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What is Vashikaran ?

What is Vashikaran, Advantages and Disadvantages of using this hypnotic science, Precautions while using vashikaran mantra practices.
  • Are you eager to know about a special occult science which is used to attract others?
  • Do you want to know how to perform vashikaran sadhna and precautions while doing this practice?
In ancient times there was an special power present in some scholars of occult sciences through which they attract anyone whom they want. This power of attracting anyone or anything is called VASHIKARAN, but they used to perform this task only for the well being of human-being and to gain knowledge of different kinds.

what is vashikaran details online
What is Vashikaran ?

But now a days people are trying to use this wonderful subject to fulfill there materialistic desires which are of no use.
Vashikaran science is a gift of saints and lord shiva to the humanity to develop a healthy personality to enjoy this world. This is not good to use this divine science to compel any one to do work as per our wish.
Know let’s understand this Vashikaran in detail.

What is Vashiakran/Sammohan ?

Vashikaran is a way to generate a hypnotic power in mind and body parts so that people give attention to us. While doing hypnotism practice we start emerging special rays from the mind and body parts or we can say that we create a very powerful and positive AURA around us because of which people impresses from us. This lore is practiced from the ancient times to get success in life.
Watch video here:

Vashikaran is a part of occult science and is performed by the expert to fulfill the desired wish. It is a process to get the desired thing near by. It is done by using vashikaran mantra, yantra in a special manner.
Vashikaran sadhna is also called Sammohan sadhna.

Vashikaran is used to attract someone and to make our life more fruitful. It is used for different purposes like as-

  • To make our personal life or love life successful.
  • To make our professional life successful.
  • To make our social life successful.
  • To make our spiritual life successful.
So in reality it is a practice through which we can achieve Dharm, Arth , Kam and Moksh as per Vedic culture.
Now a days what is seen that people are making money by using the name of vashikaran but the truth is that they are not aware of the real power of this science because if they would have knowledge of this subject then there is no need to cheat any one. Because this is the power through which one can get anything anywhere easily.

What is Vashikaran, Advantages and Disadvantages of using this hypnotic science, Precautions while using vashikaran mantra practices.

What Was The Real Use Of Vashikaran Practices In Ancient time:

In ancient time saints perform there practices in forest/jungle alone so there was a great need of this hypnotic power to control the violent animals and so they used to practice the vashikaran sadhna.
Also saints used the different vashikaran mantra to talk to the invisible energies to find ways to go ahead in spiritual life.

But now a days what is happening we can easily find advertisement like –

  • Get your x-love through vashikaran.
  • Get your x-wife through sammohan.
  • Improve your relationships through hypnotism.
  • Fulfill your wishes through vashikaran.
  • Get desired job through sammoahn and so on.
But beware of these advertisements because this is a way of making money only so if you want success then you have to find a good astrologer who practices this subject and who is able to guide you to perform this practices not to attract materialistic things but to make your life successful.
It is a fact that nothing is impossible in life and so we must believe that we are able to make our life successful through our hard practices.

Regarding Vashikaran Mantra:

The mantras or spells of vashikaran are very attractive and are able to change the mind if chanted for some particular time regularly. So it can be used to enter in a peaceful state of mind and to energise our mind and body.

Some Little About Vashikaran Practices:

What is Vashikaran, Advantages and Disadvantages of using this hypnotic science, Precautions while using vashikaran mantra practices.

Vashikaran is a very mysterious lore used for the decades to get success in life, It is not an easy task so it is very good to do this practice under the guidance of any competent knowledgeable. There are various ways of Vashikaran which can be used by different types of practitioners.
Actually there are various ways to practice this and as per the nature of person and planetary powers one can choose ways like as-
  1. One can perform hypnotism through meditation practice.
  2. Scholars sammohan through Vedic mantras or vedic spells.
  3. One can perform vashikaran through Tantrik mantras or tantric spells.
  4. One can perform hypnotism through Totkays.
  5. One can perform Sammohan through beej mantra.
  6. There are sammohan yantra also which if used properly then also one can take advantages of it.
  7. Descriptions related to vashikaran tilak and vashikaran rings are also found in scriptures.

Precautions While doing Vashikaran Saadhnaa ?

Keep in mind that nothing is easy so don’t expect anything easily. Remember that –
“There is no short-cut to success”
So if anyone want success in life through this miraculous science then make up mind to perform regular and hard practice in discipline. Some rules which must be followed while doing this practice are -
  • Maintain Celibacy during the sadhna period i.e. practice period.
  • Don't think negative during practice period.
  • Have faith on your master or guide.
  • Keep purity of your dress, practice place and meal.
  • Control your temper.
  • Don’t ever try to harm any one by using vashikaran practices.

Two Special Mantra To Get Success:

  1. Om kleem krishnaay namah – This is the mantra to get blessings of lord Krishna. If anyone recite this mantra regularly then life become successful by the blessings of god Krishna.
  2. Om namo naraynaay sarwlokaan mum vashya kuru kuru swaha. :- This is the spell to attract blessings of lord narayan to make life successful.
Guidance is necessary every where so it is necessary to find a good master or astrologer who have the knowledge of this subject then then to start the vashikaran sadhna or practices.

Only book is not enough to get success in life because experiences may differ as per the practices and spell used by practitioners.

Beware of fake vashikaran service providers, by consulting them you will be able to loose your money and time. It is necessary to keep in mind some points that Practice is needed to get success in any puja or process so don't expect any thing easily.

Before starting any process or puja it is necessary to check the planetary positions then the mahurat i.e. auspicious time comes out to start any process for success. So astrology is the base of anything, don't avoid it. A true astrologer can help you a lot in life, an experienced astrologer can show you right way to move, an experienced astrologer can tell you what is good and bad for you, which spell is good for you and how to use it.

What is Vashikaran, Advantages and Disadvantages of using this hypnotic science, Precautions while using vashikaran mantra practices.


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