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Kaalsarp Yoga! Some Un Revealed Facts

kaalsarp yoga! some unreveal things to know about kaalsarp yoga, Power Points To Know About Kaal sarp, Types of Kaalsarp yoga, Impacts of Kaalsarp in Life, Astrologer for Kaal sarp Yoga analysis and remedies.
kaalsarp yoga! some unreveal things to know about kaalsarp yoga, Power Points To Know About Kaal sarp, Types of Kaalsarp yoga, Impacts of Kaalsarp in Life, Astrologer for Kaal sarp Yoga analysis and remedies.
Kaalsarp Yoga and Some Unreveal Facts
In astrology Rau is called the mouth of snake and ketu is called the tail of snake. So when all the planets come in between Rahu and Ketu then kaalsarp yoga form in horoscope. This is a very problematic yoga and if it is very powerful then the person suffers whole the life. It is also seen that person having kaalsarp yoga is bitten by snake in physical life. 
Kaalsarp is the result of a curse. In our epics many types of descriptions are present regarding Pitra shraap i.e. curse by fore fathers, Patni Shraap i.e. curse by wife, Matru Shraap i.e. curse by Mother, Sahodar shraap i.e. curse by friends or colleague, sarp shraap i.e. curse by snakes.

There are many types of malefic yogas in kundi in which the process of kaalsarp is used to minimize the bad impacts of that yogas. Here for knowledge i am also providing some of the yogas-
  1. If Saturn is present in 5th place and the master of 5th house is affected badly by Rahu then in this case kaal sarp shanti proces is beneficial.
  2. If the lagna is present with rahu and the master of 5th house is present in Trik places.
  3. If Jupiter is affected badly by rahu and 5th house is viewed by Saturn.
  4. It is important to know that when rahu is generating very bad impact in horoscope then the kaalsarp shanti process will be very beneficial to over come from the problems of life. 
Some Unknown Things About Kaalsarp Yoga:
  1. If any one planet comes out from the rahu and ketu area in that case anshik kaalsarp yoga form. In this case kaalsarp shanti process is also necessary.
  2. If the kalsarp yoga is forming and if the rahu is making any combination with any of the planet then it is more dangerous. For e.g.Combination like rahu+ guru, rahu + chandra, rahu +mangal, rahu + budh etc.
  3. Ketu With planets also create problems in life like kaalsarp yoga.
  4. If Sun or Moon is present in 8th place after rahu or ketu then anshik kaalsarp yoga form in horoscope.
  5. If rahu is present in 6th, 8th and 12th place then also anshik kaalsarp form.
  6. If the rahu and ketu is malefic in kundli and if kaalsarp yoga is forming then during the mahaasha of rahu and ketu the person will face problem equivalent to death.

Impacts of Kaalsarp In Life:

This is the main thing which a common person wants to know that what happens if the kaalsarp yoga is forming in birth chart and why it is necessary to perform the shanti process. So for knowledge i am providing the details about what types of impacts falls on persons life having kaalsarp in kundli:
  • Dreams of snake comes and person fears.
  • Frightening dreams lead to disturb the night life.
  • Some times person also fears from water.
  • Dream of falling from very high.
  • Dream of falling of house, building, trees etc.
  • Too much struggle in getting a stable earning source may be due to kaalsarp yoga.
  • Problem in having baby may be due to the kaalsarp yoga.
  • Disturbed marriage life may be due to kalsarp yoga.
  • Chronic diseases at once is also because of kaalsarp yoga.
In all the cases it is necessary to use the kaalsarp shanti process properly time to time. 

Types of Kaalsarp Yoga:

kaalsarp yoga! some unreveal things to know about kaalsarp yoga, Power Points To Know About Kaal sarp, Types of Kaalsarp yoga, Impacts of Kaalsarp in Life, Astrologer for Kaal sarp Yoga analysis and remedies.

There are many types of kaalsarp yoga which form due to different types of combinations in horoscope. For which read my articles 12 important types of kaalsarp yogas and their impacts in life.
ASTROLOGER FOR KAALSARP YOGA REMEDIES, Get solutions of your all problems related to love, career, family, health if it is because of kaalsarp yoga. One consultancy will open the way of success. World wide services available 365 days.

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kaalsarp yoga! some unreveal things to know about kaalsarp yoga, Power Points To Know About Kaal sarp, Types of Kaalsarp yoga, Impacts of Kaalsarp in Life, Astrologer for Kaal sarp Yoga analysis and remedies.


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