has felt that unwanted loss in health and finance started after sometime.
  5. Sometimes presence of something also creates fear etc.

Astrology And Vashikaran Relation:

Astrology is always useful while doing anything, any spiritual practice or any other occult science practice. Through astrology we find the planetary powers and positions and the best time to start any Mantra saadhna so as to get success.

It is found in research that person who doesn't take care of time and muhurth/auspicious times to start any practice not get the desired results. So before starting any practice it is good to consult experience astrologer. Also sometimes due to malefic impacts of planets it becomes difficult to get success in any practice so it is necessary to perform practice under guidance.

Think good for every one, pray for everyone growth, you will automatically get the good return in return. Make other's happy and your life will automatically become prosperous.

If you have sacred thought then do this sacred practice of vashikaran, if you have faith in yourself then only move forward to perform this practice, if you have faith in invisible energies then only take step to chant the vashikaran spells.

Remember One wrong decision will make your life hell and one right decision will make your life heaven. Bring positive energies in life and make your life wonderful, fruitful, and smooth and hurdle free.

It is a REQUEST THAT in-spite of choosing any wrong way do take guidance to worship properly and to chant good mantra/spell to increase the hypnotic power.
Get The Right Way Of Success From trusted On line Astrologer.

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Free vashikaran encyclopaediaHarmful Impacts Of Black Magic Ways Of Vashikaran, use of astrology in Vashikaran practice.


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