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Pitra Paksha| Mahalaya- Day of Ancestors

Pitru Paksha, Mahalaya- Day of Ancestors

Pitra paksh is the time of pitra, It is the time when you can come up from the different type of doshas in your kundli or horoscope, pitrapaksha or mahalaya is the time when you can do something for your ancestors betterment, this is the time when one can get the blessings of pitra or ancestors easily.

Pitrapaksha is the 15 days of pitra. It is said that in these days our ancestors come in our home to get something which is offes red by us. So if any one want to gift something to the ancestors pitra paksha is the right time to do so. Every saints and yogis also wait for this time.

pitru paksh astrology by astrologer
Pitra Paksha| Mahalaya- Day of Ancestors 
No in this universe is deprived of the ancestors blessings in his or her life. Ancestors helps us to get success in life. Because of them we are present. Our existence is because of them. So it is our duty to do something for our ancestors. It is said in our epics that our rituals helps them to go up. We can help our ancestors for their upliftment.

Make Your Ancestors or pitra Happy to Live Successful Life:

We can't ignore the effects of pitra in our life. What we do is the result of our ancestors, the success, the wonderful life every thing is because of your ancestors blessings.
If anyone do not remember the ancestors then he or she faces little bit problems in life. It is our duty to do special rituals for the happiness of our pitra or ancestors.

Tarpan To Live Successful Life:

As per our epic Tarpanam is the most easy way to make our ancestors happy and to get the blessings of ancestors. And if tarpanam is done in the special time of mahalaya or pitra pakasha then no one can stop us to get success in life.
There is one formula of success and i.e. do the right things at right time.

Importance of Pitra Paksha!

This is very important period when we can do the pitra puja not for our upliftment but for our ancestors upliftment too. Our karmas, anusthaans, puja, rituals on these days not only give happiness to our ancestors or pitra but also make our life better and hurdle free.
2 types of problems can be eradicated in this mahalya -
  • The problem of our ancestors due to which they are not getting success in their world.
  • The problem of us due to which we are not growing in our world.

Many types of shanti Puja are done on Pitra Paksha:

  1. Kalsarp shanti puja
  2. Pitra dosha shanti puja.
  3. Pret dosha shanti puja.
  4. Evil eye effects shanti puja.
  5. Black magic shanti puja.
  6. Rog mukti puja.
  7. Rahu shanti puja.

What To Do On Pitra Paksha Days or in Mahalaya?

This is very important to do some thing special in the days of pitrapaksha or mahalya. I personally request that do the tips and see the result in your personal and professional life.
  1. In pitra paksha don't forget to donate a part from your daily lunch and dinner. You can give this part to cow, crows and dog. Even you can donate food to needy beggar.
  2. If your pocket permits then do donate cloths in the name of your ancestors to needy persons.
  3. If you know tarpan then you must do tarpan to all the 15 days to get the blessings of your ancestors.
  4. Pitra paksh is very important to remove the pitra dosha from our horoscope or kundli for this special puja is needed for which you can contact us.
  5. If you recite the Bhagwat gita lessons to your pitra, it will also give benefit to you.
  6. Daily pray to your ancestors to come at your home and accept your offers and bless you to get success in life.
  7. Dhuni of kesar or saffron in the south west corner in the name of ancestor is also a very good way to get the blessings of ancestors.
  8. Take blessings of our elders daily in the morning in pitra paksh.

What Not To Do On Pitra Paksha Days or in Mahalaya?

  • It is good to not make any physical relation ship during these days.
  • It is not good to cheat any one on these days.
  • Don't say any wrong words to our elders on these days.

We can also do special rituals for You -

  1. To minimize the effects of pitra dosha in your life.
  2. To minimize the effects of kalsarp dosha in your life.
  3. To remove the marriage problem in life due to pitra dosha.
  4. To remove the professional problems due to pitra dosha.
  5. To remove the personal life problems due to pitra dosha.
  6. To remove the study problem due to pitra dosha.
So be active and do some thing for your upliftment, for your ancestors upliftment in the pitra paksh or mahalya.
Consult an Experienced astrologer for the details of your Horoscope to suggest you better ways to get the benefit in this pitra paksha.

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