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Exalted And Debilitated Planets In Vedic Astrology

Exalted and debilitated planets in vedic astrology, importance of exalted and debilitated planets, when any planet is exalted and when any planet is debilitated.

While reading horoscope as per vedic astrology a very important factor is kept in mind and i.e. the presence of exalted and debilitated planets in different houses. It is believed that if any planet is exalted then gives good results to the native or person and if any planet become debilitated then it is harmful for the person.
when any planet is exalted and when any planet is debilitated.
Exalted And Debilitated Planets In Vedic Astrology
In general language we can take this as debilitated means very malefic and exalted means very positive.
But here one thing must be kept in mind that strength of planet is also important if powerless planets are exalted or debilitated then the person may not get the full impacts of that and so on.
Best astrologers do keep in mind this principle before giving predictions. Exalted planet is a boon for the native while debilitated planet is a curse for the person.

Watch The Following Table:

The following table will clear that which planet is exalted and debilitated with which zodiac:

Table Showing Exalted And Debilitated Condition

The following table will clear that which planet is exalted and debilitated with which zodiac:
Table Showing Exalted And Debilitated Condition
Planets Exalted In Debilitated In
Sun Aries Libra
Moon Taurus Scorpio
Mars Capricorn Cancer
Mercury Virgo Pisces
Jupiter Cancer Capricorn
Venus Pisces Virgo
Saturn Libra Aries
Rahu Taurus Scorpio
Ketu Scorpio Taurus

Let's Understand the Above Table:

  1. If sun is of Aries in kundli then it is exalted and if it is of Libra then it is debilitated.
  2. If Moon is sitting with Taurus in any house of horoscope then it is exalted and if it is sitting with scorpio then it is debilitated.
  3. If Mars is sitting with Capricorn in birth chart then it is said to be exalted and if it is sitting with cancer then it is said to be debilitated.
  4. If Mercury is of virgo then is called uch and with pisces it is called neech.
  5. Jupiter with cancer is strong positive and jupiter with capricorn is said to be debilitated.
  6. Venus with pisces is exalted and with virgo it is said to be debilitated.
  7. Saturn with Libra is said to be exalted and with aries it is called strong malefic.
  8. Rahu planet is exalted with taurus and debilitated with scorpio.
  9. ketu is of uch in scorpio and neech with taurus.
As an astrologer I have witnessed the misfortunes of people who have debilitated/neech planet in horoscope, so if anyone has this then it is necessary to adopt remedies by consulting best and experienced astrologer.
Some people don’t believe in astrology and oppose of these principles but those who are suffering are real example and they know how planets are affecting their life. Some people are living good life by following some remedies of debilitated planets.
One important thing to keep in mind is that the problem in life depends upon the power of malefic or friendly planets in horoscope. Let’s take an example, if the planet is in full power i.e. in 15 degree in horoscope and debilitated then this will show the full impact on life. Whereas if the exalted planet in 15 degree will enhance the life positively.

How exalted and debilitated planets in horoscope affect our life as per astrology?

  1. If sun is exalted in horoscope then no doubt it helps to become a successful leader, enhance journey, helps in making good relationships with father and higher authorities, brings name, fame in life. Native may also get ancestral property easily.  While in case of debilitated sun in horoscope, it is very possible that native may face defame problem, legal issues, problems in maintaining good relations with father and seniors in office etc.
  2. Moon planet is related with our mind and so native may pass through intense mood change in case of debilitated moon in horoscope. It is also possible that relationship with mother may affect badly or the health of mother may go down. Debilitated moon may give rise to some diseases. While exalted moon is responsible for successful journey, healthy relationship with mother, good immunity power etc.
  3. Mars is related with strength, property, energy and so exalted mars bless the person with all these things while debilitated Mangal may deprive the person from these things. Also it may affect the relationship with younger brothers and sisters.
  4. Exalted mercury in horoscope bless the person with super intelligence, healing power, dynamic nature, caliber to get work done anyhow, good communication skill. While debilitated mercury may affect the presentation skill, decision making power, relationship with sister etc.
  5. Exalted Jupiter in kundli blesses the person with financial stability, positive aura, knowledge, and teaching power. While debilitated planet in horoscope may increase struggle in life and deprive native from many luxuries in life.
  6. Exalted venus in kundli helps to enjoy life with luxuries, loving life partner. Person can enjoy life fully, it give the person attractive personality. Debilitated shukra may make the life full of problems in personal life.
  7. Saturn if become debilitated in horoscope then make the life full of struggle, legal issues, deprive the person from property, good health, arise challenges in career. While exalted shani may help in gaining property, power, good decision making ability etc.
  8. Debilitated rahu and ketu may fill the life with frustration, chronic diseases, paranormal activities, sudden health and financial loss etc. while exalted rahu and ketu may brings sudden benefits, spiritual energy i.e. siddhis, salvation etc.
In one short, the exalted planets make the life full of happiness and debilitated planets are responsible for grief, struggle, diseases, losses, sacrifices etc.
It is very necessary to adopt good remedies by consulting astrologer to make life free from hurdles and obstacles.

When the people feel the maximum impact of exalted and debilitated planet?

This is a very important question and every person feel the maximum  changes in life during specific period and that period is known as Mahadasha and antardasha in astrology. Mahadasha is the main period of specific planet while antardasha means sub period.
It must be kept in mind that exalted planet means strong planet which will generate strong positive impacts in life if it is powerful other wise the impacts may vary as per degree of the planet.

Similarly Debilitated planet means strong planet which will generate negative impacts on person if it is powerful as per degree of the planet.

We can also take this concept as debilitated planet is destructive and exalted planet as constructive.

So while reading horoscope it is good to keep in mind the above concept. The problems in life, sufferings of life, misfortune may be result of debilitated or malefic planets.

How Life Is Affected By Malefic Or Positive Planets?

If we want to check that which segment of life is affected most because of the debilitated or exalted planet then it is necessary to check the position and place of planet i.e. in which house the planet is getting exalted or debilitated. For example if Sun is exalted in 10th house then it may help in getting government job, ancestor property, name, fame etc. But if it is becoming exalted in 12 house then the person may spend too much in journey, spiritual activities etc.

Exalted and debilitated planets in vedic astrology, importance of exalted and debilitated planets, when any planet is exalted and when any planet is debilitated.


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