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How To Activate Our Hidden Powers?

How to activate our hidden powers, how to know our powers, what to do to enhance our true powers to live a successful life, tips for better life, Ways to awaken hidden powers.

Power is the base of success, no matter what we are and where we are. If we have power of any type then success will flow towards our life. Powers are of different kinds like as physical power, mental power, destructive power, constructive power etc. But here in this article I am talking about hidden powers, now what are hidden powers, how to activate them, what are the benefits of activating special mysterious powers.
astrology tips for hidden powers activation
How To Activate Our Hidden Powers?

What are hidden Powers:

Actually science has proved that we use little bit part of our total brain power and so there is a tremendous scope for us to develop our unknown powers. Let's understand this with example. We have heard about the ancient stories of saints that some were able to see with there divine powers of eyes, some were able to fly, some were able to listen from far, some were able to live without food and water for years etc. And in this digital age also we listen many cases about someone is doing some-types of miraculous
event somewhere.
These are the hidden powers of human-being which is real and can be activated through intense practices. Hidden powers are the extraordinary powers which when activate then person is able to do the impossible.

Benefits of awakening the hidden powers:

  1. When any one develop extraordinary powers of mind and body then he or she is able to perform task effectively and efficiently and in a magical way.
  2. Mind becomes sharp and powerful due to which person is able to understand any matter in depth.
  3. Immunity powers becomes powerful due to which body is able to kill any germs by it self.
  4. Health, wealth, prosperity start coming towards the person.
  5. A special status in society is possible.
  6. Happiness also enters in life.
  7. Person becomes free from boundation of any kind.
  8. Person become fearless.
  9. Person become active.
  10. Due to very positive aura people like to spend time with them.
  11. Intuition powers become strong due to which forecast is possible.

Let's understand some points:

  • This universe is full of energy and it is on us that how much we have the ability to use them for our over all success.
  • Open heart and mind is necessary to feel the real energies of universe.
  • With this passion to know the energies is also needed.
  • As per Yoga Books there are tremendous powers generator places within our body and they are known as chakras. When any one activate them then gain special powers to perform different works.
  • Hidden powers are also called super natural powers.

How To Activate Hidden Powers :

Now this is the main question that what are the ways to activate the super natural powers, how to activate divine powers which are already present within, how to know our-self.
The answer of the above questions as per my experience is that It is neither difficult nor easy. I know the answer is creating confusion but the truth is that it is easy for them who have faith in themselves and are practicing the lessons in guidance of any one. It is difficult for them who have ego problem and don't have faith in themselves as well as on others.
Let's be more clear, if someone is moving in right direction then it is definite that he or she will reach at destination but on the other hand if someone is moving in wrong direction and thinking that he is doing right then no doubt that he will never reach at the final point.
In the same way if some one is doing right practice regularly then no doubt the goal will be achieved but if any one is doing wrong practice and thinking that he is doing well then there is no doubt that he will never reach at destination.
While travelling we always check the MILESTONES which shows us that we are moving at right direction then why not we check the milestones during the spiritual practices.

Some Important Questions Which Must Be Asked From Ourselves:

  1. Am I moving towards right direction.
  2. Am I doing right practice.
  3. What are the milestones which will confirm that I am in right direction.
  4. Who can shows the right way.
  5. What is my Aim.
In Indian scriptures we find descriptions related to Gyan Yoga, Bhakti yoga, Raj yoga and Karma Yoga. It is said that if any one adopt any of the way then it is able to achieve the ultimate goal of life and while moving in any of the way person gains many supernatural powers. We have to ask one question from ourself and i.e. What is that ultimate goal? and how to know about that goal. Because without knowing the destination it is not possible to find the right way.
Now here we are talking about how to activate hidden powers present within our body and mind. So let me tell you some points which will definitely help you to live a successful life, Here I am not talking about the ultimate goal, here I am talking about to gain some special powers which is not present in our body and mind right now or we can say that about which we are not aware.

  1. First Of All Make a Target In Life:Target-less life is like a kite without thread and control. So if we don't have any goal of life then it is not possible to adopt the right way. So Just make target like this "I want to be the very successful actor, I want to be the topmost engineer, I want to be a very successful housewife, I want to be a very successful manager, I want to be the topper in class, I want to be a Very successful businessman" etc. This type of target will give your mind a direction to move.
  2. Now Be Passionate About Your Goal:Without passion it is not possible to perform the needed efforts so do develop the passion and for that just spend time with the motivators and persons related to your field. Try to think about the position which you will get after achieving the grand success.
  3. Love Your Goal:When we love our goal then we try to find some creative ways to achieve it and not only this we put extra efforts continuously and this is what we needed to activate our hidden powers.
  4. Believe In your self:This is the foremost thing which we need to make our life wonderful. Trust in yourself makes us strong and confident. This confidence is the basis to perform some extraordinary work. True believe in yourself helps to know our own powers.
  5. Use The Meditation Techniques, Astrology ways and other occult sciences ways to activate powers which are present within-Now if we love our work, if we have clear aim then we can use meditation which is a sure way to increase mind power which will help us to achieve goal, also astrology ways in which we can use true gems, rituals to increase our planetary powers which will later help us to activate our hidden powers too, also we can use spells to make our aura positive and to get help of invisible energies.
  6. Spend time with some persons who have extra ordinary powers nearby you. This will keep you motivated always and you will be sure about your success too. If you are not able to find any right persons then there is another way and i.e. to read stories of saints and successful persons who have achieved the ultimate success in this world and people are taking them as there ideal. These stories will also motivate you to work continuously without any hesitation.
  7. Don't Leave Dreaming: It is necessary to see dreams with open eyes about our own success. This is necessary to make life interesting and this will also motivate you to put extraordinary efforts to achieve extraordinary success.
  8. Read the wonderful holy book "Bhagwad Geeta" with meaning where great formulas are given to live life successfully.
I believe that the above easy ways will definitely change your life and there is no need to spend money to follow any process. It is sure that if any one follow the above tips then some special will happen in life and one can feel the positive changes, one can see the magical changes in life. Give your life an AIM and move in right direction and in right way, Be practical and think in a right direction, Right thinking is the basis of success. Activate your hidden powers by your own will power.

How to activate our hidden powers, how to know our powers, what to do to enhance our true powers to live a successful life, tips for better life, Ways to awaken hidden powers.


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