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52 Shaktipeet For Blessings Of Goddess

52 Shaktipeet For Blessings Of Goddess, places and goddess worshipped in 52 shaktipeeth.
52 Shaktipeet For Blessings Of Goddess, places and goddess worshipped in 52 shaktipeeth.

In India, shaktipeeth are very important from the point of view of worshipping goddess. Daily thousands of devotees come here to seek blessings. It is believed that goddess present in every shaktipeeth. As per hindu epics organs of goddess parwati fell in these places and so these places become famous and powerful. 

Let's Know About These 52 Shaktipeeth:
  1. Hingula shaktipeeth in Bilochisthan where goddess bhairvi is worshipped, the upper part of head of goddess fell here.
  2. Kirit shaktipeeth at Batnagar hawda where goddess bhuvneshwari is worshipped.
  3. nandipur shaktipeeth in senthiye hawda where goddess nandini is worshipped. 
  4. Atthaas shaktipeeth in laabhpur ahmadpur, bangaal where devi fullara is worshipped. 
  5. Vaktreshwar shaktipeeth in Andaal, hawda where mahishmardini is worshipped.
  6. Nalhaati shaktipeeth in nalhaati hawda where goddess kaalika is worshipped.
  7. Bahula shaktipeeth in satwa, bangal where chandika devi is worshipped.
  8. Treistrota shaktipeeth in jalpaiguri, bangal where bhramari devi is worshipped. 
  9. kaamgiri shaktipeeth in gauhati, assam where goddess kamakhya is worshipped. 
  10. jayanti shaktipeeth in jayantiya asaam where devi jayanti is worshipped.
  11. kaalipeeth in kolkata where kalika is worshipped.
  12. vrindavan shaktipeeth in vrindavan where umadevi is worshipped.
  13. karveer shaktipeeth in  kolhapur where sunanda devi is worshipped.
  14. sugandh shaktipeeth in shikarpur, barisal where sunanda goddess is worshipped. 
  15. kartoy shaktipeeth in bhawanipur, bogda where aparna devi is worshipped.
  16. shree parwat shaktipeeth in laddhakh where shree sundri is worshipped.
  17. varanasi shaktipeeth in kaashi where vishalaakshi is worshipped.
  18. gandki shaktipeeth in raajmahendri where goddess visweshwari is worshipped.
  19. Godawari tat shaktipeeth at muktinaath, nepal where gandki devi is worshipped.
  20. shuchi shaktipeeth in kanyakumari where goddess narayni is worshipped.
  21. panchsagar shaktipeeth where goddess varaahi is worshipped.
  22. jwalamukhi shaktipeeth in kangra where goddess ambika is worshipped.
  23. jansthaan shaktipeeth in nasik where devi bhramari is worshipped.
  24. kashmir shaktipeeth in amarnath where mahamaya is worshipped. 
  25. shree shail shaktipeeth in shree shail mallikarjun where mahalaxmi is worshipped.
  26. Mithila shaktipeeth in janakpur where mahadevi is worshipped.
  27. ratnawali shaktipeeth in madraas where devi kumari is worshipped.
  28. prabhas shaktipeeth in girnar, gujrat where devi chandrabhaga is worshipped. 
  29. jalandhar shaktipeeth in jalandhar, Punjab where tripurmalinis is worshipped.
  30. ramgiri shaktipeeth in mehar , madhya pradesh where devi shivani is worshipped. 
  31. vaidyanath shaktipeeth in vaidyanath dham, bihar where jaydurge is worshipped.
  32. kanyakashram shaktipeeth at kanyakumari where sharwaani is worshipped. 
  33. Chattal shaktipeeth at chatgaanw where bhawani is worshipped.
  34. manivedika shaktipeeth at pushkar where devi gayatri is worshipped.
  35. Manas shaktipeeth at mansarovar where daakshayani is worshipped.
  36. yashor shaktipeeth in khulna jaisaur wherer yashoreshwari is worshipped. 
  37. prayag shaktipeeth at prayag where devi prayag is worshipped. 
  38. virja kshetra shaktipeeth at puri odisha where vimla devi is worshipped. 
  39. kanchi shaktipeeth in kanchipuri where devi devgarbha is worshipped.
  40. kaalmadhav shaktipeeth where kaali is worshipped.
  41. shon shaktipeeth in amarkantak where narmada is worshipped.
  42. nepal shaktipeeth in nepal where mahamaya is worshipped.
  43. magadh shaktipeeth in patna where sarwanandkari devi is worshipped.
  44. tripura shaktipeeth at tripura where tripursundari is worshipped.
  45. trimaakh shaktipeeth in midnapur, bangal where kapalini is worshipped.
  46. kurukshetra shaktipeeth where savitri is worshipped.
  47. lanka shaktipeeth where sinhal is worshipped.
  48. yugada shaktipeeth in bardwaan where bhootdhaatri is worshipped.
  49. virat shaktipeeth in jaipur where ambika devi is worshipped.
  50. karnaat shaktipeeth in karnataka where jaydurge is worshipped.
  51. ujjaini shaktipeeth in ujjain where devi mangala is worshipped
  52. bhairav parwat shaktipeeth in ujjain where devi awanti is worshipped.

These are 52 shaktipeeth which are full of divine energies and devotees do come here to get blessings and power to make there life successful. 
May goddess bless every one and protect everyone always. 

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