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Nag Panchmi And Astrology

Nag panchmi 2019, Importance of Naga panchmi 2019, When is nag panchmi of 2019, What to do for success in this nag panchmi.
In hindu religion snakes/serpents are also taken as an auspicious species and it is a belief that if the god of snakes pleases then fulfill the life with health and wealth. As per vedic scriptures PANCHMI tithi of every month is believed to be the best day to worship snakes god. So killing snake on this tithi is also prohibited.
astrology by astrologer for nagpanchmi of this year
Nag Panchmi And Astrology

Nag Panchmi Is what?

In reality panchmi comes twice a month but among all panchmi the panchmi which comes in shravan month is the most valuable to perform the special worship of snake. It is a said that if there is kalsarp yoga, pitra dosha or any other malefic yoga related to rahu or ketu then worship on the day of Nag panchmi is very beneficial.

In the Year 2019 Nag Panchmi is falling on 5th Of August, Monday.

Importance of Naga Panchmi 2019 as per Astrology:

This day is good for the people who have SARP SHRAP, SERPENT CURSE, NAG DOSHA, KALSARP DOSHA IN KUNDLI.
This year the Naga panchmi is falling on Monday and fortunately this is sawan somwar and so is very auspicious for shiv pooja. Because Monday is associate with lord shiva as per astrology. If any one is facing problems due to rahu in kundli then do the special prayog on this nag panchmi. 

With this Moon will also remain its own zodiac and jupiter will be also positive, so this will make a very good environment to perform successful prayers.

You can consult astrologer to know the best thing for you to do on this nag panchmi as per your horoscope.
It is good to perform special prayer on this day to minimise the bad effects of planets on nag panchmi.

Let's Know What Devotees Do On this Day of Nag-Panchmi:

  1. Devotees keep fast on this day and perform nag puja and shiv puja whole the day.
  2. On this day people use only boiled food as it is a belief that frying is prohibited on this day. 
  3. On this day digging is also prohibited so that to avoid any harm to any snake. 
  4. People also worship snake holes which are present in soils on the day of nag panchmi. 
  5. People visit nag temple or shiva temple and worship there for wellness.

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Nag panchmi 2019, Importance of Naga panchmi 2019, When is nag panchmi of 2019, What to do for success in this nag panchmi.
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