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Some Important Asans And There Benefits

Some Important Asans And There Benefits, 18 Postures for healthy life, Significance of Asanas, why to do, how to reform health by using postures.

As per patanjali yogsutra postures are best way to control mind and to regulate blood circulation. Asan siddhi leads to generate tremendous power in mind and body. We can do these easily at home.
  1. Sukhasan
  2. Padmasan
  3. Trikonasan
  4. Utkatasan
  5. Gomukhasan
  6. Vajrasan
  7. Supt Vajrasan
  8. Urdhwa Sarwangasan
  9. Halasan
  10. Ushtrasan
  11. Bhujangasan
  12. Paschimottanasan
  13. Chakrasan
  14. Ekpad shalbhasan
  15. Supt Urdhwa Hastasan
  16. Vrishasan
  17. Dhanurasan
how to do sukhasan yoga
sukhasan benefits
The easy pose in which one can sit for long time is calledsukhasan. In this legs are folded towards knees. This asan is a the easiest asan and is used at the time of meditation, offering prayers, eating food etc. This is the easiest way to sit comfortably.

The main benefits of sukhasan is that muscles get relaxed easily.

how to do real padmasana
Padm means lotus so in this asan the soles of both feet are turned up feet seems like petals of lotus so this posture is called padmasan. To do this asan first of all stretch the both legs then hold your right foot by the ankle and bring it up to your left thigh. Similarly hold your left foot and then bring it up to your right thigh. Keep your spine straight and place your two hands on knee by joining thumb and Index finger.

There are many benefits of padmasan. It helps in purification of neves, It is the best asan to perform pranayam and meditation. So people who are practicing kundalini jagran use padmasan generally.

how to do trikonasan
If you want to keep your waist good, if you want to maintain your full body flexibility, it also keep you hip muscles healthy then tikonanasn is a very good asan. This asan is also very good for lungs.

To do this asan stand straight and apart your both feet. stretch your both arms on both sides keeping them parallel to the ground, then keeping the arms firmly in position start bending on your right side till your trun is parallel to the ground and your right arm is touching your right foot. Your two arms at this stage make a straight line at right angles and the ground. Do the same on the left side.

Tone your muscles of toes and feet with this asan, It is also good for spine.

To do this stand on your toes with the heels raised as high as possible. Then slowly sit down on your heels without lowering them to the ground. Let the entire body weight remains on the toes. Your thighs and calves, joined toghether, should make a parallel line with the ground. The rest of your body should be erect and at right angles to the ground. Place both hands on your knees. Keep the eyes open and breathe deeply.

how to do gomukhasan
To improve the circulation in the armpits and sides, gomukhasan is a good way. It is also good for toning the feet tissues, knees tissues, waist tissues. It is also good for both lungs and so is good for asthmatic patients, patients of hyper-acidity etc.

To do Gomukhasan sit on the ground with the right leg bent so that the centre of the rim of your heel is under the anus. The left leg should also be bent so that the left heel is as much under the right hip as possible. Sitting in this posture take your right hand behind your back so that the elbow bend is in contact with your head. Then take your left hand behind your back keeping the left elbow under your left shoulder. Then lock both your hands together behind your back. Keep the eyes open, body straight and abdomen slightly contracted, Take deep breath but slowly.

6. Vajrasan:
vajrasana images by astrologer
This is a very good asan for people who are facing digestion problem and so it is good to do after meal.

To do vajrasan, kneel on the ground with the knees, ankles and big toes together. Then slowly sit down on your heels, still keeping the heels and the big toes together. put both your hands on your knees. Keep the chest expanded and abdomen drawn inwards. The head, back and waist should be kept in a straight line. Keep the eyes open, take deep breathe. Do not tense the body, but relax and feel comfortable.

7. Supt vajrasana:
supt vajrasan benefits
supt vajrasan

A very good asan for blood vessels of feet, abdomen, ribs, thorax, throat, neck, mouth, eyes, head. It is also a good asan for spine.

To do this asan first place yourself in the vajrasan position and then take your back with the help of your hands, stretch your head as far back as you can so that your back is arched above the ground while the entire body rests on the head at one end and the lower part of the legs and feet at the other. Keep both your hands on your thighs. Continue deep breathing.
Note: Pregnant women must not do this asan.
8. Urdhwa Sarvangasan:
urdhwa sarwagasan

This is good for eyes and brain power. It is also good for throat vessel and vocal chords and so is good for singers too. People who do urdhwa sarvangasan regularly also get benefit in digestion, liver etc.

Lie on your back, keep your legs together and arms touching your sides. Raise your legs and trunk so that the entire weight of the raised legs and trunk is borne by the shoulders. The elbows should be resting on the ground with both hands and the fore arms supporting the back to keep the body erect and in position for the posture. From the toes tip to the shoulders the entire body should be in a vertical straight line at right angles to the ground. The chin should be pressing against the lower part of the neck.

9. Halasana:
halasana benefits
Lie down on the ground on your back, raise the legs upwards then raise the back with the help of both hands. Tilt your legs slowly until your toes touch the ground behind your head. Keep your legs straight and do not bend the knees. Then stretch your arms behind your back so that they rest in the opposite direction to the legs. Keep your eyes open.

This asan is beneficial for whole body and so from head to feet every where the circulation will improve. It will be good for brain power, intelligence, memory, digestion, nervous system etc.

how to do matsyasan

If any one is suffering from constipation, spinal pain and also want to make there lungs and chest strong then matsyasan is one of the best asan.

To do this asan first sit in the padmasan and then gradually bend backwards until you are lying on your back with the legs still fixed in the padmasan. Flex your head backwards and arch your back by raising your chest and abdomen so that the entire body rests on the knees and the head. The head should be stretched backwards so that the highest point of the head is resting on the ground. Breathe slowly and deeply and relax.

ushtrasan by astrologer
Kneel down with only your knees and toes touching the ground. The heels should be raised so that the soles are at right angles to the ground. Then stretch your head backwards in an effort to touch the base of the neck with your head. Bend your waist backwards so as to enable your hands to hold your raised heels without bending the arms. In this pose your chin , ears, and heels should be in a straight line at right angles to the ground. The eyes can be kept closed or open. The entire body should be firmly held in position without becoming tense. Deep breathing should continue. After you get tired fill the lungs with air and sit down slowly on your calves. Terminate the posture  after a few deep breaths in this position.
This posture improves the tone and circulation of the deep and the superficial muscles of the spine from the neck down to the coccyx or tailbone.
This is a very good asan for obese people and help in fat loss, remove stiffness and bring flexibility. Paschimottanasan help in toning of spinal muscles, spinal nerves etc.

Sit on the ground with your legs stretched straight in front of you so that the body is at right angles to the legs. Then stretch your arms in front of you so that the arms are parallel to the ground. Start bending forwards and lower the stretched arms so that your hands touch your toes. Now start bending your trunk forwards and downwards till your forehead touches the legs. In the perfect posture the head rests on the knees and the index fingers of both the hands are hooked round the toes while the elbows of both the arms bend slightly inwards and even touch the ground on both sides. Keep the eyes open, breathe normally. Keep in this position for sometime then return to the original position.

bhungasan by astrologer
Lie down on your chest and stomach and place both your hands on the ground alongside your shoulders, raise your chest on your arms as high as you can with your head stretched backwards. The body from the waist down to the toes should remain in touch with the ground, the legs and the feet being held together. Breathe slowly and deeply.

It is also good for fat loss, constipation patients, people who are suffering from spinal pain etc.

dhanurasan pics
Lie down on your chest and stomach with your arms resting alongside your body. Throughout the exercise both the legs and the feet should remain joined together. Lift both the feet and legs upwards and backwards, bringing them towards your head until with your arms raised behind you, you can hold both the ankles, the left ankle in the left hand and the right ankle in the right hand. The head should be held high. The chest also should be raised from the ground so that only the abdomen and the pelvis remain in contact with the ground. The pose should be held steady without any movement except that of the respiratory tract. Fill the lungs with air before raising the legs and the chest. At the completion of the pose continue normal breathing if deep breathing appears to be difficult. Teh feet may tend to come down towards the waist, but if you remain firm in your pose you can hold them steady. Keep the eyes open. Fill the lungs when returning to the ground to terminate the pose.

In this posture if you swing like rocking chair then is also very good.

It strengthens the whole body and improve the function of liver, kidneys, bladder, abdomen etc. It is also helpful for the patient of constipation, piles, anorexia, halitosis.
Note: Don't do this asan if you are suffering from slip disc.

15. Ek Pada Shalbhasan:
how to do ek pad salbhasan
ekpad shalbhasan
Lie down straight and full length on your stomach with both your arms close to your body remaining on the ground. The chin also should be touching the ground. The upper surface of the stretched feet should also be in contact with the ground. Then take a deep breath and raise the left leg as far above the ground as you can without experiencing too much difficulty or distress. Then slowly exhale and take 5 deep breaths. Again fill your lungs with a deep breath and slowly bring down the leg into the original position. Repeat the entire process with the right leg. Don't bend your knees and don't take theh leg out of its straight line with the body.

It dissolves fat from the knees, hips, waist and abdomen. It also tone up the muscles. Good for patient of constipation, piles.

16. Supt Urdhwa Hastasan:
supt urdhwa hastasan
supt urdhwa hasthasan

It improve the functioning of neuro muscular structures and circulation. To do this supt urdhwa hastasan lie down on the ground on your back with your hands placed behind your head and arms stretched to their maximum length. The length from the tips of the fingers to the tips of the toes should be increased to the maximum possible by stretching the entire body including the arms and legs as if the extremes of the body were being subjected to a pull in opposite directions. Even the neck should be stretched as far back towards the hands as possible.

how to do tree yoga
vriskh asan
Stand erect on the ground and raise your arms above your head. Now raise your heels keeping your entire weight on the toes. Pull and stretch the whole body towards the sky as high as possible. Hold yourself firmly in this pose, keep the eyes open and continue deep breathing. At the end of exercise lower the heels slowly to the ground and also release the arms to let them come to your sides.

This vrikshasan is a very good way to increase height, also tone the soles of feet. It also help to come out of nervousness.

18. Chakrasan:
what are the benefits of chakrasana

This asan is one of the best asan to keep our spine young, flexible and powerful. It is very helpful to over come from constipation, beauty problems, unpleasant sensation in stomach, anorexia. It also improves the circulation of blood to the brain. It is also good for asthmatic patients, etc.

To do this asan lie down on your back, draw up the knees so that the heel of each foot touches the corresponding hip with the soles of the feet resting on the ground.

Place your hands one on each side of your head with the elbows pointing upwards and the palms and the fingers resting squarely on the ground. Then supporting the weight of your body on your hands and feet raise your hips and abdomen as high as you can so that the entire body describes an arch with only the hands and the feet touching the ground. keep the body as still as possible. The hands and feet should hold the ground and remain firmly in position. Raise the back as far up as possible so that the body imitates the shape of rim of a wheel as much  as possible. Fill the lungs with air before raising the body. continue deep breathing during the posture. Fill the lungs again with air before slowly returning to the ground at the end of the exercise.

Here 18 powerful asans are given which can be used regularly for maintaining health. It is also good to learn these asan with any competent yoga master and then use them regularly.
Have a nice life. 
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