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How To Know About Quality Of Gems ?

How to know about the quality of gems stones, how to identify quality stones for success, signs and features of good stones, Real and Fake gems stones difference.

If you have ever gone to buy any stone in store then you have often face the problem to choose the best quality stone for you. Because there are number of varieties 
available in the market now a days. Among all it is very difficult to find out the real one. Some sells the fake stones in real price, some gives duplicate in high price and so on. Daily people are cheated by fake sellers on line and off line too. So it is very necessary to know something about gems stones so as to not get cheated. Awareness and knowledge is the best way to keep ourselves safe and secure.

There are some test which can be possible by eyes and some tests are possible in lab only, here we can see some qualities of gems stones. 

Some test which can be possible from naked eyes and hand are color of gems stone, transparency of gems stone, smoothness, any rashes inside etc.

Some tests which can be possible only in lab is density, weight, originality etc.

It is always good to buy certified gems stones in which you will get the following information:

Weight of gems stone
Density of gems stone
Confirmation of originality
Dimension, etc.  

A Bitter Truth Related to Gems Stones:
It is a fact that it is not possible for every one to use the high quality gems stones as there rates are very high and some cost in lakhs. So for them it is suggested to buy 

lower quality gems stones which will also give result but there will be some difference. 

For example a transparent gems stone with high density may be cost very high and may be not comes under the budget of every one. So what is the another way, in that 

case we can use medium range gems stone which may have some rashes, lines and may be partial transparent. Medium range gems stones also comes with certificate if you 

want to buy from trusted place. 

It should be also kept in mind that every gems stone is not transparent for example pearl, coral, hessonite, cat's eye are opaque. So don't expect wrong, otherwise there may 

be problem. 

Let's have some knowledge related to colour of gems stones:
How to know about the quality of gems stones, how to identify quality stones for success, signs and features of good stones, Real and Fake gems stones difference.

  • Pearl is a white gem and is very smooth in touch. It is related with planet Moon as per astrology.
  • Coral comes in orange as well as in red colour and it is related with planet Mars as per astrology.
  • Emerald comes in green color and is related with planet Mercury as per astrology.
  • Yellow sapphire comes in yellow colour and is related with planet Jupiter as per astrology.
  • Diamond comes in shining white color and is related with planet Venus as per astrology. 
  • Blue sapphire comes in blue color and is related with planet Saturn as per astrology. 
  • Hessonite comes in black color and is related with planet Rahu.
  • Cat's eye looks like an eye having a line in between and is related with Ketu. 
We can find some spots, blockage, rashes, hair lines in medium class gems stones. But avoid using stones which have heavy blockages. Otherwise the transmission of energy 

will be affected and you may not get the results. 

I also want to clear that price of stones varies as per there origin and your jeweller can clear you better about this.

Some stones comes from Brazil, some comes from srilanka, some comes from columbia, some comes from from Japan, some gem stones comes from Italy. 

It is always good to buy gems stone from trusted place and from trusted person.

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