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Totke For Happiness And Peace At Home

What are the Totkays to bring Happiness and Peace At Home, yantra for happiness, yantra for peace, astrology remedies for harmonious relationship in family. 

Many times it happens that the environment in family gets disturbed by unknown reasons. Because of that stress in family arises, problems in relationships arises, work also gets suffered and so on. In astrology we use some totkays, mantra and yantras to protect house from negativeness and to develop harmonious, healthy environment at home.
Totke For Happiness And Peace At Home by best astrologer in india
Totke For Happiness And Peace At Home

There may be various reasons of problems at home like as -

  • It may be possible that there may be strong evil eye effect/najar Dosha affecting the home. 
  • It may be possible that malefic planets are generating negative impacts and so affecting family environment. 
  • It is also possible that any 3rd person is trying to arise disputes in family.
  • There may be impact of black magic too to destroy family.

Ways To Develop Peace And Happiness in Family:

Happiness in family is necessary to live prosperous life. If there is healthy environment in family then no doubt all members will be able to spend good time with each other and overall growth will be seen.

Let's See Some Totkays Which will help to maintain healthy environment at home-
  • Do take Urine of cow and sprinkle it right from roof and in every room. Do this 21 days regularly in evening. 
  • Chant The following mantra Regularly while sprinkling Gaumutra. Spell Is "Om Shanti Shanti Namo Namah".
  • Make the following yantra in white paper with Saffron ink. Worship it properly and then put this yantra in a bowl fill with water. Chant the following mantra 108 times "Om Shanti Shanti Shanti".After this do sprinkle the water everywhere. Start this process from any Tuesday Evening and do continue till 7 days. This totka will help to protect house from negativity and then bring happiness, peace, prosperity. 
    happiness yantra by jyotish
    Sukhdata yantra
    Read More Totke For Happiness, peace and Growth.........
  • Another Powerful totka is here for overall happiness, growth, prosperity at home - Make the following yantra with pomegranate pen and ink of Ashtgandh on any auspicious time. Worship it properly and then keep it in any Tabij of silver or gold and tie it on your right arm. This yantra will open the way to success and make life happy, fruitful and hurdle-free.
    powerful yantra for peace, harmony in relationship by astrologer
    sukh shanti yantra
  • Another easy way to remove negativity from home is take some water , mix gangajal, put some tulsi leaves. Chant any shanti mantra and then sprinkle it everywhere in the morning and in the evening. Start this process from Amavasya and do till next Poornima. 
So in this way we can protect our house from negative energies, black magic impacts, evil eye effects etc. 
Read the free totkays to bring prosperity at home, know the best astrology ways from astrologer to maintain harmony in family.

Totkay For Happiness and Peace At Home, yantra for happiness, yantra for peace, astrology remedies for harmonious relationship in family.


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