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Moon tantra Totka For Business

Moon Totka for business growth, Moon tantra to increase business, How to perform chandra tantra to enhance business, Precautions to perform Moon tantra totka.
Moon Totka for business growth, Moon tantra to increase business, How to perform chandra tantra to enhance business, Precautions to perform Moon tantra totka.
Totka for business growth

If you are a businessman and not getting proper result then chandra tantra is for you, if you are getting loss in business regularly then by performing Prayer of Moon you can change your bad time, if you are facing problem in running your business due to weak moon in horoscope then also this totka of moon will help you a lot.

Who is eligible to perform Moon tantra totka?
Any businessman who is vegetarian and honestly want to increase business can perform this totka and get good results. 

What are the benefits of Moon Tantra totka?
  • It removes the hurdles of business. 
  • It helps to increase the deals to increase profit.
  • It also remove impacts of negative energies from business. 
  • Devotee can see development in business gradually while performing this totkay. 
  • Person can able to make business debtfree. 

Best Day To Start Moon Tantra:
The best day to start this totka is Ashtmi of Shukl Paksha i.e. 8th day after No Moon Night.

Precautions For The Performer of Moon Tantra:
  • Maintain celibacy.
  • Don't use wine, drugs and nonveg while performing this totka. 
  • Do the prayog with devotion.

How to perform Moon tantra totka?
In the evening when Moon rises in the sky then do worship Moon devotedly with deepak, flowers, dhoop etc and then offer Kheer Or rice with curd. Use only silver utensils or leaf of banana to offer food to god Moon. 
After offering do chant any moon mantra 108 times and meditate for sometime and pray for business growth and to open sources of income. 
After this do take the prasad which is offered to moon god. 
Do not eat anything else except which is offered to god moon. 

Do this tantra daily till Poornima and on poornima do keep fast and in the evening after process do donate white cloth and food to needy lady and take blessings of mother, sister, elder ladies of family or brahmin. 

Do this totkay 6 month regularly and you will find regular benefits. 

Moon Spell: 
Om shraam shreem shraum sah Chandramasay namah”
"Om Shreem Som Somaya Namah"
“Om som Somaaya namah”

In this way one can stable a business by the blessing of lord moon. It is necessary to maintain sacredness during the Pooja days. This totka of Moon is not difficult so can be done easily without any hesitation but it is said that if any wrong person perform this then don't get the result. 

So do this prayog if you are true and hardworker and want to earn positively and want to live positively.

May everyone get the blessing of Moon and live life happily. 

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