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Shravan Month Importance

Shravan Month of 2022 importance, saawan mas 2022, सावन महीने का महत्त्व हिंदी ज्योतिष अनुसार, srawan mahina, what to do for success, festivals on 2022 Sawan month.

In this year 2022 the 'Shravan Month' will start from 14th of July, thursday and remain till 12th of august, friday. As per astrology during this time, the 'star Shravan' will be in sky and major impact of this star will be there and so these days will be called as Shravan Month. This start is very important from the point of view of spiritual practices and so very important festivals comes in the shravan month.
significance of 2022 shravan month as per astrology
Shravan Month Importance

In hindi we call this month "Sawan Mahina/ shravan maas" and this month is dedicated to lord shiva and so everywhere in the world devotees perform shiva aradhna to please shiva to make life successful.
Kanwad Yatra is also very popular in Shravan month, in this devotees take the water from holy river and then abhishek the shivling. It is said to be very auspicious.

Religious Significance of Shravan Month:

It is a belief that Samundra Manthan took place in the month of Shravan as per hindu panchang and lord shiva inhale the halahal poison which came out in this manthan in this month and saved the universe.
So devotees worship lord shiva in this month to remove the obstacles of life. 
Also this shravan month is the beginning of chaturmaas and also the symbol of rainy season so is very good for saadhna or spiritual practices.

Festival Falling During Sawan Month of 2022:

  1. Krishn paksh ganesh chaturthi fast is on 16th july, saturday.
  2. Mangala guari fast will be on 19th july, 26 july, 2 august and 09 august.
  3. Kamika ekadashi is on 24 july, sunday.
  4. Hariyali amavasya is on 28 july thursday. 
  5. Sindhara doj is on 30 july, saturday. 
  6. Hariyali amavasya is on 31 july sunday. 
  7. Durwa ganpati fast is on 1 august, monday. 
  8. Naagpanchmi is on 2nd of august, tuesday. 
  9. Putrada ekadashi is on 8th of august, monday. 
  10. Pradosh fast is on tuesday. 
  11. Shraawan Poornima is on 11th of august, thursday. 
  12. Raksha bandhan is on 11 august,, thursday. 
                      So above important festivals are coming on which people can perform puja or worship to make there life successful. It will be good to consult astrologer to know about the best ways to make life hurdle free.

                      Benefits of Performing Rituals In The Month of Shravan:

                      • Jobless persons can get opportunities by doing shiv puja on this month.
                      • Unmarried males and females can remove there hurdles by worshipping lord shiva and goddess parwati together. 
                      • Couples can make there married life happy.
                      • One can getrid of kalsarp dosha, pitra dosha, grahan dosha, pret dosha and many other doshas of kundli by performing shiv puja on this auspicious month of shravan.
                      • One can perform puja to attract name, fame, money and prosperity.
                      Enjoy this wonderful month of shravan after the hottest summer, make your life comfortable, enjoy time with family and friends, perform saadhna/worship/pooja, perform shravan monday fast and perform shiv puja. 

                      One can use rudraksh on this month, use bel leaves, to offer on shivlinga with shiv mantras, panchamrut abhishek is also helpful, chanting of shiv panchakshari mantra, mahamrityunjay mantra is also helpful.

                      Shiv Panchakshari Mantra Saadhna

                      Shravan Somvar significance and what to eat, how to fast, how to attract blessings of lord shiva
                      how to worship shiva on saawan somwar by astrologer
                      significance of Shrawan Somwar

                      Sawan month is very auspicious as per vedic astrology and is related with lord shiva, it is believed that this is the favorite month of shiva and so devotees perform different rituals to get the blessings of bholenath.

                      Among all days the Monday/somwar is the favorite day of lord shiva and so all the mondays which comes in Shravan month as per hindu panchang are known as 'Saawan Somwar'. This day is very special and the best day to worship and please lord shiva, Devotees perform puja, rituals, special ceremonies on Shravan month in all over india to attract the blessings of bholenath so that the life become successful. In this month, each Monday is called Shravan Somvar and the Monday Fast is Shravan Somvar Vrat which is considered extremely auspicious and important in every aspects.

                      Lets know what we can do on "Shravan Somwar":

                      1. One can do fast/vrat on this day and spend whole day in praying/pooja of lord shiva.
                      2. It is good to perform rudrabhishek on saawan somwar to remove hurdles of life.
                      3. It is good to perform abhishek of lord shiva with water if there is Chandra Dosha in Horoscope.
                      4. To get rid of disease one can perform abhishek of lord shiva with panchamrit.
                      5. Leaves of Bel fruit and Dhatura is also favorite of bholenath and so one can also use these things to offer on shivling.
                      6. If you are doing fast then do eat one time fruits and spend whole day in chanting shiv mantra.
                      7. People also perform different types of TOTKE to get there work done on saawan month.
                      8. If LUCK is not supporting then also Shiv pooja in Shravan month is very important.

                      Lets know the dates of 2021, Four Shrawan Somwar:

                      • 26th of July, Monday– Ist Shravan Somvar Vrat Monday
                      • 2nd of august – 2nd Saavan Somvar Vrat Monday
                      • 9th of august – 3rd Sawan Somvar Vrat Monday
                      • 16 of august – 4th Savan Somvar Vrat.

                      Shravan Month of 20212importance, saawan mas 2022, सावन महीने का महत्त्व हिंदी ज्योतिष अनुसार, srawan mahina, what to do for success, festivals on 2021 Sawan month.


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