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How To Purchase For Good Luck?

How to purchase for Good Luck, when to purchase any thing to increase prosperity, what is the importance of muhurth, what to purchase when as per choghadiya or auspicious time. 
good luck tips by astrologer for making purchase
How To Purchase For Good Luck?
We all like to purchase some thing daily, monthly, yearly for our livelihood, for our hobby, to gift some one, to enjoy something etc. But i think very few of knows one thing that if we purchase any thing on auspicious time than it will increase our good luck and open the way of success.

Let me clear you this thing with a real incident:

One day a person who don't believe on auspicious time ask to go with him to purchase dresses. I checked the muhurth and asked him to go about 3 PM. He said i don't believe on this but let's see what benefit i will get. I smiled and agree.
Every thing was going normal in the store but when we arrived to pay the bill suddenly the cashier said sir you are lucky just know we have got instruction to give 20% discount on dress material. My friend astonished and looked at me with. I was smiling, God has cleared him the importance of auspicious time.

It doesn't mean that every one will get the same experiences. I have seen that many are getting benefit in monetary terms, many are getting benefits in social terms, many are getting benefits in personal life while purchasing in auspicious time.

You believe or not but it works. I personally use the auspicious time to purchase the general things and monthly items and i always find that i am getting benefits in different segments of life because of this.

Indian Epics always give focus to start any work on auspicious time. We always ask brahmins or astrologer to know the auspicious time for marriage, specific rituals for success etc.

Some says that it is not possible for working persons to do purchasing as per muhurth but i am not agree with this excuse.

Because daily there are so many auspicious hours and i don't think that we are engage 24 hours.

If we want success we have to make efforts and in different way. Scholars for the decades using this method and are getting success then why not you.

There are different types of muhurth in which we can purchase like as:

How to purchase for Good Luck, when to purchase any thing to increase prosperity, what is the importance of muhurth, what to purchase when as per choghadiya or auspicious time.

  1. Shubh Muhuth.
  2. Laabh Muhurth.
  3. Amrit Muhurth.
  4. Char Muhurth.

Let me share one more case with you.

Once a person came to me and ask that daily fighting is going on in my family. No one like any one what to do.

Misunderstanding is ruining my family.
I simply asked him to buy the things on auspicious muhurth for some days also i told him to purchase the wheat on specific day. He did and get results.
On the next month he came and said i am finding positive changes in my family.

So muhurth works whether one can believe or not.

Where to find the auspicious time?

It is very easy to find the daily auspicious time. Just take any good calender, in that panchang is given and you will also find choghadia. Read the instructions carefully and start buying your things as per the auspicious time and feel the positive changes in your life.

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How to purchase for Good Luck, when to purchase any thing to increase prosperity, what is the importance of muhurth, what to purchase when as per choghadiya or auspicious time. 


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