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Remedies And Solutions Of Kalsarp Yoga

Remedies of kalsarp yoga , kalsarp dosh nivaran remedies, how to over come from kaal sarp yoga in horoscope?. Remedies of kalsarp yoga Kalsarp yoga is also a very important yoga found in horoscope and there are many different views of astrologers in this subject. Kalsarp is also known as naga dosha, sarp dosha. If there is kalsarp yoga in kundli then it is necessary to adopt some steps to minimise the impacts of kalsarp dosha otherwise many problems arises in life. Kalsarp yoga form when all planets comes in between Rahu and Ketu. It is a belief tha if this arrangement form then person faces struggle to get success in life. Person don't get the results as per the hard work. But it is a wrong thinking that kalsarp yoga is harmful always. Some people are very successful in spite of having kalsarp in horoscope. As per the arrangements of planets kalsarp is of different types like as anant kalsarp yoga, kulik kalsarp yoga, vasuki kalsarp yoga, shankhpaal kaalsarp yog

12 Kaalsarp Yoga And Their Impacts In Life

12 Kaalsarp Yoga And Their Impacts In Life, Remedies of Kaalsarp yoga, Astrologer for kaalsarp yoga analysis and solutions, Astrologer For kundli reading for kaalsarp yoga and solutions. Types of Kalsarp Yoga There is not one type of kaalsarp yoga present in horoscope but there are too many types of kalsarp yoga present in our horoscope which forms because of combination of planets in different houses and with different zodiac signs. All the different types of kaalsarp put different types of impacts in life. Here in this article i am going to describe the 12 different types of kaalsarp yoga. 12 Different Types of kaalsarp Yoga: Anant kaasarp yoga. Kulik Kaalsarp Yoga. Vasuki Kaalsarp Yoga. Shankhpaal kaalsarp yoga. Padm Kaalsarp Yoga. Mahapadm Kaalsarp Yoga. Takshak Kaalsarp Yoga. Karkotak Kaalsarp Yoga. ShankChood Kaalsarp Yoga. Ghatak Kaalsarp yoga. Vishdhar Kaalsarp Yoga. Seshnaag Kaalsarp Yoga. Details of Different Types of Kaalsarp Yoga: The above i

Kaalsarp Yoga! Some Un Revealed Facts

kaalsarp yoga! some unreveal things to know about kaalsarp yoga, Power Points To Know About Kaal sarp, Types of Kaalsarp yoga, Impacts of Kaalsarp in Life, Astrologer for Kaal sarp Yoga analysis and remedies. Kaalsarp Yoga and Some Unreveal Facts In astrology Rau is called the mouth of snake and ketu is called the tail of snake. So when all the planets come in between Rahu and Ketu then kaalsarp yoga form in horoscope. This is a very problematic yoga and if it is very powerful then the person suffers whole the life. It is also seen that person having kaalsarp yoga is bitten by snake in physical life.  Kaalsarp is the result of a curse. In our epics many types of descriptions are present regarding Pitra shraap i.e. curse by fore fathers, Patni Shraap i.e. curse by wife, Matru Shraap i.e. curse by Mother, Sahodar shraap i.e. curse by friends or colleague, sarp shraap i.e. curse by snakes. There are many types of malefic yogas in kundi in which the process of kaalsarp is

Share Market Astrology

Share Market Astrology Share market is one of the best money market where if luck support then no doubt in a very short period of time one can become millionaire and if luck not support then in a very short period of time a person incur heavy losses and lost everything. It is said that only a few people are able to make money in share market because with luck there is also a need of minute study of stocks.  Well we can also study the horoscope in vedic astrology to know that whether anyone is able to earn from stock market or not and why. There is impact of stars, nakshatra and planet on every one and due to this with the change of planetary position market trends also gets affected. So if we know about the impacts of planets then we can somehow predict about whether to enter in the stock market or not.  Do you know which type of people get success in Share Market? Those who are able to take prompt decision at the time of stunning changes in share market can get success i