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Garden Astrology By Astrologer Astroshree

What is garden, Importance of Planting, Benefits of developing a garden, Terrace Garden for luck, spiritual importance of gardening, Navagrah plants, Navagrah solutions, Astrologer For astrology guidance.

Gardening is a favorite hobby of people, unknowingly this hobby is very good and indirectly people engage in gardening perform a very good works for the society, city, world etc. This not only shows the good heart of persons but also it is the best use of spare time and space.
success through garden
garden for luck and success in life

Gardening has astrology importance, spiritual importance, wordily importance and much more then these. I also maintain a terrace garden and really it gives me immense pleasure and peace. Every time when I enter in my garden area I feel energetic, I get charged and again I become ready to do more in life. I learn the characteristic of handling every situation peacefully from the plants and also I learn to spread knowledge for the well being of every one without thinking that what is caste, religion, work of persons.

There is no caste of any plant, there is no religion of any trees, plants etc. Plants gives fresh environment to every one without knowing about caste, religion, work and anything else. They always give flowers, fruits, vegetables in return of the services which the person offer to them. So they want love and care and in return also they give love, care, health, wealth, power etc.
In summer days they protects us from dangerous sun rays and in winter they protect us from cold breezes, in rainy days they protect us from the heavy drops of rain. They are good source of water storage and keep our home and place cool and pollution free.
As an astrologer I insist every one to develop a good garden in space available. If you have vacant plot then do develop garden and gather virtue unknowingly, if you have terrace do develop garden there. if you have a gallery do develop a small garden there. A garden can change your life, it is a good way to increase the planetary powers.

Do you know what is a garden?

A garden is a where planting is done which in long run become fruitful and gives us pleasure. In ancient time it was said that do plant for your children and others but in this rapidly developing age this concept is actually not right. Due to use of science know a very good things which I have seen and felt is that know do planting and also enjoy them. Like as now hybrid plants are available which gives fruits and vegetables in a very short period of time which means that now a person can enjoy the fruits of planting in his or her own life period. 

How we can use Astrology in planting or developing a Garden?

In my various articles I have cleared that astrology helps a person in every field and so in gardening we can also take the help of astrologer so that our planting become lucky for us.
In vedic astrology it is a rule that Moon passes through every zodiac in some period of time and because of that many changes felt by people. Now for prosperous planting and fruitful results of gardening I am providing some tips which will definitely help you a lot-
  1. An easy way to get best result is when Moon is in power then do plant, it will thrive at it's best level. 
  2. When Moon is present in kark rashi, vrischik raasi or meen raashi then at this time it is also good to perform planting process. 
  3. You can also perform planting when Moon is present in your own zodiac. 
  4. Red flowers plants if planted in south direction or south-east direction then it is good for health and wealth in life. 
  5. Don't plant tall plants in North and east direction. Generally short plants are better in these directions. Low growing fruits and flowers plants are better in North and East direction.
  6. You can also develop a Navagrah vatika in terrace or in a vacant plot.

Now Some Important Points To Be Noted Before Doing Gardening:

As I said above that it is a deed of virtue and unknowingly a person who develop a garden perform great work in life. So keep in mind the following points-
  • Plants are alive and so talk to them and handle them with care. 
  • God and goddess present in plants and trees so always do respect them to receive blessings from them and to get the way of success in life.
  • Give water, manure time to time.
  • Also do make cutting so as to give them a good shape.
  • Spare some times daily with your own plants for some days and feel the changes you get after some times in your personality.

Core Benefits Of Gardening:

If you have your own garden then no doubts you will be able to live a very healthy and wealthy life. Let's see how-
  1. You will be able to get tremendous oxygen in your own house.
  2. You will get a place to perform your yoga practices and exercises.
  3. You will be able to get your own vegetables and fruits in this age of dearness.
  4. You will be able to use the flowers of your own garden to worship god and goddess.
  5. Garden gives you peace, power and smooth life. 
  6. You will be able to get a fresh environment all the time. 

Health Benefits Of Gardening:

  1. If any one perform gardening then calorie burns which helps to maintain the body weight. As it is a type of exercise person has to perform different types of activities while caring the plants.
  2. It helps to maintain the blood pressure because person perform physical work and also gets the fresh air from plants which energize the person.
  3. Gardening also strengthens the immunity of person.
  4. It keeps a person relaxed and happy.
So if you want success in life, if you want to use your spare time, if you want to earn virtue, if you want to do something for yourself, for your colony, for city for this world then no doubt gardening is the best idea for that.

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