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Planets and Astrology-The Mercury

Planet mercury in vedic astrology, things related and what to do to enhance power of mercury.  Mercury is a mastermind planet and a good mercury makes a person very intelligent whereas malefic mercury makes a person down in society. The person who has power of mercury can get success easily. The mercury planet details Some Important Things To Know About Mercury or Budh As Per Astrology: Mercury is the master of speech. It is related with earth element.  Mercury is important when it is present in lagna, 2nd house, 5th house, 9th house and 10th house.  2nd house mercury makes a person talkative.  With Gemini it makes a person knowledgeable, writer, orator etc.  Mercury is ascendant with Virgo zodiac sign.  The combination of Sun and Mercury makes a person businessman.  The combination of Mars and Mercury makes a person liar.  The combination of Mercury and Jupiter makes a person spiritual and very knowledgeable, sage, mage, wise men. The combination of Mercury and

Planets and Astrology-The Mars

Planet mercury in vedic astrology, things related and what to do to enhance power of mercury. planet mars in astrology Mars is a very powerful planet and its element is fire. It is the symbol of power. A good mars provide the land, power and honour in society while a malefic mars can make the chances of defamation.  Some Important Things To Know About Mars or Mangal As Per Astrology: Mars or mangal represent estate, power, strength, farming or agriculture, patience, younger brother, courage, commander, enemy etc.  It is ascendant with Capricorn and descendant with cancer. It is the master of south direction.  Mars is strong in Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.  The person having strong mars has qualities like as- Obstinate, courageous, unable to accept defeat, diplomat, expensive, worry free, reformer, straight forward etc.  It effects the following places - Goldsmith working place, combat area, drug store, chemical store etc.  Mars is related with

Planets and Astrology- The Moon

Planet moon in vedic astrology, things related and what to do to enhance power of moon . The Moon or Chandra And Astrology: The mother blessings, the happiness from mother side in life, state if mind, Fame, glory or reputation in society, interest in astrology, Journey through water ways, aromatic things, savings, happiness of vehicles, kindness, activeness etc are studied by the state and positions of moon in horoscope or kundli. planet moon in astrology Some Important Things To Know About Moon or Chandra As Per Astrology: If it is good in kundli then the person get success in yoga, journey etc.  If moon is present with Gemini, Libra or Aquarius then the person is addicted to learn any thing.  If moon is present of aries, cancer, libra or capricorn then the person loves to travel always. It also makes a person fickle.  Moon of scorpio is very dangerous and makes a person short tempered, create tention etc.  If it is resides with rahu than forms chandra grahan yoga

Planets and Astrology- The Sun

Planet sun in vedic astrology, things related and what to do to enhance power of sun.  Astrology is a sea in which if any one enter is unable to come out. More deeper he or she go more mystery will be seen. One life is not sufficient to understand the astrology subject completely. In this article i am going to say something about planets and the considerable things. By reading this article you will come to know how the personality of any one is affected by different planets like as sun, moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. planet sun in vedic astrology The SUN or Surya and Astrology: It represent the father, soul, nature of person, health, kingdom, temple etc. It affects the right eye, liver, spinal cord, head and face, bones. Diseases which are generated due to Malefic effects of Sun: Bile problems, Body temperature, epilepsy, heart diseases, eye problem, skin diseases, tuberculosis, diarrhea are also happens due to malefic effects of sun sometim

How To Purchase For Good Luck?

How to purchase for Good Luck, when to purchase any thing to increase prosperity, what is the importance of muhurth, what to purchase when as per choghadiya or auspicious time.  How To Purchase For Good Luck? We all like to purchase some thing daily, monthly, yearly for our livelihood, for our hobby, to gift some one, to enjoy something etc. But i think very few of knows one thing that if we purchase any thing on auspicious time than it will increase our good luck and open the way of success. Let me clear you this thing with a real incident: One day a person who don't believe on auspicious time ask to go with him to purchase dresses. I checked the muhurth and asked him to go about 3 PM. He said i don't believe on this but let's see what benefit i will get. I smiled and agree. Every thing was going normal in the store but when we arrived to pay the bill suddenly the cashier said sir you are lucky just know we have got instruction to give 20% discount on dress mat

Soulmate Astrology

Soulmate astrology, astrologer for match making, benefits of SOULMATE astrology reading. Soulmate Astrology SOULMATE is very important in life. Everyone is searching for a real and true soulmate with whom whole life become beautiful, wonderful and love-full. Feelings of love change our life and give a reason to live life. Everyone needs a person whose company gives a special feeling in mind and heart. We all are in search of a person who can complete our life and share everything with us. This person is called the soulmate. Every person attract towards a special type of person, this shows that everyone has different needs and feelings and as per that they attract towards person. In life it is not easy to find a perfect SOULMATE because sometimes we flow with emotions and sometimes we take decision in pressure. In this case it becomes difficult to get perfect match. Although this is also a truth that it is not possible to LOVE someone by seeing the caste, income, zod

A completer Astronomy Guide 3 : Constellations, Zodiac Belt Aries To Pisces

Constellations, Zodiacal Belt- Aries(Mesh),Taurus(Vrishabha),Gemini(Mithun), Cancer(Kark), Leo(Simha), Virgo(Kanya), Libra(Tula), Scorpius(Vrischik), Sagittarius(Dhanu), Capricornus(Makara), Aquarius(Kumbh), Pisces(Meena) P eople staying in cities like Mumbai cannot see the beauty of starry sky, but for those who are staying in villages, it is deeply enchanting and thought provoking. it is romantic and philosophic at the same time. By seeing these stars in the night sky, thoughts come in mind about the strange, massive, endless yet exotic universe. zodiac belt details In the apparent random distribution of stars in the night sky our highly imaginative ancients formed some shapes and forms in the night sky. they grouped stars in a particularly region and gave them mythological names and laos names of some common animals and birds. these groups are called constellations. there are in all eighty eight(88) constellations in the entire sky.  Among 88 constellations 12 constel

A Complete Astronomy Guide 2- Solar Systems, Planets,Comets

Astronomy, Solar System, Nature of solar system,Planetary Movements, No.of Planets, Comets, Eclipses, Constellations, Zodiacal Belt Aries To Pisces guide of astronomy SOLAR SYSTEM AND IT'S NATURE : Before our sun explodes, let us have acloser look at our Solar system and the position of our Earth in teh solar system. We will also try to learn about some of the latest infomation gained by mankind about the solar system- including searches for any form of life in the solar system outside the earth. Know The Solar System | Planetary Movements | Comets| Eclipses   NATURE OF SOLAR SYSTEM: The solar system basically consists of our star, sun and planets and other celestial bodies such as satellites of the planets,comets and asteroids. The sun gravitational force acts upon all these bodies and they travel round the sun in various shaped paths or orbits, Satellites orbit round their parent planets, at the same time they also revolve with the planets round the sun. The word

A Complete Astronomy Guide -- Universe, Galaxies, Stars.......

Astronomy, What is Universe?,Birth of Universe -Orion Nebula, Crab Nebula, Ring Nebula,Galaxy- What is galaxy, Types of galaxies- Elliptical galaxy, lenticular galaxy, irregular galaxy,Light Year, Clusters of Galaxies, Stars - Birth of stars, Death of stars. Astronomy is an ancient science which has fascinated mankind from early times. Its contributions to the development of scientific thought have been immense. guide of astronomy Our planet mother earth, the third planet in the solar system which seems so significant to us floats in space like a small ball. From our small world let us look outward into the vast ever expanding universe. For generations human beings have been observing the sky. These observations and finding s have given us an opportunity to unravel some of the mysteries of the universe. Through this article i will take you to a journey through space and time and will introduce theuniverse to you. The universe filled with stars, galaxies and nebulae. K

Remedies Of Tension In Astrology

Remedies of tension as per astrology, effects of tension,what to do to over come from tension easily. Tension is very common in every one but when any one lives regular life with tension then it is dangerous for health and affect badly every segment of life. So it is necessary to take necessary steps to come out of it. Remedies Of Tension In Astrology Tension arises due to any wrong work, any worry, any negative thinking in mind, failure in any work, not having good relation, financial problem, career problem, love problem etc. Astrology reveals many things about life and for this it is necessary to check the horoscope of anyone. For tension also it is possible to know the astrology reasons. In this article we will know some astrology reasons of tension. Let's Know Some Effects Of Tension: Tension ruin the whole life of person like- Tension leads to loss of beauty. It enhance the loss of memory. Loss of wealth also takes place due to tension. Loss of peace a

Importance Of Bhagwat Katha Saptah

Importance Of Bhagwat Katha Saptah  Shrimad Bhagwat Katha is said to be the summary of all the hindu scriptures and therefore most popular all over the world. Many saints are spending there life by telling stories of shrimad bhagwat. This is one of the most holy book in which lessons are given about, how to live life successfully. It shows that path to get salvation easily in this Kalyug.  It is said that listening bhagwat katha and telling bhagwat katha, both will attract the blessings of lord Vishnu and by blessings of god, life of devotees become successfull. If anyone listen bhagwag katha  or read it devotedly then no doubt, unbelievable transformation takes place.  Significance of Organizing Shrimad Bhagwat Katha: As per experience and available matter in bhagwat book, following benefits are possible if anyone organize bhagwat or listen bhagwat or read it - If anyone listen the stories of bhagwat from any experience katha teller then no doubt , it takes devotees

What Are Planets, Stars or Nakshatra and Zodiac Signs ?

How Indian Horoscope Are Read?, What are Zodiac Signs?, List Of Signs, Elements Represents Different Zodiac Signs, Different Types of Planets, List Of Stars or Nakshatra Indian Astrology Study a horoscope on the basis of Planetary positions, zodiac signs(raashiya) and stars i.e. nakshatra.Now it is very important to know what are zodiac signs , planets and Stars or nakshatra. In this article we will learn about these important key words of Indian astrology. planets nakshatra zodiacs Zodiac Signs or Raashi means group. This group represent the group of Stars or nakshatra.Zodiac signs are named as per the scattered Stars make shape in the sky. One zodiac sign represent many stars or nakshatra.   The Planets orbit the Sun. Now Let's Understand Zodiac Signs, Planets and Stars in details. Learn About Planets, Stars and Zodiac Signs On The Basis of Which Horscope or Kundli is Made In INDIAN ASTROLOGY, The Great Science To Reveal The Life. 1) Zodiac Signs(Raashi) : The