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ज्योतिष में बहरापन और मंद दृष्टि योग | Yogas Related to Eyes and Hearing power

मंद दृष्टि योग : दूसरा और बारहवे स्थान को नेत्र स्थान कहा जाता है, परन्तु इसी के साथ 6, 8 और 12 स्थान में दृष्टि के विचार से मुख्य स्थान है। चन्द्र और सूर्य को हम दृष्टि के हिसाब से बहुत मुख्य मानते हैं इसी कारण इसकी स्थिति कुंडली में विचारनीय है -
चन्द्र और सूर्य दोनों अगर तीसरे स्थान में या केंद्र में एक साथ बैठे हो तो दृष्टि कमजोर होती है।मकर या कुम्भ राशि का सूर्य अगर सप्तम भाव में बैठा हो.चन्द्र और सूर्य व्यय भाव में बैठे हो और इन पर शुभ ग्रहों की दृष्टि न हो।शनि ये भाव में,चन्द्रमा धन भाव में और सूर्य 8 भाव में हो तो भी दृष्टि मंद होती है।सुख इस्थान में पाप गृह हो और शुक्र और शनि सिंह लग्न में बैथा हो.शुक्र और चन्द्र पाप ग्रहों से युक्त हो और ग्यारवे स्थान में हो .सूर्य 8 में चन्द्र 6 में , शनि दुसरे में और मंगल 12 में बैठा हो तो भी मंद दृष्टि योग बनता है।शनि सुख स्थान में हो और पाप ग्रहों की उस पर दृष्टि हो तो मंद दृष्टि योग बनता है।शुक्र या लग्न से पांचवे स्थान पर राहू हो और उसपर सूर्य की दृष्टि हो.लग्न में चन्द्र या मंगल हो और शुक्र तथा गुरु उसे देख रहे हो तो व्यक्ति काना होत…

Ashoka Tree ! How To Take Benefit As Per Astrology?

How to use ashoka tree for health, wealth and prosperity, best totkay of ashoka tree, solutions of money problems, marriage problems, debt problems through Ashoka tree, Astrologer for best tips for success.
Ashoka tree is also called Saraca asoca in English and is a rain forest tree. It is a very useful tree and use in making medicines too and a famous syrup which is made by Dabur company is "Ashokarist". It is a sacred tree, it is a pure tree, It's leaves are used to make toran in home, temple during any auspicious celebrations. This tree is famous for the decades, in Ramayan there is a description of Ashoka garden in Lanka (the place of king Ravan). Sita mata was brought there by Ravan.
As per scriptures the Ashoka tree is the residency of Yaksh. So any spritual practices gives results soon if done under the ashoka tree. It is also very closely related with Buddha. This tree takes away the griefs of persons and brings prosperity, name, fame in life.  This medicines mad…

What are Kawach in Astrology?

What are Kawach in Astrology?, Purpose, types and benefits of Wearing Kawach, How occult shields are made?, One of the best astrologer for Consultation.
kawach are the special shield having divine powers, cosmic powers to protect the wearer from the negative energies, evil eye effects, malefic effects of planets.
Kawach has some special divine powers of particular god or goddess. It is made in form of pendent, rings, tabij or amulet, Kada etc. There are different types of kawach available and some popular are panchmukhi hanuman kawach, narsingh kawach, bandhan mukti shield, mahakali kawach etc.

Depend upon the use it is made for different types of purposes like as-Kawach to protect a place from negative energies like home, factory, business place.To protect vehicles from evil energies which prevent accidents.To protect a child or a adult person from negative energies. Kawach to energize anyone's personality.To protect a person, place or thing from the malefic effects of planets.To…

Garden Astrology By Astrologer Astroshree

What is garden, Importance of Planting, Benefits of developing a garden, Terrace Garden for luck, spiritual importance of gardening, Navagrah plants, Navagrah solutions, Astrologer For astrology guidance.
Gardening is a favorite hobby of people, unknowingly this hobby is very good and indirectly people engage in gardening perform a very good works for the society, city, world etc. This not only shows the good heart of persons but also it is the best use of spare time and space.

Gardening has astrology importance, spiritual importance, wordily importance and much more then these. I also maintain a terrace garden and really it gives me immense pleasure and peace. Every time when I enter in my garden area I feel energetic, I get charged and again I become ready to do more in life. I learn the characteristic of handling every situation peacefully from the plants and also I learn to spread knowledge for the well being of every one without thinking that what is caste, religion, work of pers…

How To Know Misfortune?

How to know misfortune and how to handle trouble time, what happens during the time period of malefic planets, Astrology ways to handle misfortune, Occult sciences to solve problems due to misfortune.

The time period in life in which person get problems from all direction is called the trouble period, the misfortune, the difficult period of life. Every person try to avoid this period but it is not possible to remove this time as it comes due to our own past deeds.

This is the period in which person learn to believe on destiny, the supreme power, the invisible energy which is controlling our life. The period of difficulties teach a person to bow before others, it breaks the conceit of a person. It also teach a person to not do wrong with others.

The fact is that misfortune will not remain for ever but it comes for a period of time to teach a person the real lessons of life. Now let's see What a person faces during this problematic period: Many types of unwanted things starts happen…

Tips To Be Happy Always

Enjoy life, How to  enjoy life, how to be successful, suggestions to be happy always, Tips to be happy always
If you makeup your mind with a thought that no one will make you unhappy then really no one will make you negative or unhappy. Positive thinking is a power by which you can work smoothly in adverse situations too. 
Now let's see the easy points to be Happy:

Celebrate your normal achievement. Share your good experiences with others, Celebrate other's achievement, Meet with love and heartiness with your friends, collegues, realtives etc. Be grateful to the person who helped you.Don't think on this matter that other's are wrong or negative but think on this matter that how will you make your self honest and good friend, good companion etc.Do Good with others. It is a law that every actions has and equal and opposite reaction, so if you do good, you will get good.Try to forget your bad experiences of past and indulge yourself in present work. Remember those incidents …

Diet For Exam Days

Diet for exam days, tips to keep healthy during exam days, Do's And Don't s For Exam Days, How to over come from exam phobia, ASTROLOGER for best guidance for exam. 
Diet is very important during the exam days. Due to tension some children eats too much and some students lost the appetite. So in these days it is very necessary to give special attention on diets.  Astrologer Astroshree is providing you some special tricks to manage your diets. It will help you to keep yourself fit and to perform your study in a good way.  what to eat in exam days Don't take heavy meals in exam days otherwise it will create heaviness and laziness.Do use the fruits like apple, orange, pineapple, water melon, banana etc which are fat less and provide good nutrients.Eat green leaves vegetables, beans in meals.In case of acidity or digestion problems do take curd and rice, chaach, lemon juice fruits juices etc. Drink proper water, it will keep you fresh and energetic. You can also take coconut wa…

Celebrity Horoscope- Salman Khan

Celebrity horoscope- Salman Khan, Horoscope details of actor Salman Khan, Latest astrology updates about Salman Khan, What planets made Salman Khan famous star?, Salman ki Shaadi, Celebrity Astrologer, Bollywood astrologer, When Salman will marry.
Name of Celebrity: Salman KhanBirth Date: 27th December 1965Birth Place: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaBirth Time: 14:37 Salman khan the famous Indian actor of Bollywood. In the age of 47 also he is booming. What exactly the reason of his success why Salman Khan has become so famous in Indian Film Industry. Why people like him so much, why he is in the mind and heart of  youngsters.  The innocent face of Salman is always been a subject of attraction.  I am going to present the horoscope details of Famous actor Salman Khan. In this article i am going to reveal the planetary powers who is making him so successful and famous. Also you will get why he is unmarried till now. Let astrology reveals the mystery of Bollywood actor Salman Khan.The mind …

Astrology Remedies of Black Magic

Astro remedies of black magic | Impacts on people(males/females) and business,  spiritual people||Shivratri for solution|| Precautions to save our self from dark energies||Vedic solution of kala jadoo|| Astrologer for best remedies.

If your life is getting deteriorated through black magic, if your life is getting ruined through black magic, if your life is going to finish by black magic then this article is for you. Here you will know the astrology remedy of your black magic problems, here you will get the powerful vedic solutions of your evil eye effects problems.

Astrology Remedies of Black Magic
How to know that there is a chance to get affected through black magic via horoscope? It is a fact that if a person is affected through black magic then there may be any malefic effects of planets too. Let's see that which type of yoga in horoscope leads to black magic impacts- If there is a grahan yoga in kundli or horoscope or birth chart then there is a very chance that the person will…

Celebrity Horoscope- Amitabh Bachchan

Celebrity horoscope- Amitabh bachchan, Horoscope details of eminent actor Amitabh Bachchan, Latest astrology updates about Amitabh Bachchan, What planets made Amitach Bachchan such a great and successful star?, Celebrity Astrologer. Name of Celebrity: Amitabh Bachchan  Birth Date: 11th of October 1942 Birth Place: Allahabad ( U P)India Birth Time: 16:00:00 Read The Following Points To Know About Celebrity Amitabh Bachchanji: In this world i think every one is aware of this eminent person. He is in the culmination of success now not because of only planetary powers but because of his great and restless efforts. He is the person who has seen the great down fall and also the great success in his life. Now he is residing in the heart of every Indian. There is a hypnotic power in his face, in his eyes, in his voice. Here i am revealing the mystery of his personality. I think every fans of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan will like to know the secret of his success. This will also show you the powers o…

How To Treat Depression Through Astrology And Occult Sciences?

What is depression, how a person enter in depression, impacts in life, horoscope reading for depression, remedies in astrology.
Depression is a state of mind in which a person feels totally negative about own self. It is in fact the culmination of inferiority complex. It is the feeling which comes due to continuous failure in different segment of life or in a particular subject which is very important for the person. In the state of depression person become fatal for own self. So it is very necessary to save our self and our acquainted from this deadly feeling.
How Depression comes? Depression generate due to fear of something like as fear of loosing something, fear of loosing some one, fear of loosing status, monetary power, social power etc. Due to this stress arises in mind and finally it becomes the depression, the deadly thinking.  Astrology Reasons For Depression: Through this science also it is possible to find the planetary reasons of any problem. During my analysis i have fou…

Spa Treatment Benefits

Benefit of Spa Treatment, best use of spa, tips to keep the mind and body fit and fresh, use of astrology to keep our health fit and fine. Spa therapy or spa treatment is in craze in these days. Every one likes spa to keep their mind and body healthy but very few of us have the knowledge of type of spa. Here in you will get the details of spa treatment. Main categories of Spa:Special Spa for WomenSpecial Spa for MenHydro therapyFacialBody TreatmentMassage and Aroma TherapyHand and Body ManicureMind and Body Spa We can divide all type of spa in 4 main categories:Day Spa: In this type of spa focus is on beauty and relaxation program fore.g. facial, body treatment, manicure, pedicure, hair treatment or massage of different type. Whole day or half day session is taken as per the package.Destination Spa: This is a type of spa where spa is included in the overnight package. During this general treatment or specific treatment is given. For. e.g. relaxation spa, stress reduc…

Mithun Sankranti Significance In Astrology

What is mithun sankranti, Significance of mithun sankranti, what to do to gain virtue, free tips by astrologer to make life successful.  When when mithun sankranti takes place then very important event takes place in kamakhya, guwhati, india. It happens only once in year.  What is Mithun sankranti? When sun enter in Gemini from Taurus then this time is called Mithun sankranti. As per astrology sun will remain in Gemini for approx 31 days i.e. 1 month. In many part of india, this day is celebrated and people worship lord sun on this day. In many part of country Monsoon also arrives and so people enjoy this moment too. What Is Done On Mithun Sankranti?Devotees worship lord Vishnu with goddess earth and welcome the rain.People also donate different things on this auspicious day of mithun sankranti to gain virtue. Sun is related with our ancestors so people also worship their ancestors and offer prayers for the peace and upliftment of ancestors. In many place people avoid eating rice …

Ambubachi Mela At Kamakhya

Ambubachi Mela at kamakhya, secrets of ambubachi fair in english, facts related to ambubachi mela, Fair at kamakhya temple, astrologer for horoscope analysis and remedies.
When topic related to tantra comes anywhere then we can't ignore the place kamakhya in Guwahati. A very auspicious, sacred and tantrik temple of goddess. It is famous world wide and people visit this place to feel the power of goddess Shakti.

Ambubachi is the name of fair which is held every year in Kamakhya for 5 days. This is a tantrik festival and is celebrated with great craze. Spiritual practitioners wait whole year to take the benefit of this time. Know About Kamakhya Temple: Kamakhya temple in Guwahati, Assam comes under the shaktipeeth. Here goddess is worshiped in the form of Yoni i.e. vagina. What is Ambubachi Festival? It is believed that once in a year goddess kamakhya enter in menstruation course and this period is celebrated as Ambubachi festival. So this is a 5 day festival. In 2019 the period wil…

Education Consultancy

Education Consultancy, Astrology consultancy for Education, Astrology consultancy for Career

Astroshree provides Education consultancy. Are you facing problem in education,Are you facing problem in career making. Are you facing problem in choosing subject, Are you facing problem in memorizing subjects, Are your children facing problem in making special image in school, college and institution.

Sometimes it happens that in spite of doing so much effort children are not able to learn the subjects, in spite of so much effort children are not taking interest in subjects, in spite of so much effort children are not taking par in sports, programme, extra activities etc.

This all happens due to malefic effects of planets in the horoscope, kundli or janm patrika. After intense study it is possible to rectify this problem through astrology remedies. . So don't hesitate if you are facing the above problems.

Here in astroshree the education and career problems are rectified through Gems stones…

Wife Spell For Good Relation With Wife

How to control wife, Vashikaran Mantra for wife, how to get x wife back in life?, Analysis of husband wife problem and solutions through astrology and vashikaran.
Life partner is very important for everyone and when question arise about wife then the case become very sensitive. Every husband is very sensitive about his wife but many times some unfortunate INCIDENTS take place like as- Wife starts fighting with husband without reason.Wife started to love someone else.Wife want divorce.
Why WIFE started behaving odd suddenly? There may be various reasons of problems with wife like as – It is possible that planets are creating problems in horoscope.It is possible that marriage takes place without match making and both astrology are not getting matched.It is possible that anyone has done black magic on your family.It is possible that anyone has done vashikaran prayog on your wife. So there may be any reason of problems with wife.This type of problems when started then home become hell and…