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Ganesh Sthapna Mahurat

When to start pooja of ganpanti on first day of ganesh utsav, Auspicious time to establish Ganapati Bappa, Shubh Muhurat of 2021 ganesh sthapna.

Ganesh utsav is beginning and everyone want to worship lord ganesha who is the destroyer of poverty, misfortune, obstacles so he is also known as Vighnvinashak. He is the first reverend among all deities and so is very important and keep a special place in the heart of people. 

Every year on the Bhadrapad month as per hindu panchang special celebration is done to worship lord ganesha and in all india people enjoy this festival for 10 days. These ten days are also known as ganesh utsav days, ganesha days.

2021 ganesh sthapna mahruat, what is the best time to install ganesha
Ganesh Sthapna Mahurat

It is good to worship lord ganesha with shiv a and parwati for well being.
It is believed that on the chaturthi of bhadrapad ganesha took birth and so it is celebrated as birthday of bappa.

Let’s see the Auspicious Time of Ganesh Sthapna:

If you want to worship for prosperity, success in all respect then do use the time 12:15 to 1:30 PM. 
  1. For Businessman and corporates who want to enhance profit can establish ganpati between 7:30 to 9:00 AM.
  2. If anyone is facing illness and want to getrid of it then establish ganpati between 9:00 to 10:30 AM. 
  3. For wellness of family it is good to establish ganpati between 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM. 
 By establishing bappa on auspicious time we can take advantage of Vedic astrology which further help to fulfill our wishes easily.

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Special About 2021 Ganesh Utsav:

  • This year ganesh utsav is starting on Friday which is very auspicious from the point of fulfilling materialistic desires. 
  • Those who have malefic venus in there kundli can take advantage by worshiping ganpati and offering related things.
  • If anyone worship riddhi and siddh with lord ganesha then it is very helpful.
  • Mahaganpati tarpan prayog is very successful on this day.
  • Abhishek of bappa with Durba grass and aromatic holy water.
  • Reciting 108 Names is also good way to please ganesha.

Let us know what materials will be needed in the worship of Ganesh ji?

Chauki i.e. small square table, Red cloth, Lord Ganesha idol, Kalash, Panchamrit, Roli,  raw rice, Kalava, Red cloth, Janeu, Gangajal, Betel nut, Cardamom, Batasa, Coconut, Clove, Paan, Panchmeva, Ghee, Camphor, Incense, Deepak Take flowers, modaks, Motichoor laddus etc. according to your capacity.

Let us know how we can establish Lord Ganesha.

Whatever Mahurat you have chosen for the establishment, make complete preparations for the worship by remembering Ganesha at that time. Wear clean clothes. First make a swastika on a kalash, then fill it with water and put betel nut, put raw turmeric, durva and silver coin or one coin in the kalash and tie Kalava on a coconut and keep it on top of the kalash. After this, in the right direction, spread red colored cloth on the chauki and install the Kalash by reciting the mantra of Ganesh ji. Along with this, the idol of Ganesh ji can also be installed by anointing it with Panchamrit, Gangajal.

Let us know how to worship Lord Ganesha easily.

After the establishment of Ganesha, worship him, for which first sprinkle water on him with flowers or durba then offer roli, akshat, offer janeu, offer flowers, show incense and lamp, offer paan, betel nut, cardamom, modak and laddus. Chant any ganesh mantra as much as you can and seek blessings.

So enjoy the ganeh festival and remove your all hurdles of personal life, professional life, love life.
Establish Ganpati on auspicious time/Shubh Mahurat.

Note: There may be change in time little bit as per local panchang.

When to start pooja of ganpanti on first day of ganesh utsav, Auspicious time to establish Ganapati Bappa, Shubh Muhurat of 2021 ganesh sthapna.


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