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Pushya Nakshatra Before Diwali

Pushya yoga before deepawali importance, what to do on this day for luck and prosperity. 

Every year deepawali comes in kartik month as per hindu panchang and before this a very important day come and i.e. call pushya yoga. This pusya naksharatra which comes before diwali is very auspicious and and is beneficial for businessmen, service persons, housewives, students etc. 
diwali pushya nakshatra and astrology
pushya nakshatra before diwali
It is clearly said by scholars that purchasing anything on pushya yoga is very beneficial, If you want to enhance your luck then do buy things on pushya day, students can buy books on this auspicious day, ladies can buy gold jewelries on this sacred day, businessmen can buy special tools and accounting books on this lucky day.
So there is no need to see any other time if you are buying or starting anything on pushya yoga.
In the year 2019, pushya nakshatra will start on 2:22 PM of 21st October, Monday and remain till 1:15 Pm of 22nd octoberwhich is really a good time for everyone. 

What Special About pushya yoga 2019 before diwali?

Now let me clear you about the power of 2019 pusyamrit yoga which is falling on 21st and 22nd October 2019, approx 5 days before deepawali.
This year the planets are in very sound position. I mean to say that on this pusya yoga day Jupiter will remain positive, Mercury will also remain positive, venus will be also positive.  So one can take full benefit on this day by buying auspicious items for home, business etc.
  • You can buy accounts book on this day.
  • You can also install Siddha Shree Yantra on this pushya to attract prosperity in life. 
  • You can also start learning any new subject or take admission in new course or in training program. 
  • We can buy gold on this day or gold jewelries to enhance luck.
  • We can start any saadhna like chanting spells, wealth attracting totkay etc. for better life. 

Pushya Astrology:

  1. Pushya Nakshatra is believed to be a very powerful as per indian astrology. This constellation is related with power, prosperity, luck, energy and so has great importance. When this nakshatra falls on thursday then is known as Guru Pushya Amrit Yoga and when pushya falls on sunday then is called Ravi Pushya Yoga.
  2. As per hindu mythology, goddess laxmi i.e. goddess of wealth and prosperity came in existence on this nakshatra and so people perform rituals for money on this auspicious day. It is believed that if any totkay or prayers are done for monetary benefits on this day then goddess definitely bless the devotee.
  3. This constellation is related with both saturn and Jupiter and so is able to attract blessings of both planets.
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Pushya yoga before deepawali importance, what to do on this day for luck and prosperity. 

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