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Cow And Calf Significance In Astrology

Cow And Calf Significance In Astrology, How to make life successful by worshipping cow and calf, know the solutions of many problems.

In Hinduism there are many sacred symbols which are taken as source of positive energies. One such sacred and lucky symbol is the statue of cow and calf. 

As per Hindus holy books deities resides in the cows and so we worship them. They are the symbol of purity, abundance, and motherhood. In astrology, the cow represents nourishment, prosperity, and the divine feminine energy. The calf, on the other hand, signifies new beginnings, growth, and youthful vitality. Together, the cow and calf form a powerful symbol of fertility, protection, and the cycle of life.

Cows are treated as goddess in hindu religion, scientifically cows are very beneficial for society, cow dung, cow urine, cow smell, every things are very useful and is good for health. Among cows, Kamdhenu/surabhi cow is said to be very divine and people worship to fulfill wishes. Kamdhenu is said to be the wish fulfilling cow.

cow and calf totkay by astrologer
Cow And Calf Significance In Astrology

It is believed that -4 legs of cow are 4 vedas.

Remedies of Problems by using Cow and Calf As per Astrology:

  • Feeding cow, serving cows definitely brings good luck and saves from many problems. 
  • In vedic astrology it is recommend to feed cow daily to live successful life. Serving cow remove the bad luck from life, remove obstacle and hindrance from life and help to enjoy life  successfully. 
  • If anyone is not able to keep a original cow then by keeping the statue of "cow and calf" is also very beneficial. It is said that it helps in bringing good luck, remove vastu dosha and also help in minimizing navagrah doshas. 
  • If anyone is facing business problems then installing lucky cow and calf statue in shubh mahurat is very good and bring good luck. 
  • If any one is facing unwanted conflict problems in home then it is good to keep cow and calf idol at home at shubh mahurat. 
  • If any room is not built in right direction and generating vastu dosha then by keeping statue of cow and calf will definitely help. 

We call cow "GAU-MATA", mata means who take care every one. So cow actually take care of us in every respect. They are good for environment. There urine is medicine, cow dung is also very beneficial.
  1. Vedic scriptures says that 33 crores gods and goddesses are present in cow and so if anyone worship only cow then is sufficient. 
  2. Cow milk is said to be sacred, it's yogurt is said to be very good for health, it's milk is said to be very healthy. Lord krishna most of the time spent with cows as per scriptures. Cows urine is used to purify any place affected with black magic or evil eye effect. Cow dung is used to purify any land. 
  3. Worshiping cow brings luck in life. 
  4. Seeing cow in the morning is a sign of good luck. 
  5. If cow tails touches any one suddenly then it is a good sign and get work done definitely. 
  6. Feeding cow is the best virtue gaining process.
Serve cows and you will be blessed by lord vishnu, goddess laxmi.

पढ़िए हिंदी में गौ माता की पूजा से भाग्योदय कैसे होता है ?

Let's See Some TOTKA Of GAU MATA:

  1. If anyone bring cow with calf in newly built house then it brings good luck in house. 
  2. If anyone is facing evil eye effect then do sprinkle cows urine regularly for 40 days on that person. 
  3. If there is vastu dosha in any place then by installing the statue of cow and calf, you can get good result. 
  4. If no pooja is bringing result then do worship cow only and you will be blessed by divine energies. 
  5. To please goddess laxmi, it is good to please cows.
As per vedic scriptures, in every part of cow, gods and goddesses resides and so Gau is said to be sacred. 

How to use idol of Cow and Calf to enhance Luck:

  • It is good to gift cow and calf idol to some one for luck. 
  • It is good to install cow and calf statue at home to bring prosperity. But use auspicious time for best result. 
  • To enhance business do install cows and calf idol at shop in auspicious time. 
  • Install idol of cow and calf at entry gate to please the visitors which will help to make good relationships. 
  • Health, wealth and prosperity is possible by installing cow and calf statue/posters at home, shop, office at auspicious time.
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Let's understand the meaning of the cow and calf image in different ways:

### 1. Ancient symbol of wish fulfillment
The cow was used in many ancient civilizations as a symbol of motherhood and fertility. Cows are sacred in Hinduism and are often associated with gods such as Kamadhenu, the wish-granting cow. His calf symbolizes new beginnings and the promise of a prosperous future.

### 2. Vastu Shastra and Positive Energy

The ancient Indian architectural science of Vastu Shastra strategically places cow and calf statues to harness positive energy. These statues are believed to absorb negative energies and create a harmonious environment that promotes overall well-being and prosperity.

### 3. Astrological Remedies

Astrologers often recommend the image of a cow or calf as a remedy for a particular planetary position in a person's natal chart. These statues are believed to calm certain planets and mitigate their harmful effects, bringing about balance and positive changes in life.

### 4. Prosperity and Financial Growth
The cow is also associated with wealth and financial abundance. Placing a cow and calf statue in the north or northeast direction of a home or workplace is believed to attract prosperity and enhance financial growth.

### 5. Nurturing Energy

The cow is known for its nurturing and protective nature towards its calf. These qualities are believed to extend to the occupants of a home with a cow and calf statue, creating a sense of security and well-being.

### 6. Emotional Healing

Cow and calf statues are thought to have a calming effect on individuals and promote emotional healing. It is believed that their presence can alleviate stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil, fostering a serene atmosphere.

### 7. Harmonious Relationships

In astrology, the positioning of the cow and calf statue is also linked to harmonious relationships within a family. Placing the statue in the living room or family area is believed to promote unity and understanding among family members.

### 8. Spiritual Growth

Cow and calf statues are considered auspicious for spiritual growth. Their presence is believed to enhance devotion and meditation practices, leading individuals on a path of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment.

### 9. Beneficial as per ayurveda
The products made by cow milk such as ghee, curd  and cow urine are highly valued for their medicinal properties. It is believed that the positive energies of cow and calf statues contribute to overall health and well-being.

### 10. Positive Aura in Businesses
Business owners often place cow and calf statues in their establishments to attract customers and create a positive ambiance. It is believed that these statues can enhance business growth and success.

### 11. Cultural and Traditional Significance

Cow and calf statues hold cultural and traditional significance in many societies. They are often gifted during auspicious occasions like weddings, housewarmings, and festivals, symbolizing blessings and good wishes.

### 12. Enhancing Education and Knowledge
In astrology, placing a cow and calf statue in the study area or library is believed to enhance academic pursuits and knowledge retention. It is considered beneficial for students seeking success in their educational endeavors.

### 13. Protection from Negativity
The cow and calf statues are also thought to offer protection from negative energies, evil eye, and malevolent influences. They create a shield of positivity around the inhabitants, safeguarding them from harm.

### 14. Influencing Planetary Transits

According to astrological beliefs, the positioning of cow and calf statues can influence planetary transits and mitigate potential adverse effects. This practice is followed during challenging astrological periods.

### 15. Meditation and Mindfulness

Cow and calf statues serve as excellent focal points during meditation and mindfulness practices. Their serene presence aids in achieving a deeper state of concentration and spiritual connection.

### 16. Environmental Harmony

The cow, often called "Gau Mata" (Mother Cow) in Hinduism, is associated with environmental harmony and ecological balance. The presence of cow and calf statues is believed to promote reverence towards nature and animals.

### 17. Divine Blessings

Cow and calf statues are considered auspicious symbols of divine blessings. Their presence is believed to attract the benevolence of celestial beings and deities, bringing grace and favor into one's life.

### 18. Holistic Healing Centers

Cow and calf statues are often placed in holistic healing centers, where they are believed to amplify the healing energies and create a soothing atmosphere for patients.

### 19. Astral Remedies for Childless Couples
For childless couples seeking astrological remedies, cow and calf statues are regarded as powerful aids in overcoming fertility challenges and promoting the prospect of parenthood.

### 20. Agricultural Prosperity
In rural communities, cow and calf statues are linked to agricultural prosperity. Farmers often seek their presence to ensure a fruitful harvest and protection of livestock.

### 21. Celestial Guardians

In some traditions, cow and calf statues are seen as celestial guardians, protecting the home and its inhabitants from negative forces and misfortune.

### 23. Community Welfare
Cow and calf statues are associated with community welfare and social harmony. They are often revered during community gatherings and festivities for collective well-being.

### 24. Believed to get prayers fulfilled 
Some devotees believed that if we pray in front of cow and calf statues then we get the blessings of divine energies. 

## FAQs

### Q: How to choose the right cow and calf statue?

A: When selecting a cow and calf statue, consider its material, size, and craftsmanship. Opt for a statue that resonates with you emotionally and aesthetically.

### Q: Can cow and calf statues cure health ailments?

A: While cow and calf statues can promote a positive environment, they are not substitutes for medical treatments. Consult medical professionals for health issues.

### Q: Is it necessary to worship cow and calf statues daily?

A: Regular worship is not mandatory, but offering prayers and showing reverence occasionally is believed to strengthen the positive energies.

### Q: Can I keep multiple cow and calf statues in my home?

A: Yes, you can place multiple statues in different areas of your home, depending on your specific intentions and astrological recommendations.

### Q: Are cow and calf statues relevant in modern times?
A: Yes, the significance of cow and calf statues in astrology is still relevant in contemporary society. Many people find comfort and positivity in their presence.

## Conclusion

The significance of cow and calf statues in astrology is deeply rooted in cultural beliefs and astrological practices. These statues hold the potential to attract positive energies, promote well-being, and influence various aspects of life. Whether one follows astrology fervently or appreciates them for their cultural symbolism, cow and calf statues continue to be cherished and valued across the world for their profound impact on human lives.

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