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Astrology For Successful Makeup Artist

makeup artist and astrology, how to become successful makeup artist
Astrology For Successful Makeup Artist
If you want to be one of the best make up artist then this article will help you a lot to understand the astrology  to rock in field of make-up.
There is cut-throat competition in makeup industry and this is very important for people who are in glamorous industry.  
Some questions arise in mind of some makeup over artists like as –
  1. Why I am not getting clients inspite of having same knowledge like others?
  2. Why I am not famous in makeup industry?
  3. Why my clients are not satisfied by my makeup?
  4. How to know which planets are supportive in my kundli to become successful make up artist?
  5. What to do to become best make up artist?

Astrology For Makeover Artist:

As we know that stars regularly affect our life right from birth and so if any one is not getting success in profession then it is good to consult astrologer to know the impacts of planets in life.

A best make up artist need some special qualities like as –

  • Understanding of skins and best makeup kit related to skins. 
  • Creative ways to give unique look.
  • A good interpersonal skill.
  • Hypnotic personality to impress everyone.
  • Good energy to work for long.
So all these qualities are necessary to become best make up artist. As per astrology if some planets are strong and positive in horoscope then person get success easily in this glamour industry.
  1. Positive and powerful Venus is very important to get success in makeup industry because Venus is related with art, romance, beauty, attraction etc. So if this planet is supportive then make up artist gets good idea to provide unique and fascinating look to clients. 
  2. Powerful Mars is also important because it gives energy to work regularly without getting tired. Without energy creativity cannot work for long. So if anyone have good and strong mars in kundli/horoscope then no doubt it will help a lot get success in make over line. 
  3. If Mercury is supportive in horoscope then it give strategic mind to handle different situations in life and if mercury is good and strong in horoscope/kundli then it also help to become best make up artist. It helps in making marketing plans, promotional plan to enhance business easily. 
  4. Power of sun is also important because it is related with creativity, travelling, art, name, fame etc. So no doubt , if anyone has good sun then also it help to get name and fame in this industry. 

What To Do As Per Astrology To Enhance Power Of Planets To Get Success In Make Up Profession:

To adopt any remedies it is necessary to study the horoscope minutely and then follow remedies as per guidance by Astrologer. For knowledge I am providing some Free tips to get success in Make Up Profession.
  • Wear diamond if venus is weak in horoscope. Before wearing do charge it by chanting any venus spell. 
  • In case if sun is weak then by wearing Ruby will help to get success in make over segment. 
  • If you are not finding good energy because of weak Mars then it is good to wear copper bangle, copper ring in shubh mahurat.
  • Do visit any goddess temple and offer some cosmetics products there time to time.
  • In navratris do some free makeup’s to female girls below 9 years and take their best wishes.
  • If you think that your business is affected by evil eye effects or negative energies then do consult astrologer for proper analysis and remedies.
  • Installing a charged Shree Yantra in Business place will also help to enhance makeup business.
  • Installing Durga yantra or beesa yantra will also help.
So in this way if you are a makeup artist and want to be a best make up artist in your area then do take help of astrology and boost your success speed.
For minute analysis of horoscope and astrology remedies contact ASTROLOGER ASTROSHREE.

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