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Naag Panchmi How To Worship As Per Zodiac Signs?

Naag Panchmi importance as per astrology, Way to worship on naag panchmi as per zodiac signs, Astrologer views. 

Naag panchmi is a very auspicious day to get the blessings of god of snakes. As per astrology Panchmi tithi is for worshiping the snakes and in the year naag panchmi is the day which comes on panchmi and this is the special day which comes in shravan month as per hindu panchang and this day is used for removing many types of doshas of kundli.
how to worship on naag panchmi as per zodiac in horoscope
how to worship on nagpanchmi

  • It is said that if any one worship snakes on this day then by their grace it is possible to get happiness, prosperity, good health, progeny easily. That's why in India people worship snakes on this special day. 
  • If there is any curse of snakes in our kundli or horoscope then on naag panchmi it is possible to get rid of this easily.
  • If there is kaal sarp yoga in kundli then also it is possible to minimize the impacts through special pooja on this day.
  • Any type of vish dosha can also be removed by worshiping on this day.
  • Pret dosha nivaran pooja, pitra dosh nivaran pooja is also done on this day.
  • Problem of marriage can also be solved by doing special pooja on this day.
So Naag Panchmi is very auspicious day for the people who are suffering from different types of problems in life.
In my previous article i have already written about Power of Naagpanchmi, What to do on naagpanchmi, How to worship on naagpanchmi, what not to do on naagpanchmi. How to get success through anusthaans on naagpanchmi.
In this article i am going to reveal that how to worship on naag panchmi as per our zodiac signs.

Zodiac Signs and Way To Worship For Success:

There are 12 zodiac signs and every zodiac is controlled by specific planet.

  1. Aries and Scorpio Zodiac:The master of mesh and vrischik zodiac is Mars. If these people worship the god of snakes by facing towards South direction with red flowers, itra etc then they will be benefited more. It will be also good if the devotee will chant the Ganesh Strotra and Sarp Sukta.
  2. Taurus and Libra Zodiac: The master of Vrishabh and Tula zodiac is Venus. If these people worshipping by facing North direction and with white flowers, sandal itra then it will be good. With this if person will chant mansadevi naagstrotra and ganesh chalisa then it will be good.
  3. Gemini and Virgo Zodiac: The master of Mithun and Kanya zodiac is Mercury. For these people it is good to worship by facing towards North-East direction. Use bel patra and sugar-cane juice to worship. Reciting Ganesh Kawach will be good for persons. 
  4. Cancer Zodiac: The master of kark zodiac is moon and for these people it is good to worship by facing towards West direction. Offer curd and white flowers. Recite ganesh atharwashirsh.
  5. Leo Zodiac: The master of singh raashi is Surya and direction is East. Offer red flowers and saffron(kesar). Recite Naag strotra after offering things for prosperity. 
  6. Sagittarius and Pisces Zodiac: The master of dhanu and meen raashi is Jupiter. It is good to worship by facing towards East-North direction. Worshipping by using yellow things like trmeric, yellow flowers is good. Recite Ganesh ashtak and recite the naag sahastranaamawali for smooth life. 
  7. Capricorn and Aquarius Zodiac : The master of Makar and Kumbh raashi is Saturn. For these people it is good to worship by facing towards West direction. Use Blue flowers and black til.Recite ganesh sahstranamawali and navnaagstrotra for hurdle free life and prosperity.
So here i have shared some important tips to worship the god of snakes as per zodiac signs. If the worship is done heartily then no doubt success will come from all direction. 
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Naag Panchmi importance as per astrology, Way to worship on naag panchmi as per zodiac signs, Astrologer views. 

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